Psychedelic Spiritual Experience?

Just saw the movie Blossoms of Fire and it made me wonder why I didn’t know about or visit the town of Juchitan when I was in Oaxaca so many years ago. I too was in search of the magic mushrooms of Huautla and basically walked up the mountain. It took about 3 days ( I think- who can remember) although I do remember staying at some indigenous people’s house and they fed us roasted crickets (apparently this was a delicacy) they were honored to have us stay on the floor of their home.

The psychedelic is integral to the indigenous experience

When we got up to Huautla we did meet with Julia she was not too nice or friendly but we did see a newspaper clipping of John Lennon on her wall and also heard that Bob Dylan was there at some point. We had mushrooms but on our own, no ceremony. I think we decided not to take walk back down and instead took a bus to some town, maybe Pueblo.

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We had heard that gringos were getting busted so that is why we walked up the mountain but I guess we were too stoned to care so we took the bus down. Anyhow we did get busted by the Federales when we got off the bus.

If you were down there then I probably knew you.

Anyhow I enjoyed reading about your adventure.

What’s it like living there now?

Take good care,
A fellow traveler

Hi Esther,

Thanks for taking the time to write and to tell us of your experience so many years ago! You remembered quite a bit of it and the detail is priceless.

When we visited Huautla, it did not have any ‘hippie” type of feel, and people were very secretive and almost protective of Julieta. There were stories of how Maria Sabina had “betrayed” the indigenous for sharing the psychedelic culture they valued. She was “chased” out of town and into the hills, and her son had been killed as a sort of vendetta or as retribution for this betrayal.

The town was quiet, and there were no groups of “seekers” for the spiritual experience. One could not purchase anything on the street or from anyone other than through Julieta, who would guide you through the spiritual journey. I’m sure the natives could have gotten anything they wanted and they were quite respectful of the mushroom, the encounter with God, and of what their culture teaches.

It was quite the experience, albeit, very different than yours. But that is what traveling is all about – the expansion of one’s horizons and perspectives.

Thanks again for taking the time to write.

All the best,

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