Top 10 Reasons To “Sit” through Retirement

Guest post by Angela “Sittingperfected” Laws

As Angela has demonstrated, there are lots of reasons to house sit if you would like to add travel to your retirement lifestyle. Take advantage of what she knows by reading her points below.

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Save $$$$

I’m not a cheap traveler. I like my luxuries too much and I don’t mind admitting it.

When I tell friends “Yes, I’ve camped,” it’s out of ear shot of my daughter. She always pipes up with, “Camp! A four poster bed, carpet and hot shower!”

Well, it WAS a tent, I assure you. I’m no prima donna – I’ve lived in many challenging places around the world, made do and survived, but I these days I want five star accommodations on a budget.

House sitting provides exactly that with no nasty bills on check out!

Like to travel? Get our boots-on-the-ground info here.

No overcrowded holiday resorts

The kinds of resorts I want to stay in are painfully expensive. I don’t want crowds either. I’ve raised my children and don’t wish to holiday with the children of other people. No, I’m not a grumpy old woman, just a mature woman with a hearing level that’s very sensitive. I love a good party but like to go out to find it, not have it thrust upon me, especially when I’m trying to read a book or sleep.

House sitting gives me the choice to go out to find entertainment or to stay at home and enjoy my peace and quiet.

A house sit job in France

No Going “Home” to the Children

Do your children want you to come home to their houses? As much as we love them and they us, couple of days or even a weekend is great but longer… I think not. We get house sits near them and it’s great. We get to stay as long as we like and we don’t have to share anything we don’t want to; beds, bathrooms, kitchens, remote controls… What’s really good is, with the home owners’ permission, we can entertain them all, even look after the grandchildren, but we get to send them home when it’s time.

House sitting ticks all these boxes – we get to see our children and still maintain our privacy and quiet.

Sharing wonderful pets

We love animals and choose house sits where precious pets need us. What better way to spend time than giving TLC to pets who are missing their beloved humans and giving peace of mind to their absent owners? No need to go to the boring gym either. Three walks a day with a four legged companion is much more entertaining. It’s doggy soup for the soul. If you visit my website you can see some of the lovely pets I’ve shared my time and joy with.

House sitting brings animal joy into my life and I love that.

Pets add to the feeling of being at home

Making new friends

Home owners start out as “Clients” and invariably become friends. This is a really great way to connect with like-minded people. The world of house sitting is a growing community and embraces everyone who “moves in.” I speak both as a sitter and home owner who engages sitters from all corners of the world. I’ve made wonderful life-long friends through house sitting. When you’re a more mature nomad, making friends is sometimes more difficult.

House sitting opens both hearts and minds and making new friends isn’t optional.

Rewarding new “Career”

I’m a frustrated Professional. “Professional what?” you ask. Well, I’m professional at everything I do. I may be 60-something but I feel 21. My brain’s not caught up with my body yet! Like most people, I need to feel excited, motivated, useful, and still be able to contribute. Like most, I have the need and desire to use this amazing amount of knowledge, experience and skill I have doing something worthwhile.

House and pet sitting is my new career! I love it! In fact I love it so much, I’d do it for free – which of course is what I do – and, yes, I’m excellent at it. I approach each new sit as a professional would. My home owners deserve nothing less.

House sitting gives me “job satisfaction.”

Amazing choice of properties and locations

Wherever or whenever you want/need to go, you’ll find house sitting opportunities available. Any and every kind of accommodation is offered and any and every length of stay, from two or three days to a year or more. Just browse the listings.

All different sorts of houses and in many countries

House sitting provides the most amazing travel opportunities, all year round.

Deluxe Self-Catering

Imagine your home in a suitcase unpacked at the other end! Better still imagine your home is waiting for you at the other end. You can still cook, or not, do laundry, or not, barbeque, or not, have your own bedroom if you want. Freedom to do exactly what you want to do, freedom to go to a restaurant, because you want to and not because you have to.

House sitting is self-catering at its very best.

Explore local lifestyles

They say the best way to learn a language is to live in the country. The same applies to learning about a different town, city, country, or culture. The best way is to live in it. You don’t find “real” in the confines of a resort complex.

House sitting offers you the opportunity to become a “local.”

Save $$$$

Back to number one. No hotel bills, apartment or villa rentals, very often no expensive car rental. No overpriced restaurant food and the list goes on. My husband and I are retirees on a fixed income and house sitting is the only way we can travel as often and as far as we do.

Last year we traveled for seven and a half months across three oceans and on four continents all from the money we saved on accommodation, eating out, car rentals and more.

House sitting allows us to indulge in our passion for travel and we’ll keep on doing it until we have to hang up our House sitters hats.

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