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An old conundrum

Planning a vacation or a longer trip away can throw up a few dilemmas.  Leaving your home empty could be a security issue and if you have pets, who will care for them?

You can purchase a security system – have you ever wondered what Vivint cost?

Traditionally, homeowners would either leave their home empty putting their cats and dogs in kennels/catteries or pay for expensive house sitting services. However, today there is a more ideal solution. You can find a trusted house sitter – free of charge – who is willing to care for your home and pets while you are away, no matter if you leave for short or long periods of time.

Win-win solution offers hundreds of experienced house sitters who are happy to house sit in your area, with no charge to you.  It’s a win-win solution. The homeowner gets peace of mind knowing home and pets are cared for, and the house sitter gets a free retreat and the chance to love pets as if they were their own.

As a home and pet owner, there are stressful pet concerns and housing costs that you can’t ignore even if you leave on vacation.

House sitting is a win for the home owner and a win for the sitter

Pet stress

According to British Veterinary Surgeon Katie Blackburn, taking pets out of their home environment can be traumatic for both owners and pets, and it is well-documented that pets prefer to remain in their natural environment rather than in kennels. Cats in particular can get highly stressed when out of their natural environment, especially when put in close proximity to other cats. Having a house sitter will ensure that you’ll return to calm and contented pets.

Even if you do take pets to kennels, this can be a costly venture and can expose them to unwanted illnesses such as kennel cough. Sometimes finding an ideal kenneling facility locally can be a challenge.

Home security

Whether you live in Mexico, Costa Rica, the USA or anywhere else in the world, leaving your home empty can expose it to burglars. Having a house sitter is a great deterrent, and if your pets are staying at home, this can prove to be an impediment to thieves too.

Depending on where you live, insurance coverage can be void if you leave your home empty for 30 days or more.

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Home maintenance

Who will look after your plants and garden? Both indoor and outdoor plants are at risk of withering away if left without water for anything more than a few days. If you have a lawn that needs attention, it doesn’t take long before the grass grows and provides a natural advertisement to potential burglars that your home is empty.

Having a house sitter is also a perfect solution for keeping your second home in good condition. If your cottage or vacation home is left unattended for long periods of time, do you really want to spend your vacation time cleaning the house and maintaining your garden when you really just want to relax?

If you have a pet or love pets, this option is for you

Why impose on family or friends?

It used to be that you could ask a neighbor, a friend, or a family member to look after your home when you go away. But sometimes this can be an imposition, especially if you want to be gone for longer than a week or two. Having a person committed to caring for your home and pets enables you to come home to a spotless house, a happy pet and, more often than not, dinner waiting for you so you don’t have to cook after a long journey!

With a trusted house sitter, home maintenance issues – anything  from burst pipes to the air conditioner breaking down – can be dealt with efficiently so you can return to a fully functioning home with no surprise maintenance problems. This can make your entrance home from vacation a seamless event.

Choose your sitter or become one

Having to pay traditional style house sitting agencies can cost anything from $50-100 per day to look after your home and pets. Trustedhousesitters not only offers sitters that don’t charge, but you get to choose your sitter too.

Profiles of many experienced house sitters, including veterinary staff, retired police, magistrates, animal rescue centre workers, medics, retired FBI special agents and air force personnel as well as retired professionals keen to look after homes and pets to save on the cost of vacation accommodation are all available on site.

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Hundreds of retirees who are happy to house sit long term may be looking for a cost effective way to enjoy their vacation time while you are looking for a dependable and experienced house sitter while you enjoy your own travels.

Homeowners can securely advertise and search for house sitters, read reviews from other house sitting assignments and relevant pet sitting experience. They can also view references, photos, video profiles and police check information to help give peace of mind.

House sitting provides a great solution for anyone needing to find an ideal sitter when they go away – they are also a fantastic resource for finding a wonderful and ideal retreat worldwide – the chance to visit a region or country that you may not have considered going to before.

We love the opportunity to care for people’s pets, as if they were our own.  It offers us a chance to live somewhere different, be part of a community and live like a local rather than the usual uninspiring hotel room.  It’s an added bonus to us to have pets to love, as we no longer have our own and the emotional attachment we develop gives us so much joy.  When we leave an assignment we always ensure there are fresh flowers in every room and Val prepares a wonderful meal for the owner’s return. – Ed and Val, seasoned sitters

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