How Long Does It Take to Boost Your Credit Score?

Christine Tan

Credit rating has a significant function when it comes to loan approval. The digit was designed to estimate the creditworthiness of borrowers. It is among the primary eligibility tests that lenders utilize today to filter borrowers. It would be ridiculous to think credit scores are static. It keeps changing either downwards or upwards, based on how credit is dealt with. The rating ranges from 300 to 850 points. Usually, 850 points are considered perfect.

Any score between 760 and 849 points is deemed to be perfect, while 700 t0 759 is good. Additionally, a fair score ranges from 650 to 699. A score below 659 is low. Even though lenders may interpret credit ratings differently, one hardly qualifies for loans with bad credit, which often falls below 600 points. Indeed, there are licensed money lenders meant for individuals with bad credit. However, you cannot negotiate for lower rates and better terms in case your credit is poor. Most lenders require borrowers to have good credit for approval.

You can have a poor rating because you have never utilized credit in the past. In general, the score is computed using the details on your credit report. A credit profile contains information relating to how one handles credit along with other financial obligations. For instance, credit agencies use such information as to how you make payments and credit utilization.

Missed payments and excellent credit utilization, lower credit scores. Maybe you have bad credit, and you are struggling to raise it. Perhaps you intend to apply for a large loan shortly, and you need excellent credit. If this is your condition, I am pretty sure you would have loved to know how long it is going to take you to improve your credit rating. In this blog, we are going to look at the length of time it takes to boost your credit score.

Rectify Errors Mistakes on the Report

Mistakes on credit reports have considerable damage to one’s credit score. Verifying and correcting errors is among the fastest ways of boosting your rating. Identity error is just an example of a mistake that can be indicated on the report and dip your score. For instance, a person’s credit card may be reported on your profile. Credit bureaus often require a maximum of two months to make that correction. Errors in one of the accounts may take longer to be rectified. This is because the creditor and the bureau must be involved. The process may take up to 3 months. Misunderstandings between the three parties involved may make the process even longer.

Build Credit History

As we stated at the outset, having a low rating is not always an indication of bad credit. Sometimes it shows that your credit is rather thin. In other words, you have not taken steps to confirm your level of creditworthiness via the credit report. In case this is your situation, start by opening a credit account and ensure you are making payments recurrently. This does not mean that you now have an opportunity to overspend or borrow money even when it is not necessary. Also, deal with licensed lenders, such as Bugis Credit, to limit the chances of being scammed.

Address Delinquent Accounts

Do you have bad credit? Making current delinquent accounts which might be on collections may improve your score a little bit faster. Once an account update is reported, positive deviations in your score can be seen. Nevertheless, the late payment is always reflected on your report for seven years.

Cut Credit Utilization

Credit utilization is a significant factor used to compute your score. It shows the amount owed in comparison to the available credit. For instance, in case you have a limit of $10,000 in your credit cards, and your balances stand at $9,000, the ratio will be 90%. This will hurt your rating. Paying the balances can lead to significant improvements with time. Credit utilization ratio may account for up to 30% of one’s credit score. Always maintain the ratio at 36% or below.

These steps can help improve credit rating. Nevertheless, the best way to go is to establish an outstanding payment history over time. This means that you begin the process now since it can take relatively longer. It requires effort, but it is worth it.

How Long Will It Take?

It is quite unfortunate that the exact period it can take to boost your credit rating cannot be predicted. No one can tell how soon improvements can be evident. Nonetheless, it depends on the time taken to update your report. Businesses take different times to deliver credit updates. Some take days, others months. It may take some weeks to get a notable deviation in the score. Even if your report is updated using positive details, it can still be guaranteed that the score will upsurge instantly to impact an application significantly. The rating may remain at the same level or even dip depending on other relevant details on the credit report. The best thing to do is to keep monitoring it, making appropriate credit moves.

The Bottom Line

A credit score is affected by several factors relating to credit usage and management. A lower score does not mean you have missed payments. It might be because you have never utilized credit in the past. Therefore, no information can be used to determine your creditworthiness. There are several measures that you can take to boost your rating. For instance, you can regularly check and correct the mistakes that might have been made in your report.

In case you have never utilized credit, opening a credit account and ensuring payments are regularly made and on time can help. While we cannot tell with certainty how long it can actually take for your credit rating to improve, we know it all depends on time take for positive updates to be made on your report. Avoid any financial habit that can negatively impact your score, such as missed payments.

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Can One Get a Loan Online with a Cosigner?

Christine Tan

Money lending is a high risk business. That is why online lenders put up high requirements to be met before one may qualify for a loan. Still, other online lenders are willing to take a risk with their clients. The answer to the question of, can one get a loan online with a cosigner is not simply a yes or no. Can we say it’s both? Read on.

