Women’s Work

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Women’s Work is a section on our blog where I honor the solid and often unsung contributions of women to the fabric of society.

I realize that some may be miffed at that title or question why I would use it, as if separating certain kinds of work by that name is being derogatory to my gender.

On the contrary, I would submit that women contribute a quality and a depth to the mix that is worth celebrating.There are certain things that women do that men don’t or cannot; giving birth, for instance. From my perspective, I honor the differences.

In observing indigenous peoples around the world it is obvious that the workload is divided; men do this, women do that. Curiously, those divisions are not always the same.

It is my hope that in this section, my tales will cause someĀ  advantageous reflection.

Bottom line? I have great respect for our humanity; our frailties, our creativity and our profound courage and determination in surviving challenges in this world of ours.

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