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As I mentioned in a previous post: Health care issues are the #1 biggest fear retirees have according to an AARP study recently released.

Looking for options

But how many people look to their options? It’s easy (and unproductive) to sit back and worry: Do I have enough money? What if I get sick? What about Long Term Care Insurance? Maybe I should just work another 10 years just to be sure. But are we ever sure? What kind of guarantees has Life offered you?

Something new

While some reject unfamiliar possibilities out-of-hand because it doesn’t fit their “health care model” or is something new, others are stretching their comfort zones and finding solutions. Which will you be?

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I just got a notice today from a famous wellness clinic and hospital located in the Baja California called Sanoviv. This highly esteemed medical institute is offering 20% off their assessment and treatment programs including cardio health and neurological repair. Have you received such money-saving notices from your doctor’s office or the clinics you now visit?

Some people believe that if they receive a diagnosis of arthritis that this is a progressive disease and there is nothing they can do but delay the inevitable. What if that isn’t true? What if you knew that there are people getting permanent relief from arthritic symptoms wouldn’t you want to find out more?

If you suffer from back, knee, hip, ankle or any joint pain, the Prolotherapy Institute offers an alternative to surgery. You could be one of the people this treatment helps. Why not inform yourself about it today?

Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, ALS and Stroke are all being successfully treated with Adult Stem Cells. Returning Hope is an organization that brings patients together with doctors who provide safe and effective stem cell therapy in Asia. You can receive a free consultation or find out answers to your questions.

Information such as this and more is available on our Medical Alternatives Page. Search out your options now.


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The broad horizons of your future

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