There are many reasons why one would consider applying for a loan with a cosigner. One is to qualify for a more significant online loan amount. This happens in situations where the borrower has a below par credit score. As a result, their loan limit is lower. While most borrowers decline to disburse a loan to one with a cosigner, some still do.

Cosigner Requirements

A cosigner is a type of guarantor. He/she signs a promissory note and agrees to take responsibility in case the borrower is unable to pay the loan. Below are some of the requirements you must meet:

  • A minimum credit score of 670
  • Eligibility for the loan
  • Debt to Income ratio of at least 50%

How cosigner loans work

Online application

People no longer go to the bank physically to borrow money. Those days are gone. Nowadays, they make an application by filing an online application form. Once that is done, you should sit back and wait for the approval.

Select the loan amount

The application form needs to be as detailed as possible. For a loan with a cosigner, you need to select the loan amount. Online lenders offer varying loan amounts. Most likely, you will be given a minimum and maximum limits to choose from. Select the exact quantity you wish to apply for.

Avail details

First of all, you will be required to provide details of you and your cosigner, including contact information. Please do so promptly. On that note, you should have your cosigner close so that you may be able to provide accurate information. Ensure you are dealing with a genuine provider. This is because you may be providing critical information to the wrong people, and that is dangerous.

Wait for loan processing

In many instances, loan processing online is usually real-time. Therefore, expect the provider to respond promptly on whether you’re qualified for the loan. If yes, the online lenders such as Instant Loan will specify the exact amount you will be given, the repayment time and interest rate to repay your loan. In short, you will be provided with all the loan information you need.

Sign contract

Technology has increased efficiency, especially in the financial sector. Once you’ve been approved as qualified to receive a loan, an email will follow soon. Check it out, read the contract attached keenly and agree to terms and conditions by signing the agreement.


Just like any other loan provider, once you are qualified to receive a loan, the money will be disbursed to your account. Upon receiving the payment, it’s now time to spend wisely and start thinking about repayment.

In many instances, the loan recipient gives the cosigner a small amount of the loan as a thank you. Usually, this is optional, but some cosigners feel entitled. This makes it look like it’s their right. If you think the money is not enough for such, do not stress. It is not mandatory to give the cosigner a thank you token. After all, you will pay back the money to the last cent by yourself.

Benefits of having a cosigner

Quick approval

A cosigner can have your loan quickly approved irrespective of your eligibility. Imagine getting a loan approved instantly even though your credit score is terrible. This is a great plus.

Reduced interest rate

A cosigner’s credit score will stand in for you. It is a general rule that banks give increased interest rates to borrowers with bad credit scores. Since your cosigner has a good credit score, you will get a reduced interest rate. This means you will incur lesser costs in acquiring and repaying your loan.

Opportunity to rebuild your credit score

Once issued with a loan, this is an excellent opportunity for you to rebuild your credit score. Without a cosigner, probably the chance would not have presented itself. Therefore, take it and make use of it. Repay your loans on time and pay to the last cent. In the future, if you wish to borrow money online, it will be easy and possible.

Less pressure

With a cosigner, expect less pressure from your lender. Why? Because your lender knows in case you default, they have someone to go after. Therefore, they will sit back and wait for you knowing their loan will be repaid, whether by you or your guarantor.

Higher loan amount

The lender sets the amount loaned to you based on your cosigner. This means you are likely to get a higher loan amount. The loan provider will consider your cosigner’s credit score and not really yours. Since your guarantor has a higher credit score, the loan amount you will get will likely be higher.

Better terms and less conditions

Mind you, lenders increase requirements with respect to your credit score. With a higher score courtesy of your cosigner, expect better terms and lesser conditions. Had the lender considering your credit score, perhaps you’d had received more conditions and straining terms. Therefore, you should be thankful to your guarantor because of the better terms.

The Bottom Line

It is possible to get a loan online with a cosigner. While this is possible, the lender will have to do sufficient background checks to ensure the lending organization is not making the wrong decision. Going to borrow money online is turning out to be the better option for most people. It looks like banks are being left behind because of their lengthy processes and procedures. A cosigner loan does not guarantee anything. This means you may be denied a loan with a cosigner. Therefore, ensure the person you are choosing as a cosigner is of good character and credit record.

All the best.

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How Can I Get out of Paying My Payday Loans

Christine Tan

Are burdened with making payments? We know how discouraging it can be when you have to deal with several payments each month. Is there anything that you can do to get out of this condition? There is a lot that you can do to salvage your condition. Let us take an example of one type of loan – payday loans.

