Home Sweet Home

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What you pay for housing is the largest category of expense in any household. The amount you shell out for rent and utilities or for your mortgage, maintenance, insurance, utilities and repairs makes a sizable dent in your monthly paycheck.

Do you know what your yearly housing costs are? Have you ever thought of it before?

Whether you are saving for a financial goal, putting away money for retirement or are already retired, changing this one monthly expense can significantly increase your quality of life in other areas.

Home sweet home

Home Sweet Home

If you have a monthly commitment of $700, $1,500, $3,000 or more to pay for where you live, what would cutting that amount by 30% or 50% do to help you pay down credit card debt? Put towards your retirement savings plan? Pay off your school loans or your car loan?

Take a look at some of the financial calculators listed here and see what happens when you shift some expenses around Financial Calculators

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