The Adventurer's Guide to Pana Living

The most comprehensive  Guide to Panajachel, ever!

We have six years of experience living in Pana and decades of retirement adventures.

Use this guide to launch your own Guatemalan Adventure.

Unique, Unusual, Unmatched Beauty, Panajachel is a Retirement Gem in the Rough. 

Some people would like an exotic style of retirement, a little different than suburban living in the United States or Canada. Others might be looking for more temperate weather, a place where one doesn’t roast in the summer or freeze in the winter. There are would-be retirees who realize that their savings and retirement income won’t cover the price of the lifestyle they dreamed of in their older years, because costs have gotten too high for daily living.

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I have been to Pana before and this guide is spot on regarding the ins and outs of Living in Pana. A must-read for first timers. - Chris

Enter Guatemala as a retirement destination choice. More specifically, Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

It is our observation that Guatemala has been overlooked as a location to retire. Cost of living is very reasonable; there is modern medical care available for any of your needs in Guatemala City, Quetzaltenango (Xela), and the Colonial city of Antigua. Health essentials such as dentistry, clinics, small hospitals and plenty of pharmacies are readily available in towns like Panajachel in the Lake Atitlan area, making daily life easy. Weather is moderate, and the natural beauty of the country is stunning.

Easy access from the U.S. and Canada

If you would like a unique style of retirement, living alongside an ancient Mayan indigenous culture, with one of the most beautiful lakes in the world as a feature point, Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala is worth a look.

A life at lakeside is living in a small community where people know who you are and say good morning to you on the street. Fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, fish and other foodstuffs are abundant and knowing shop owners is a way of life. A strong feature of this town is that there is much human engagement on a daily basis.

There are a dozen villages around the lake with Panajachel being the most modern, offering the best selection of services in terms of restaurants, travel agencies, banks, markets and social activities.

This guide is specifically about living in Panajachel, or “Pana” as everyone calls it, with some useful information about other towns around the lake. There is a short glimpse into Antigua, one of the first cities to be named the capitol of Guatemala, and a must-see city.

Only $14.95

The Guide is in PDF format, and is available via download.
PLEASE take note. If we are traveling, swimming, playing tennis, sleeping, or just not online when you order, we will get to your order ASAP.
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Pana is enchanting, magical, colorful, alive, intriguing, artistic, out-of-the-ordinary, and musical. The natural beauty of the area is hard to rival. It is also convenient as just about anything you might want is within walking distance, or a tuk tuk ride away. It is modern in many ways as WiFi is available just about everywhere, excellent computer repair is easy to find, there are international restaurants and international residents. If you want to take a break from small town life, the picturesque Colonial City of Antigua is only a few hours away offering a whole new range of choices to appreciate.

We hope you enjoy our Guide to Panajachel Living. It was our goal to give you an idea of what it’s like to live here as well as something practical so that you could confidently come here yourself and see if it is a fit for you as a retirement location. If nothing else, it is worth several weeks as a vacation spot.

We’re sure you’ve never seen anything quite like it!

Table of Contents



Banking – Getting local currency

   Getting there and away

   Changing Money – getting started

   Leaving Guatemala

What to pack

     Getting to Pana from the airport

General Useful Notes

Antigua Hotels

Antigua Restaurants

Arriving in Panajachel

Lake Atitlan, Climate

ATM locations, Pana

Where to stay

   Hotels in Pana

   Hotel la Riviera de Atitlan

Potable water

Where to meet other Gringos

   Panajachel bars, catching the sunset, musical activity

Cell phone

The Market

Computer repair

   Computer repair – personal story

Panajachel Restaurants

   Smokin’ Joe’s BBQ

   Tuscani Restaurant

   Growing Café Kitsch

   Circus Bar

   Chero’s Bar

   Japanese Sushi Delivery

Grocery shopping

   Coffee shops

Purchasing Tipica

   Everyone Loves a Bargain

Post Office



Massage/Hot tubs


Serious Dental Work in Panajachel

Getting a Mammogram in Guatemala

   Other clinics

   Eye glasses and Ophthalmologists


Language Schools

Crime – Safety

   Safety in Guatemala, Q&A with a Reader

Volunteer in Pana

   Magic Classroom

   Unlocking the “Girl Effect” in Guatemala


   Buses, Lanchas, Shuttles, Private drivers, tuk tuks

Billy's San Pedro La Laguna Adventure

The Mayan Touch

   Eatin’ Good in the ‘Hood

Things to do in and around Pana

Cost of Living in Panajachel

What Does it Really Take to Move Overseas?

Pana Recap

Survival Spanish words and phrases


   Map of Antigua, Guatemala

Lake Atitlan, Panajachel, Guatemala

   Map of Panajachel

   Climate charts

   Map of Panajachel with notes

   Map of Lake Atitlan

   Map of Lake Atitlan with the many towns marked

   Another Map of Lake Atitlan and towns

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