When faced with an emergency, payday loans can save you. These loans are very accessible and do not have a lot of eligibility requirements. In many cases, a proof of income and a bank account qualified individual who had attained the legal age. While lenders examine the credit score of borrowers, they do not put a lot of focus on it like traditional lenders. It takes a short time to apply and get approved for payday loans. Specifically, the application takes a maximum of 15 minutes. Some lenders take just two hours after the application is approved to deposit funds into borrowers’ accounts. This is the reason behind the recent popularity of payday loans.

When the deal is so sweet, think twice. While payday loans can help you in times of emergencies, you have every reason to avoid them. These loans are costly, and instead of salvaging your financial conditions, they more often make things worse. With high-interest rates, the loans have a short repayment period, usually between 2 and 4 weeks.  Usually, making payments leaves with a deficit that makes it so difficult to cover all your expenses for the month. If this happens, there is always a snare to reapply again.

You will discover you are in the vicious cycle of payday loans when it is already too late. There is also an option of rolling over a loan in case you cannot afford the payment. However, the fee charged for this option is very high. For instance, a rollover of a loan of $100 often requires a fee of $30. Imagine rolling over six times! Payday loans are predatory, and you should only opt for them when it is necessary. Even it times of emergencies, it pays to consider other alternatives. What can you do in case you are overwhelmed with making payments? Here is how you can get out of paying your payday loans. 

  • Consider debt consolidation

As we earlier mentioned, there is always an option of renewing the loan.  However, this option is costly, and you don’t have to consider it. Instead, consolidate your payday loans with a cheaper and affordable loan from a1Credit then you can then begin paying off the consolidation loan. If you consider this option, do not again borrow too much. Only take an amount that is sufficient to pay off the loan and perhaps an extra amount that can sustain you through to the next payment.

It would help you to aim to get out of debt. Well, taking a consolidation loan to repay another loan may seem as if you are not making any headway. But that is not the case. Remember, you are aiming at getting out of expensive payday loans. You can benefit a lot from the interest savings. Also, you will be given a consolidation loan at better terms. For instance, you are going to have sufficient time to repay the loan.

  • Create cash

One of the best things to do in this condition is looking for extra cash to repay the loan. You have several options for doing this, though it boils down to two things; look for more income or lessen your expenses. None of these options is easy, but they are most appropriate. Let’s look at each of them.

  • Increasing income

The best way of improving your income is to find additional work. It doesn’t mean that you have to look for permanent work. You will only hassle over a short period to pay the current loan fully. But if you need extra cash beyond what you are currently surviving on, you may have to hassle throughout. There are two ways of looking at matters here. The additional cash that you are looking for will save you on the payments and the high interest that come with payday loans. Also, if you continue to repay the loan, there will be no need to borrow again.

Where can you work? Consider the skills that you have. You can be a freelancer on part-time. Individuals write articles and poems online and are paid quite well. Alternatively, you can work overtime if there are such provisions in the company you are working with. You can also ask for a promotion or ask for a pay rise. In case these options do not work for you, you can seek another job altogether. 

  • Sell stuff

Another way of increasing your income is by selling possessions. Just like getting additional work, it is not a walk in the park. However, it is much better compared to incurring finance charges. In case you are not comfortable working more, consider selling the stuff that you are currently not using. Use the proceeds to pay off the payday loan. When your financial situation stabilizes, you can again acquire them.

  • Lessen costs

Is bringing in extra cash impossible? You can cut your spending until you are back on your feet again. This may mean trimming your budget significantly. It is also not easy because it’s like lowering your standards of living. But then, this is only a momentarily thing that should be motivated by your current financial situation.

  • Ask for help

You can also talk to a friend who understands your situation. Take a loan from him and use it to repay the loan. Once the payday loan is paid off, focus on paying back the loan from your friend to avoid compromising your friendship.

The Bottom Line

Payday loans can help you in times of emergencies. However, try your best to avoid them. As discussed here, the loans may end up damaging your financial condition rather than helping. What can you do to pay off the loans? We have discussed some of the strategies that can help you. Put them into practice, and hopefully, you will succeed.

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What Takes Place If You Lie About Your Income on a Loan

Christine Tan

Whoever is faithful in what is small is also trustworthy in great things, said the most excellent teacher who ever lived. We are living in an era where faithfulness is critical. There are cases where individuals lie and get away with it. But should that always be the case? Not at all! Being truthful is a good thing always. No wonder they say the truth can set people free. When it comes to borrowing funds, it is vital to be truthful, especially when applying for a loan. In this discussion, we are going to see what happens when applicants lie about their income on loans.

The Need to Be Truthful While Applying for a Loan

Lenders are in business, and they too need to make profits, just like other business people. But profit-making can be impossible if they approve each and every loan request they receive. Therefore, applicants are always screened before being approved for a loan, especially when they borrow money online.

