Rapid and Professional Dental Care in Mexico

Dental care overseas?

Many people are afraid to travel abroad because they might meet a medical emergency. Receiving dental care from an unknown medical practitioner can conjure up all sorts of gruesome images. However, let me share a recent dental experience that my husband, Billy, had in Merida, Mexico. This should put minds at ease – at least a little.

Easy to get an appointment

Billy needed attention to an impacted wisdom tooth that was bothering him.  Due to several last minute circumstances, the tooth was not able to be pulled in our home town of Chapala, Mexico before we left on a months-long road trip. We flew in to Merida, Yucatan on a Monday afternoon, and on Tuesday morning he decided to see a specialist that same day.

Going to the hotel desk, Billy explained his situation to the owner of the hotel and asked for some assistance in finding a dentist in the area. To his request, this gracious man recommended a specialist and made the call to her himself! An appointment was set for noon.

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Quick, professional service

Walking outside the hotel, Billy grabbed a taxi and arrived to the dental clinic minutes later. After taking an x-ray, the professional dentist assessed his situation and completed a full mouth cleaning in preparation for possible surgery.

However, before the decision for surgery was to be made final, this dentist wanted Billy to have full mouth x-rays. She made an appointment for him at another doctor’s office for that same afternoon. At 4p.m. he received his full mouth x-ray and returned to the dentist’s office for the appraisal of his condition.

Situation resolved

With full mouth x-ray in hand, Doctora Castillo was able to assess his need for surgery, and determined that it was not necessary at this time. This relieved Billy’s mind in two ways: one, that he didn’t need surgery, but two, that the decision was determined by a professional.

Total cost for assessment, full mouth x-rays and cleaning: 680 pesos about $55USD. The cost was an excellent side benefit, and he got to keep his x-rays. But what pleased Billy more was the timely solution to his dental issue.

Could you have received this resolution so quickly in the States or Canada?

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