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Lanches on Lake Atitlan Guatemala

In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Hot Springs

Termal Cosala Hotel & Spa

San Juan Cosala, Mexico

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

It's been cold this winter in Chapala, Mexico. Our bones were chilled and the skies were gray.

Time to go to the Hot Springs!

For about 60cents U.S. each, we hopped a local bus and headed out to San Juan Cosala where there are several spas from which to choose. We dithered between two different places, but decided to try the "more expensive" one because it had such a beautiful garden interior.


Termal Cosala advertisement on the wall before entry

Termal Cosala advertisement on the wall before entry

Doesn't look like much from the outside, but when we entered, we were pleasantly surprised.


Entry pricing listed clearly on this board

Entry pricing listed clearly on this board

It was not the weekend, and we were pensionados, so we paid the 330 Pesos each to enter (about $18 USD). The regular weekly price per person is 400 Pesos or about $22 USD, so we saved a skinny!

Massages here run $54 USD per hour. If you want a little healing mud applied, that will be an extra $6.50 USD, please.


Large pool and view of the lake

Large pool and view of the lake





This sparkling pool of hot thermal water was 36 degrees Celsius, or about 97 degrees Fahrenheit.

It was lovely, clean and relaxing.

We were the only ones there on this day, so we had the whole spa to ourselves. 


Temperature of each pool was marked clearly

Temperature of each pool was marked clearly

Here the signs are telling you the temperature of the pool, and that the water outlet is hot.


Samuel, the man in charge

Samuel, the man in charge

The service here at the spa was notable. Samuel (pronounced Sam-WELL) is discussing with Billy how often the water is changed, how the temperature is constant, how it is kept clean and so on.

There are other spas around the lake who drain the waters at night, refill in the morning with HOT water and then it cools down by early afternoon. Since they don't add chlorine to their waters, these other places have cloudy liquid in their pools where you cannot see your hand in front of you 3 inches down.

As mentioned before, these pools were pristine.


Our table area where we had lunch

Our table area where we had lunch

After changing into our suits in the bathrooms (equipped with showers), we parked ourselves here at these tables.

A few steps away is the large pool, and on a small mound behind these tables on the right is another shaded area with more tables. Everyone has a lake view.


Shampoo, creme rinse, and soap provided at entrance

Shampoo, creme rinse, and soap provided at entrance





It was a nice touch to receive these shower items to use before and after the soak, but you must bring your own towel.

You can see the steam rising off the surface of the pool.

From this location you can also see the painted sauna hut to the left and right behind the center piece in the pool is another smaller pool that has much hotter water.


Billy ready to go!

Billy ready to go!

When we paid our entry fee, we all received a bright red bracelet that showed everyone that we belonged here. You can see the bracelet on Billy's right wrist.

Behind Billy is the restaurant.


Sauna with painted Aztec design

Sauna with painted Aztec design

This sauna was steaming and ready for use.

Vibrant Aztec symbolisms are painted on the outside.


This is the Teocalli pool

This is the Teocalli pool

Teocalli is an Aztec word meaning temple.

Smaller by far, and much warmer, this pool is 42 degrees Celsius or almost 108 degrees Fahrenheit.

There was a waterfall on the back wall of the pool which served as a way to add hot or cool water to the pool itself to modify the temperature, which was very handy.

Several spa attendants asked us if we would like the water hotter or cooler. After several tries, we got it just right!

It felt like a combination of Yowza! and Aaaaahhhhh....


Akaisha lovin' life

Akaisha lovin' life





Here I am in the main pool, enjoying the break in the cloudy sky and the warm water.

Before I changed into my swim suit, I asked one of the attendants if there was a key to the lockers inside the powder room. I didn't want to have my personal bag, digital equipment and all my clothing left exposed while I was bathing in the hot pools.

They gave me a key attached to an expandable band which I am wearing on my wrist, along with the red wrist band showing I made payment to enter.

Termal Cosala seemed organized and focused on the guest. 


An overview of the area

An overview of the area

The mountains of the Lake Chapala area are in the background. You can also see the Aztec sauna, and the small Teocalli hot pool right next to it to the right. The restaurant is on the left, just out of view.

Another double pool, with very moderate temperatures is on the other size of the Aztec sauna. These shallow baths are for children.

Here, Ron and Akaisha are having a very profound discussion about the delivery of health care in the US, Australia, Canada, Thailand and Latin America. Since we have all lived overseas for many years, our perspectives on this topic are wide open and creative.


View from the pool into the kitchen

View from the pool into the kitchen

From this side of the pool, you can look under the arches and into the kitchen.

With all of the Aztec influence at this spa, it's interesting to see a stone statue of a Christian monk (or nun?) right along side tribute to Mexico's glorious past.


Pool with hotel rooms in the background

Pool with hotel rooms in the background

The Aztec stela is in the center of the hot pool, with the rooms of the hotel in the background.

Plenty of umbrella'd tables to sit and park your belongings while you bathe or enjoy your meal from the restaurant.

To the left of the photo and out of sight is another small pool advertised as the "Oatmeal Pool."


Other Spas in the area advertise pools where they put citrus fruit, coffee, chocolate, soy milk and various healthful additions in their water. All of these ingredients supposedly have exfoliating properties, invigorating effects, produce skin smoothing/cleaning results and so on. So here we have our own Oatmeal Pool.

It's a first for all of us.

Approaching the water, it is milky, which is to be expected. Billy slides in first - emphasis on slide - and I follow him in gingerly. Billy suggests that I sit down next to him on the bench, and as I get closer, I feel a pile of soggy oatmeal squishing between my toes!


This is such an unexpected sensation that I begin to laugh hysterically, thinking to myself "if this place wasn't as clean as it is, I'd be walking on top of this water to get out!!"

I can't stop laughing (which felt really good - and dare I say - cleansing from the inside?) that I simply enjoy the laughter and roll with it.

Oh my foot immediately retreated from the mushy mass and I had NO intention of placing my foot anywhere near it again... but it was a very fun experience to enter an Oatmeal Pool.

Probably my First and my Last.

I might try the Coffee Pool next time, though...

Information on this Hotel and Spa below. Definitely recommended. Plan to stay several hours and have a meal.

Termal Cosala Hotel & Spa

La Paz 418, Raquet Club

San Juan Cosala, Jalisco, Mexico

Tele: 387. 76. 104. 94 and 387. 76. 111. 00

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