There are several eligibility tests that applicants are expected to pass before their loan requests are granted. For instance, lenders often examine borrowers’ credit scores to determine their creditworthiness. It is impossible to lie about credit score because the information is always collected from different sources and computed by an independent party. Many lenders use credit score as a primary eligibility test for loan approvals. Additionally, lenders also look at the borrowers’ credit utilization as well as their debt to income ratio. While the cases of cheating are rare, it is possible to present the wrong information.

Proof of income is yet another significant thing that lenders examine before deciding to approve or decline a loan application. But unlike the credit score, the borrower is the primary source of this information. Lenders primarily depend on this information to determine the amount a borrower can comfortably manage – go to this website if you want to find out about the rate. Lenders need to lend only to individuals who can pay the principal amount as well as the interest within the agreed timeframe to profit. The best way for them to determine the borrower’s ability to manage additional financial obligations is to examine the income earned, as well as the available amount.

So why do you need to be truthful while applying for a loan? For several reasons. For instance, by being truthful, the lender can easily determine the amount of loan that you qualify for. You do not want to obtain a substantial loan that is more than what you can practically afford. Also, borrowing money comes with an obligation to repay the loan amount as well as interest in it. Why should you incur the costs that you can possibly avoid by being honest?

Moreover, all that you would like others to do to you do the same to them. Imagine that awkward feeling when you discover a lender lied to you about the terms of the loan, or the fees charged? I know it is a bad feeling. Think of it, appreciate the value of being truthful. In other words, it is vital to be truthful because courtesy demands that. It is good for you as well as it is for the lender.

What happens when you lie?

It is extremely difficult to lie about income and get away with it. Indeed, sometimes the information may not be tested, and lying is wholly discouraged. A lie is considered a crime and might attract grave legal consequences. It might also become extremely difficult for you to qualify for other loans, even for many years to come.

If you intentionally provide a lender with false information during the loan application, it is considered to be lying. In Singapore, lying amounts to a crime and can attract several undesirable consequences. This may include providing fake documents. What are the likely consequences in case you are found guilty?

You risk going to prison. Well, it might appear unrealistic, but it actually happens. In the past, a woman was sentenced to five years in prison for providing false details on her income and property to be approved for a personal loan. While she had no difficulties repaying the loan, the prosecutor was able to convince the court that crime was committed through lying, which led to the financing of a home worth $ 1.8 million. Let us take another example from abroad. In the US, the state of Ohio, a lady, was guilty of using someone else’s identity to secure a loan from a lending club. Sadly, she was imprisoned for 14 years.

While you may not have a criminal intention, lying limits the chances of securing a loan. In Singapore, most of the applications are declined due to insufficient income details or information about employment. There are cases when lenders have called for immediate repayment after discovering that the borrower lied or the information was misinterpreted.

Apart from legal consequences, there are further consequences that you may suffer as a result of lying about your income. For instance, your credit rating may significantly drop. This means you may not be eligible to qualify for other loans henceforth. It usually takes longer to build a credit score. But again, it can only take hours to destroy it by lying.

Also, as you lie about income on loan, it might appear beneficial to you. But in reality, who is cheating whom? You might be granted a loan you do not qualify for. But you may struggle a lot to repay the loan. Your credit score can dip as well for failing to keep up with payments.

The Bottom Line

In light of the above, the outcome of lying on loan can be so devastating and significantly surpass the rewards you may gain. There are different things you can do rather than providing false details and qualify for a bigger loan. For instance, different lenders have different terms, and it is possible to find a lender who grants you a large loan based on your prevailing financial condition. So, aim  to be truthful, and you will avoid a lot of problems.

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Eight Advantages in Availing a Loan from a Licensed Moneylender in Singapore

Christine Tan

Are you looking for a loan? Well, if you are looking for a financial institution that can offer you a fast cash loan in Singapore, then licensed moneylenders are the ones for the job. Unlike loansharks, licensed moneylenders can offer an ethical moneylending practice that will not put a financial strain on you.

If you are interested in making a loan with a licensed moneylender in Singapore, then here are eight reasons as to why you are making the right choice.

  1. Licensed moneylenders have a fast loan approval rate.

You may already be familiar with this trait of moneylenders. Unlike banks, licensed moneylenders can approve your loan in less than an hour, and you can receive the money right away. As long as you are eligible and have the required documents, you can have the assurance of fast loan approval from a licensed moneylender.

  1. Licensed moneylenders have less stringent requirements.

Do you have a bad credit score? Are you looking for a legitimate lender who can grant your loan right away? Well, with licensed moneylenders, you can be assured of less stringent requirements. Most licensed moneylenders can grant your loan even if you have a bad credit score. As long as you have the required documents, a stable income, and employment, licensed moneylenders can grant you your loan.

