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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Chacala Town Beach

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

VIDEOS, VIDEOS, VIDEOS! See Mexico for yourself! Beaches, Bars, Babes, Great Food, Live Music.

Currently,  one of our favorite beaches is Chacala Beach, in Nayarit, Mexico. We love this little place because it's funky, local and pocket-size.

Sure, there are more modern beaches with glitz and glitter, international cuisine, karaoke, jet skis on the water and never-ending nightlife, but the simple beauty of Chacala tugs at the heart.

Take a look below:

Newly painted archway at mini Chacala Plaza

Newly painted archway at mini Chacala Plaza

Since we have been coming to Chacala, the "Plazita" (the mini plaza) of this town has been painted several times. New artists were commissioned to give it a facelift, and now this archway and the various concrete planters have been updated.

The Plazita is located at one end of the beach right at Chac Mool Restaurant and leads straight to the beach. From here, the yacht harbor and the malecon are to the right, and Chico's Restaurant, Mar de Jade and the campground are to the left.

Hand painted surf board at Surf Pizza, Chacala Beach, Mexico

Hand painted surf board at Surf Pizza





On the main street of Chacala is a Pizza place.

You can rent surf boards for your surfing delight, order a good cup of coffee, get a salad, or of course, Pizza!

A fresh, cold naranjada on Chacala beach, Mexico

A fresh, cold naranjada on Chacala beach

Generally, we like to hang out at Chico's Restaurant and grab a table right at the edge to have a view of the sea.

A refreshing non-alcoholic drink is a naranjada - fresh orange juice mixed with water and ice. These run about $1.50USD.

Family fun at the surf line at Chacala Beach, Mexico

Family fun at the surf line

Chacala is a family beach.

On weekends, families from Guadalajara and other cities come to this area to get relief from the heat and to enjoy non-stress time with loved ones.

Here the water is warm, the surf is generally mild, and there are no drop-offs in the sea or large stones and pebbles to crash into when boogie boarding.

Long easy surf, perfect for both kids and adults, Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico

Long easy surf, perfect for both kids and adults

We are looking towards the yoga retreat, Mar de Jade, the Tapas bar and other restaurants at this end of the beach.

As you can see, the beach itself is flat and the waves are mostly manageable. Families are building sandcastles and kids are in their floaties.

Often there are soccer games and frizbee throwing.

Billy and Retire Early Lifestyle friends enjoying Chacala Beach! Mexico

Billy and REL friends enjoying Chacala Beach!

We are Retire Lifestyle Mentors. Our goal is to help you achieve your retirement dreams.

Some handsome world-traveling tourists here on the beach! And HEY! They are all wearing our Retire Early Lifestyle hats!

Yacht in the harbor at Chacala

Yacht in the harbor at Chacala

It is not uncommon for yachties to come into Chacala harbor for a day or three. We'll see them paddle board to shore to grab a bite or perhaps go the the boutique brewery, La Onda.

Crate full of mangos at Chacala Beach, Mexico


Love, love, love tropical fruit!

A crate of greenish mangos ready to go sweet yellow.

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Fresh fish on the grill at Chico's Bar and Restaurant, Chacala, Mexico

Fresh fish on the grill at Chico's Bar and Restaurant

Some of the best fish zaranteado on the beach is grilled here at Chico's.

You can purchase this whole zaranteado fish at other locations on shore, but this restaurant has the best price and the best flavor. It is sold by the kilo, and is the perfect meal to share.

Also on the grill you see the tomatoes and serrano chilis for their delicious salsa.

Fresh fruit boat at Chacala Beach, Mexico

Fresh fruit boat

These fruit boats are refreshing and delicious.

There are usually a couple of stands set up on the sand between restaurants. The vendors scoop out a pineapple then they stuff it with sliced cucumber, watermelon, jimica, oranges and cubed pineapple.

We prefer it natural, but many locals like it with chili and lime sprinkled over it.

Tropical fruit stand - so fresh and delicious, Chacala Beach, Mexico

Tropical fruit stand - so fresh and delicious

This photo gives you a good representation of the fruit stands here in tropical Mexico.

You see several styles of mango, different kinds of bananas, pineapples, fresh coconuts with the delicious coconut water in them ready to drink, and oranges.

That large green fruit cut in half that you see in the center of the photo is jackfruit. It is called "jacka" here. While it looks similar to durian it is not! This jackfruit is amazingly sweet, and has a large seed in each of the little pods that are cut out from the inside.

If you have never tried jacka, take a chance. It will bring a smile to your face.

Some families build their own beach chair hide away from sand, Chacala, Mexico

Some families build their own beach chair hideaway into the sand

We have never seen anything like this.

Men would bring their shovels from their car and start digging deep into the sand. "What were they doing?" we'd ask ourselves. Finally, homey shapes would appear, complete with Lazy Boy chairs out of sand, drink holders, and steps leading down into a living room scene.

A huge sun umbrella would be stuffed at  the back to bring shade and voila! Home away from home, complete with a seaside view of the rolling waves.

Beach babes modeling their bikinis, Chacala Beach, Mexico

Beach babes modeling their bikinis

Girlfriends and sisters gather to have their photo taken together. It's a common scene just about anywhere.

Remember in the olden days where pregnant women would wear baby-doll dresses with puffy sleeves and empire waistlines?

Not anymore!

Today's future mamas wear bikinis, proudly displaying their baby bump.

Young beach babes in their floaties, Chacala, Mexico

Young beach babes in their floaties





Don'tcha just love this photo?

Young girls digging into the sand with their floaties on, waiting for the warm ocean water to wash over them.

A perfect day at the beach!

Peaceful sunset at Chacala Harbor, Mexico

Peaceful sunset at Chacala Harbor

The day is done, the sun is setting.

The intense heat of the afternoon is finished.

Yachts are anchored out in the harbor, and beer bottles are collected on the beach tables.

Some are still swimming before they gather their things up to go home or to a hotel for the night.

The families have been fed, the kids have been rinsed off and moms, sisters and friends are chatting for the last bit of private sharing.

Another great day at Chacala Beach!

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