Is Australia’s Pension Available to Retirees in Thailand?

Read what one of our Readers has to say about her move to Thailand, only to find that after they relocated, their Australian pension plan was not available to her and her husband.


There are only 17 countries that have reciprocal social security agreements with Thailand. Australia is not one of them which is why we are not entitled to our “Aussie” pension if we continue to live here.

Anyone considering retiring in Thailand needs to check if their particular home country is on the list.

Americans, Brits are OK they get their pensions wherever they decide to hang their hats which is a wonderful thing. I know most of your followers would be American but as you have followers far and wide it might be worth mentioning to the general population about this anomaly in the system so everyone knows to suss it out and not get a helluva shock like we did.

Some research beforehand can prevent unpleasant surprises later

Use us as the example of what NOT to do if you like.

We did not check, we just assumed! and got it all wrong because we did not do our research so it’s our fault really. They also need to make sure they are living some place where it is easy for them to go for their 90 day renewal stamps, particularly if they are planning on not having a vehicle in order to save money. Diesel and Petrol are both expensive here now, we do not run our truck unless we are going on a long trip to ChiangRai or Mae Sai.  Retirees will have to go somewhere for their one year retirement visa, at least once a year so they have to allow for that when choosing a place to live.

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We still have to go up to Mae Sai for that although we can do our 90 day checks here in Chiangkhong. These are “little things” but they become “big things” if the information is not known. Getting caught out and fined is not a nice experience.

Cheers again. We only have the knowledge now because we made all the silly little mistakes when we first came. You have the power to really help people Akaisha, and they will appreciate this information so much – it will make what you do even more valuable than it already is.

Cheers! M.

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