However, be cautious of moneylenders who grant your loan without exercising due diligence. One example of a neglectful practice is that the moneylender grants your loan without requiring any form of documents or contract signing from you.

  1. Licensed moneylenders are expected to treat their clients or borrowers respectfully and courteously.

Like in other businesses, clients or borrowers should be treated fairly and respectfully. Licensed moneylenders are not allowed to make any form of harassment or threat to their borrowers. Also, licensed moneylenders are not allowed to withhold any form of identification from the borrower, ask for the borrower’s SingPass user ID or password, or any form of questionable practice.

  1. The Government of Singapore regulates the interest rates of licensed moneylenders.

Paying off a loan can be difficult. It can be more difficult if the interest rate of licensed moneylenders is unfairly high. Thus, to protect borrowers from unfairly high-interest rates, the Government of Singapore has set regulations on the moneylending practice.

For the interest rate, licensed moneylenders cannot charge an interest rate that exceeds 4% per month. The limit applies regardless of whether the loan is secured or unsecured, and the income of the borrower. For interest-rate on late repayments, licensed moneylenders cannot charge an interest rate that exceeds 4% per month for each month the borrower was late in repaying the loan.

For more information on the interest rates, you can visit the website of Singapore’s Ministry of Law. 

  1. Licensed moneylenders are expected to be transparent in their transactions.

You may have heard of stories where loan sharks offer borrowers a loan without any form of contract signing. Sounds convenient, right? Well, while it may sound convenient, it is a financial trap that lacks transparency. This form of scam from loan sharks allows them to create unfairly high-interest rates and exorbitant fees.

Another advantage when getting a loan from a licensed moneylender is you can have the assurance of transparency. Licensed moneylenders are expected to explain to their clients the terms and conditions of the contract. They are not allowed to force or to ask you to sign a blank or incomplete contract. Also, after signing the contract, you must receive a copy of the same contract you signed.

  1. Licensed moneylenders can only charge three types of fees.

Unlike loan sharks and unlicensed moneylenders who charge confusing fees, licensed moneylenders can only charge these three types of fees:

  1. A penalty fee not exceeding $60 for each month the borrower was late in repaying the loan.
  2. Court-ordered legal fees and costs for a successful legal claim by a moneylender when recovering an unpaid loan.
  3. An administrative fee that should not exceed 10% of the principal amount of a granted loan.

  1. You can be assured of confidentiality.

Threats and harassments are a common practice among loan sharks and unlicensed moneylenders. These threats can even extend to the borrower’s friends and family, which can embarrass them or put them in a lot of stress. Another advantage when dealing with licensed moneylenders is your personal information is safe and secured. Licensed moneylenders will not disclose your personal information or the status of your loan without your consent.

  1. You will not be bothered by illegal advertisements.

Have you ever received a call, an email, or SMS stating that you are eligible for a loan? Do you know that this type of moneylending advertising is illegal in Singapore? Licensed moneylenders can advertise through only three types of channels, namely: online or printed consumer or business directories, websites owned by the moneylender, and placed advertisements that are within the business premises of the licensed moneylender.

Any form of advertisement like flyers, SMS, calls, or emails are not allowed. It is advisable that you should disregard these advertisements and report these to the proper authorities.

Looking for a fast cash loan?

As stated, licensed moneylenders have the advantage of approving a borrower’s loan faster compared to other financial institutions. If you are looking for a recommended and licensed moneylender, then click this link, Fast Cash Loan. The company is one of the most recommended moneylenders in Singapore, and they can offer to grant your loan with flexible repayment terms.

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How to Get Your Home Airbnb Ready

Sam Bowman

Whether you’ve adopted a hassle-free apartment lifestyle or you owe property taxes on your lakehouse, even the most successful retiree still has to consider housing costs over the course of their retired life. If you own your own space, though, you may have an option to help offset those pesky living expenses: renting out part of your home as an Airbnb.

If you’re considering this option as a way to generate a little side income, here are a few things to keep in mind as you go about the business of becoming a bona fide Airbnb host.

Image Source: Pexels

Crunch the Numbers

Before you start purchasing new furniture or painting the walls, it’s important to begin by considering the tax implications involved in renting out part of your home on a regular basis. After all, if you do it right, you’re going to be making hundreds and possibly even thousands of dollars each year, and there’s a good chance that Uncle Sam is going to expect some of that income. The big question is, how much?

It’s nearly impossible to give a definitive response to the tax question in a single paragraph, as the answer varies by state and can be impacted by a few factors regarding the location and operation of the rental itself. For instance, your rental income will most likely be classified as part of your gross income for tax purposes. However, you might live in a state like Alaska or Florida that doesn’t collect income tax. If you find that you do have to pay taxes on your rental income, though, you can offset some of this cost by reporting any expenses (from home repair costs right down to toilet paper) that are related to your rental space. Some of these upgrades can be deducted from your taxes.

