Money Saving Travel Tips

Each travel style has advantages and disadvantages

If you are a Vacationer with limited travel time, you will probably be staying in more expensive hotels and eating most of your meals out in tourist priced restaurants. There might be tours you want to take, paying for a guide and transport rather than venturing out on on your own taking a local bus and armed with internet research.

If you are a Visitor, you might have a little longer time frame in which to see a place and perhaps you like to do more things independently. You might even speak some survival phrases and choose to dine in local eateries.

Travel Tips 1

We hired a boatsman to sail

A Veteran Traveler has no time limit on their travels other than visa restrictions, has a working knowledge of the local language and chooses an individual traveling style based on internal motivation. Perhaps he hires a private driver, shops in the local markets for supplies and eats street food.

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Now the travel tips

If you fall in either of the last two categories, the following tips can save you money while on the road:

Choose lower cost destinations like Eastern Europe, Latin America, or Asia. You will get more bang for your buck in every category – housing, transportation, food, entertainment. The money you save allows you to do more.

Travel during the low seasons to take advantage of the bargains hungry vendors – including hotels – offer at these times.

Go to the local markets and grab some food to make your own meals. Use the kitchen in your rented apartment or the kitchen in your hostel. Make peanut butter sandwiches in your hotel room or have some fruit and pastry for breakfast, saving you from going out every meal.

Travel Tips 2

Using local transport in Asia

Use public transport to get to your destinations or hire a private driver if you are traveling with others to share the cost.

Avoid buying souvenirs unless they are lightweight and small. The more you purchase, the heavier your bags are and you may need to check your luggage and pay a fee, or have an extra bag all together.

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