House Sitting My Way Around the World

Guest blog post – Teresa Roberts

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Teresa constantly seeks creative routes to her personal freedom and has reinvented herself more than once in life. From teacher/principal to world traveler/international house sitter to author and travel journalist, Teresa illustrates how life sans-paycheck is not static but rather filled with adventure and new challenges! Choosing to house sit as a means to travel the world is not only an imaginative route but a practical one as well.

A unique way to travel

I live in countries all over the world! I am not an expatriate. I’m definitely not a tourist. My method of travel is a bit unusual. I am an international house sitter!

House sitting

Teresa on the walls of Vysehrad in Prague

I still like saying those three words, international house sitter. Even though I have been taking care of houses for almost five years, I have not become jaded. In fact, I remain mildly startled and totally grateful that I managed to stumble across a very unique way to travel, one that makes it possible for me to

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