It’s certainly worth doing your homework in this area, as it can help you decide if it’s truly financially worth it to commit to the life of an Airbnb host.

Consider the Rules

While taxes are a critical first step, you’re also going to want to consider the Airbnb host guidelines that come along with renting your space. As is the case with most crowdsourced platforms, there are several important rules to follow if you want to be an Airbnb host. These include:

  • Your rented space must only be used for lodging.
  • You must be responsive and accept reservations consistently.
  • You cannot frequently cancel reservations for your guests.
  • Your listing must accurately represent what is being rented.
  • If you’re renting a mobile space, it must be at least semi-permanently located on private property.
  • You must provide essentials for your guests.

It’s also important to research any laws that could restrict or even prevent you from renting your space. In the city of Boise, Idaho, for instance, legislation is being considered that could restrict Airbnb owners to one short-term rental unit per taxable parcel of land. While each state, county, and town will have its own rules and regulations, it’s essential that you consider your own local situation before you invest in converting your space to an Airbnb.

If you follow these rules, you should be able to operate your Airbnb without any issues.

Prep and Post Your Space

At this point, you’ve considered your income and expenses as well as the rules and restrictions involved and decided to move forward with the project. The next step is to prepare your spaces for the Airbnb experience. Here are a few of the primary things you’re going to want to keep in mind as you go about this task:

  • Start with any major activities like flooring, painting, and replacing furniture.
  • Evaluate your bathroom sink, shower, and toilet to make sure they’re functioning and clean.
  • Make sure to model your space with trendy, charming decor.
  • Keep your spaces high-quality yet simple.
  • Provide a generous stock of bathroom essentials.
  • Consider creating a care basket with snacks, drinks, and minor self-care items.
  • Include a coffee bar and wine glasses.
  • Provide information for local hotspots.
  • Include local specialty tips, suggestions, and even products.
  • Create an airtight cleaning schedule.

Once your space is prepped, it’s time to get it out there in front of prospective guests. Take high-quality photos, settle on a realistic price, and then list it!

It’s the Little Things

As you go about prepping your space, remember to enjoy yourself. Remodeling is infamously difficult, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, 54% of couples claim to actually enjoy working on home improvement projects together. Of course, most of the magic comes with that age-old adage of maintaining a positive attitude as you go along.

In addition, you can always take advantage of any larger projects that are hired out to a contractor to head off on a little getaway together with your significant other. Pack up your essentials and then take advantage of the opportunity to visit family or even get right out of Dodge and go on that vacation you’ve been putting off for who knows how long.

Garnering Those Good Reviews

As you prepare for this next stage in your retirement, make sure to take a step back, take a deep breath, and tackle each element of your new Airbnb rental with a calm and collected mindset.

Both preparing for and living through retirement can be overwhelming at times, but if you focus on the positives and take things one step at a time, you can pull together a beautifully hospitable rental for Airbnb customers that will simultaneously help balance your checkbook and deliver a healthy dose of relaxing fun for anyone who pays you a visit.

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Reasons a Child Can Help You Retire Sooner


Many think that raising a family and saving money for your early retirement aren’t compatible. This is because raising children costs money, and this is right. However, this doesn’t mean that having children can stop you from retiring early. Many also dream of retiring early as soon as they start a family in order to spend more time with them instead of working long hours. There are 3 major reasons why having children won’t prevent you from retiring early. They can, in fact, help you retire much sooner than you otherwise would have.

You Will Get a New Sense of Urgency

Children are those who provide life with a new sense of urgency. However, don’t take this the wrong way. Having children will provide you with the courage you needed to start making major decisions about living life that you truly wanted. Every working person dreams of the days of retiring and there is a common theme occurring about feeling like you’re stuck in “one more year” syndrome of continuing to work at a job that you don’t even love that much. That is why people think about retiring early, but there are obstacles and challenges, such as health insurance and whether you have enough money to cover every contingency.

This is exactly how children can help. If you’re at work, away from your baby, you’re probably constantly worrying about other people raising your kid and you are missing out on so much. Plus, by the time you get home and do all the chores you’re left with only a few hours of spending with your kids. This is what encourages most people to simply retire early and have all the time in the world to spend with their kids and raise them in the right way.

Kids Change Your Priorities

Everyone knows that raising kids costs, often a lot. However, everyone fails to remember that your lifestyle can be much less expensive because priorities shift and your lifestyle changes. All those activities you used to participate in, as well as your hobbies and free time, prior kids, will now come to a change and even stop occurring. But, there will be many other wonderful activities that you will love doing with your child.

