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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Hotel Romsevi'l

Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

Whatever it is, tequila probably can't fix it, but it's worth a shot! - Jimmy Buffett

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

We are continuing our trip through the Golden Triangle of Tequila-Making, arriving in Jesus Maria. After a couple of days visiting Atotonilco (where we saw the boutique tequila distillery, Siete Leguas), we were excited to visit El Pandillo.

El Pandillo is a family-run tequila business with an interesting history. But first, we needed to find our hotel.

We called the day before to make reservations, so we didn't anticipate any problems.

The Owner of Romsevi'l Hotel, Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

The owner of Romsevi'l

When we called from Atotonilco to make reservations, we were told that there was no WiFi, but we could have a choice between having a room with a TV or one without.

We were surprised to hear that there was no WiFi, as it is as common as drinking water every country in which we travel, Mexico included. But apparently... not this hotel.

No matter, and since it was the only hotel in town, we took a room.





Standard room in Hotel Romsevil, Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

Our hotel room, no TV

We don't watch a lot of TV when we are on the road, and we get our news and entertainment online. When WiFi is unavailable or iffy, we use our cell phones to create a hotspot and use our data.

This has worked out great for us.

Prices we were quoted for rooms were 250Pesos for a no TV room and 300Pesos for a room with a TV.

To be honest, these prices were shockingly low ($13-$16USD a night). So we weren't sure what to expect when we arrived.

Was the place going to be dirty? Noisy? Old? Dark?

Happily, the place was GREAT!

Notice the photo of the proud Jimadore with the agave pinas above our bed.

THIS is tequila country!

Bathroom in Hotel Romsevil, Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

 Our bathroom at Romsevi'l

Ok, so everything was a bit teeny, but it was as clean as your Grandma's house or maybe a finicky Aunt's.

HOT water in the shower with lots of pressure, and no grimy "yuck-oh" surprises in the bathroom.

The front of Hotel Romsevi'l, Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

The front of Hotel Romsevi'l





Our hotel was walking distance to the Plaza, and just around the corner was a restaurant where we ate several meals. A stone's throw away was an OXXO (like a 7-11) where we could purchase yogurt, drinking water and miscellaneous items.

The owner and all the employees were polite and friendly, the place was quiet, and you just couldn't beat the price!


Hotel Romsevil

Calle Morelos Atilano Garcia #239

El Centro, Jesus Maria, Mexico

Tele: 348. 704. 0991

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