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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Suenos Del Rio Hostal

Boquete, Panama

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

Arriving at the David airport from the City of Panama we grab a taxi to take us to the bus station, about 15 minutes away. The taxi driver asked for $4 per person, but since there were 3 of us, we bartered down to $3 a person and the driver was happy.

We grabbed a public yellow school bus going to Boquete, Panama, paying $1.20 per person with the Trecer Edad or Jubilado discount. An hour later we arrived in town.

We had made arrangements to stay at a hostel just behind Sugar and Spice Restaurant and bakery, but between having iffy WiFi and a price that seemed to be changing from the one we had previously agreed upon, we hit the street, looking for a room that was more to our liking.





I thought I had done my homework with a list of 7 different places where we might stay, but each was a disappointment for one reason or another. Some rooms were simply not desirable, some had no WiFi, and some hostels/hotels were way out of town requiring transport to get into town or a very long walk. Not convenient.

I don't like it when panic sets in, so Billy and I then agreed to think positive and that the right place will show up.

Suenos del Rio Hostal

Suenos del Rio Hostal

It's hot, humid and we're ready for some cold water and a chair in the shade. We turn the corner and there are two hostals side by side. We slip into the first one, but they charge more than we want to pay for a two+ week stay. Asking for a discount, they wouldn't budge, so we went next door to Suenos del Rio.

Garden area with river view

Garden area with river view

As we walk down the hall, a perky lady meets us halfway. I'm speaking Spanish and Itza, the owner is easy going and engaging. We discuss the rooms, whether or not there is WiFi, hot water, what about the beds, are they firm? and all of our questions are answered to our liking. When asking about prices, Itza says that with our Trecer Edad discount, we get a room for $25 a night.

It's everything we want and need.

This room has a great bed, full bars on the WiFi connection, a ceiling fan, a large volcanic stone bathroom and shower, desk/table, wardrobe closet, flat screen TV and a little view of the garden.

There are several choices in rooms, and ones with three beds

There are several choices in rooms, and ones with three beds





Some rooms had little porches, perfect for placing the yoga mat in the mornings to do exercises.

There was an outdoor kitchen and refrigerator as well as one inside the main building. Itza, who spoke excellent English, would cook you breakfast if you like, or you could choose to cook for yourself. The place was very clean.

The river is between this garden area and the stone bank on the other side

The river is between this garden area and the stone bank on the other side

For us, our needs and our price range, Suenos del Rio had everything. It was close to the Plaza, Romero's grocery store, restaurants and travel agencies. We could easily walk through town for access to activities, more restaurants and the Kotowa Coffee Shop.

Itza is a kick and fun to speak with. She knows the town and will answer any of your questions.

Suenos Del Rio

Behind Romero's Grocery store and along the Caldera River

Website: Email:

Itza Guierra Romero, Owner, speaks English

Telephone: 507. 6601. 7771

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