Children do come with new responsibilities and you will always want to provide the best thing for them. Also, they are a new mouth to feed and they might make dining out challenging and even impossible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some high-quality meals right at home for much less money and with much more quality time spent with your family. Also, they will always be on your mind. You will always think about their school, if they have warm baby socks, clothes and shoes to wear, if they are healthy and happy and many other things. But on the plus side, those new priorities can become fun and you will still want to have enough time to spend with them, taking care of all those things, instead of being stuck overtime at work.

Children Can Make You Be Serious About Money

Yes, children can require additional costs and spending money, but did you know they can teach you about being serious about finances and how you spend the money? While we don’t have kids or even think about starting a family, we don’t think about where we spend our money and where do we find financial tips. Most couples rely on social media, blog posts, news and similar sources for savings tips, but when you have a child, you become more serious. You actually start investing your time in learning about finances and what are the best options for the future. That is how you can easily learn how to save up enough for early retirement and have a happy family at the same time.

All in all, kids can and will help you retire early. They do require attention and switching priorities but they will become your sweetest priority that you don’t want to neglect and miss their big moments. That is why you should know that nothing can stop you from an early retirement if you really want to do it.

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Getting Into Shape after Age 40


A big aspect of life after 40 is the relationship you have with your body. Those who haven’t been physically active so far should know it’s not too late to go to the gym. Those who have been more active their entire life should know they also need to continue with their exercises – Just not at the same pace as before. It is never too late to have a positive attitude towards your own body. Strength and muscular development are what will keep you in good shape. Exercise will make you able to stay active for the years ahead.

Enjoy being active

It’s easier to stick to the program if you enjoy the exercises, and to do so, consider what types of movements and activities are best for you. If you spend a lot of time indoors, then you will enjoy walking and jogging or breathing fresh air. If you go alone, make this activity more fun by listening to some podcasts or audiobooks on specially designed headphones for running. Choose your equipment wisely. You need sneakers that will give you balance, clothes that will keep you dry and warm, and gadgets that will stay in place while you are exercising.

If you are in contact with your family and colleagues all day, then you will enjoy exercising alone. If you do most of your daily activities alone, for example, if you are an artist, then group training is the best for you and will allow you to socialize. Either way, start by going for a walk or a light jog.

Always warm-up

Your body is no longer as vital as it used to be and needs proper warming- up to get the most out of the exercise. Warming-up refers to intense pre-workout for 5-10 minutes, during which you will sweat, and this will be a real indicator that you are ready. You can run, jump a rope, or do anything else that makes you happy, but it’s important to sweat.

An integral part of the whole story is cardio training. Is your cardio long and uniform? Do you practice long-distance running? This type of cardio can expose your body to long-term stress on your joints and increase the risk of fatigue and injury. Try to introduce more explosive and shorter cardio routines, which will more effectively bring your body to a state of elevated pulse.


Start doing moderate-intensity exercises. Those who exercise at a moderate intensity are happier and can easier fulfill their fitness goals. This is especially true for those who are overweight and who have been quite inactive till now. Moderate exercises include dance, hiking, volleyball, brisk walking, and water aerobics. Once you’ve developed the foundation of “your” aerobics, you can decide whether you want to exercise more vigorously or continue to exercise at a moderate intensity. To be healthier and get the most out of fitness, you must exercise regularly.


Middle-aged people also experience a loss of muscle mass. But exercising with weights can reduce, even halt, this process. In addition to strength training, exercise can increase bone density, which protects you from osteoporosis. Choose a weight that you can lift 12-15 times without taking a break. Each series of exercises should consist of 8 to 12 repetitions. Choose those exercises that affect major muscle groups such as legs, arms, back, chest, and stomach.

Insisting on the quality of workout performance is something that will not only allow you to progress properly but will also allow you to extend your workout life almost infinitely. Don’t insist on exercises that are not suitable for you, control your movements, and focus on the signals your body is sending you.


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How to Plan a Perfect Trip to Cuba

Martin William

The largest and undoubtedly the most unique travel destination in the Caribbean, Cuba, is a hallmark of historical landmarks, cultural prowess, colorful cities, and natural landscapes. Only recently, Cuba has surfaced as a popular travel destination as it is becoming one of the most visited places in the world. Going to Cuba is on the bucket list of many people, but not all of them seem to get close to visiting it. Where it is true that planning a trip to Cuba is not that easy as it still has a long way to go if it wants to become a perfect tourist destination. But, there are certain ways to make your trip perfect such as:

Booking a Flight to Cuba

Your first order of business should be to look for the best flight deals to Cuba. There are many major cities that are offering direct flights to Cuba now. If you want to visit Cuba, you need to have a passport that is valid for at least a month after your date of departure. If you are traveling as a tourist, you are going to need a visa, which is called a “tourist card,” and proof that you are going to go back in the form of a return ticket. Furthermore, every traveler who is going on a trip to Cuba requires some sort of health insurance. Once you land at the airport, you will be asked to provide evidence that you are covered.

