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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Referees Sports Bar

Whatever it is, tequila probably can't fix it, but it's worth a shot! - Jimmy Buffett

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

Referees Sports Bar is a chain restaurant in Mexico.

They do a great job with their food and service, and since we are in tequila country, their list of tequilas at the bar is stellar.

Referee Sports Bar, Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

Referees Sports Bar

Just down from our hotel in Jesus Maria was a Referees Sports Bar.

It looked clean, inviting and modern.

Taking a look at their menu, we decided to give it a try.

Notice that there are TVs everywhere!

Menu at Referees Sports Bar, Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico


Typical bar food, you can see listed Nachos, cheese fingers, mini burgers, devil shrimp, stuffed jalapenos, chicken wings and more.

Pricing runs from $4 to about $8USD a plate.





Mini burgers at Referees Sport Bar, Jalisco, Mexico

Mini burgers

For an order of mini burgers, a plate would be three of these delicious char-grilled burgers with melted cheese, pickles, red onions and condiments.

They ran about $4USD a plate.

Entre menu at Referees Sports Bar, Jalisco, Mexico

Salads and special cuts of meat

You have a choice of various salads, tacos, burritos, BBQ ribs, pastas, shrimp and a choice of steaks.

Pricing runs from $1.30 to $5USD for tacos and salads up to $11USD for a Porterhouse steak.

A tequila menu, Referees Sports Bar, Jalisco, Mexico

Tequila menu #1

Anejos and Top Shelf tequilas are listed here.

Some of the Top Shelf offerings are the Cristalino tequilas - the trendy new clear, aged anejos.

Prices listed are for glasses and bottles. They run from about $4USD for a copa of Pueblo Viejo to $63USD for a bottle of Avion Anejo.

Top Shelf runs from $6USD for Campo Azul Diamante to $263USD for a bottle of Siete Leguas Single Barrel.

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Tequila menu Referees Sports Bar, Jalisco, Mexico

Tequila menu #2

This menu lists blancos and reposados available.

Blancos are not aged at all, and reposados are aged from 60 days to 364 days in white oak barrels from Jim Beam bourbon or Jack Daniels whiskey barrels.

Even though blancos are often fiery, on this trip we learned to enjoy them for the complexity of flavor they offered.

Reposados, a bit golden and lots smoother have always been our favorite.

Blancos here run from just under $3USD a glass to about $45 a bottle.

Reposados are $3USD a glass to $50USD a bottle.

Bar at Referees Sports Bar, Jalisco, Mexico

The bar at Referees





Against the wall are bottles of a local tequila called Campo Azul. At the center are all the other tequilas listed on the menu.

Televisions of various sizes are placed strategically throughout the restaurant.

our bill at Referees Sports Bar, Jalisco, Mexico

Our bill this evening

We purchased an order of mini burgers, 2 beers, a bottle of water and an order of 10 chipotle chicken wings.

Total (without tip) was $12USD.

Service was good, food was delicious, watching sports was fun and you certainly had your choice of tequilas to sip, should you care to do so!


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