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As you know, Billy and I have been proponents of Medical Tourism for decades. We see the value and convenience of medical treatment in other countries which has made a considerable impression on us over the years. It has been our position to share these options with our readers.

Recently, a world-traveling friend of ours who lives in Dallas, Texas gave us this side-by-side comparison of making a doctor’s appointment for a skin condition both in Dallas and then again for the same treatment in Bangkok, Thailand.

side by side

Quality Medical Care in Many Countries

Take a look

Not available for three months, unless you’re a previous patient.
Bangkok: Available within 20 minutes, without appointment.

PrimaCare Clinic.  Two doctors on duty.
Bangkok:Bumrungrad International Hospital. World Class Facility.

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Waiting time:

Dallas: Almost 5 hours … 3/1/2 in the main waiting room and then another hour in the examination room.
Bangkok: 20 minutes.

Waiting time for prescription medication
First pharmacy told me I’d have to wait an hour for them to fill the prescription so drove to a second pharmacy. Still had to wait 30 minutes. Total time consumed, including drive time, 1 1/2 hours.
Bangkok: Pharmacy within the clinic … medication delivered 10 minutes after seeing doctor.

$150 doctor’s fee, $50 “extra services” fee, $100 for medication
Bangkok: $30 doctor’s fee, $10 “clinic fee, $100 for medication

Total cost in time and money and effort
6 hours, $350 and frustration piled upon frustration.
Bangkok: Less than an hour, $140 and service and courtesy to boot.

Personally, we don’t need any convincing, but perhaps this will give you another glimpse into this alternative for your Medical Planning for Retirement.

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