When to Go and Where to Go

With its tropical climate, Cuba is the perfect place to visit in the summers. The temperatures can drop to 12 degrees and jump as high as 35 degrees. The hottest month in Cuba is August, whereas January is the coldest. So, you will need to plan your trip around that. If you want a cheap place to stay, you can book a “casa particular” as these are small private family homes. You can interact with the locals and learn about the Cuban culture if you opt for these homes as your accommodation. However, if you want a lavish place to stay, there are a lot of top-notch hotels as Cuba is a very famous tourist destination.

Money in Cuba

Cuba has a dual currency policy in place as you can pay for your items in the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) or the Cuban Peso (CUP). The CUC is a very popular choice amongst tourists while the latter is reserved only for the locals. Traveling from one place to another is very cheap, so it is best if you keep some cash or change with you.  Also, you need to have enough cash on you as the ATMs and banks aren’t that common in Cuba. If you want to easily send money to Cuba, using money transferring services is the safest option to go for. You can take out your money anytime you want to and keep it secure as many hotels provide in-room safes to their customers.

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How to best store your jewelry to extend their life

Christy Anna

Many people consider their jewelry as one of their most precious assets. This is because jewelry has intrinsic value (that of the metal or gem itself), and also for its symbolic and emotional value as well. Precisely because of this, many people choose to insure their jewels, or store them in a safe.

Here are some tips that will help you extend the life of your jewelry.

Every woman has a jewelry box. Whether she has purchased this box, had it professionally made, or made it herself, it’s good to have a place to store your jewelry. Unfortunately, the most common thing people do is store them in a hodgepodge, with pendants, earrings, rings and other pieces loose.

This is a mistake.

You may think that it is an insignificant detail, but it is not.

How to recognize gold

Metals and gems have different hardness. When you store them all together without any care, some scratch each other. Your beautiful rings or pendants will appear with scratches and they will lose their splendor. This is because of the friction they suffer each time you open the jewelry box and search, rummaging through them causes them damage.

In this way, the first rule is that you use the jewelry box carefully. Place each ring in its groove, with the earrings in one place, the pendants in another, trying not to make it a chaos of pieces touching each other. The diamond deserves special mention. With a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale, the diamond is the hardest gem on earth, and it cuts and scratches everything. Therefore, any jewelry piece with diamonds must be separated from the others. In fact, they must also be separated between themselves, since a diamond will scratch the metal of another piece on which it is mounted.

Take care of your jewelry day to day

Of course, you should not only take care of your jewelry when you store them, but also when wearing them. In some situations, you need a traveling jewelry display case.

The curse of your most favorite pieces of jewelry is that while wearing them, you subject them to conditions that are not the best for something so delicate. Things like:

– Swimming in the sea or swimming pool, and showering with soap and other personal hygiene products.

– Performing manual work, lifting boxes and hard objects on which you might scratch them.

– You might even accidentally spray the jewel when you wear perfume.

All these are examples of very common things that end up spoiling our jewelry. Surely you can think of many more.

It’s not that you need to let your jewelry rule your life. But sometimes, small gestures make a difference. Take off your ring before bathing or before putting on your perfume. This  is especially important if you are wearing a pearl necklace. It doesn’t take extra time or effort, and it will extend the life of your most precious pieces.

Fixing and repairing any jewel is possible

Inevitably, your jewelry will show wear and tear. Especially the ones that you use the most. Or you may have inherited jewelry of great value (even sentimentally to you), and are in poor condition. For example, you might be missing an earring. All these problems have a solution, although sometimes it is inevitable to resort to replication or replacement.

– Silver oxidizes and blackens over time. You can solve this yourself at home very easily. In this article I explain different methods to clean silver.

– Gold loses its shine and over time, it acquires a finish that tones down the dazzles. This will be solved by placing the piece in an ultrasound machine which you can obtain from your trusted jewelry or repair shop.

– Likewise, rhodium plated pieces end up losing that thin layer over the years. A new rhodium bath will leave them looking as new as the first day.

– If you have inherited a piece that you think old fashioned, for example a classic ring in yellow gold, you can simply renew it with a good polish and perhaps with a rhodium plating. The piece will transform into something completely new, keeping all its value.

– Any gem that has fallen out of its setting can easily be reset. Never think of doing it yourself with glue. Instead, take it to a professional to have it set correctly. Of course, keep in mind that if the gem has been notched or broken, it will be inevitable to replace it with a new one.

We hope these suggestions have helped you find the best way to store your jewelry, extending their life.

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