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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Beach Hats

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

VIDEOS, VIDEOS, VIDEOS! See Mexico for yourself! Beaches, Bars, Babes, Great Food, Live Music.


Wearing a hat to protect ourselves from the sun is a common sense custom.

The styles of hats and the materials they are made from have changed over the centuries when the first brimmed hat was made of wool felt, leather or straw in ancient Greece.

In "Old Style Mexico," the stiff and wide sombreros that men wore also served as a way to carry home foods from the market place.

However, these days and especially at the beach, hats are fun and fashionable!

A rack with various styles and colors of hats for both men and women, Chacala, Mexico

A rack with various styles and colors of hats for both men and women

If you have arrived in Chacala without a sun hat, no worries! You can choose from a variety of colors and styles at several of the street side stores.

The ones you see above are made from grasses, straw, and even polyester string.

A bit of mystery is created here with this wide brimmed hat, Chacala, Mexico

A bit of mystery is created here with this wide brimmed hat





A wide-brimmed hat with the head tilted down creates some mystery about  the wearer.

What an attractive photo!

Don't you just wonder a bit about this woman? Who she is or where she is from?

A fun shot of a carefree young woman, Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico

A fun shot of a carefree young woman

Aaahhhh, the beauty and exuberance of youth.

With the sea in the background and a hair tie on her wrist, this healthy young woman is simply enjoying life.

A soggy chapeau, on the beach, Chacala, Mexico

A soggy chapeau

This boogie boarder doesn't mind if her hat gets soggy. It's doing the job of keeping the sun off her face and ears, so she's happy!

Woman texting while at the beach, Chacala, Mexico

Hat-wearing texter

Even the amazing scenery of the ocean cannot keep this lady from texting a loved one.

With a band placed where the brim meets the hat body, this style has a few air holes to allow ventilation to cool the head.

In the background you can see kids building sand castles and playing in the surf.

A bow and a tiny, wavy brim on a hat at Chacala beach, Mexico

A bow and a tiny, wavy brim

This hat looks like it's seen some weather. Surely it's been soaked or at least folded up several times and mooshed into her luggage.

An artistic shot of female hat wearer on the  beach, Chacala,  Mexico

An artistic shot

I think this photo would make a wonderful watercolor.

A mysterious woman gazing out  to sea... with her long hair meeting a delicate tattoo running down the center of her back.

The soft ocean ripples are in colors of blue-ish white and grey.

Sweet baby girls in their bonnets, Chacala beach, Mexico

Sweet baby girls in their bonnets

These young ladies are either digging to China or building a sandcastle.

The water at the surf line is warm and non-threatening, so it's a very attractive place for building sand condos and canals.

Mama wears a beach hat, Chacala, Mexico

Hats of all colors and styles

Mama is taking a break from the kids and husband as she walks up and down the surf line. Allowing the water to run over her ankles as she walks, she looks lost in thought.

Another digital beach babe Chacala beach, Mexico

Another digital beach babe

Trimmed in purple and white polka dotted ribbon, this beautifully designed beach head cover is made with polyester thread. Molded by heat to keep it's form, no amount of sea water will destroy its style.


I believe this digital beach babe is taking a selfie.

Singing on the beach in Chacala, Mexico

Singing beach walker

I'm not certain, but this beach walker looks like she may be singing her favorite song as she exercises down the beach. Her cell phone is in her right hand so maybe she's listening to a personal playlist.

Oh yeah, back to the hats. This is another polyester style with a threaded hem on the brim.

Embroidered, 3-dimensional rose on the brim of this beach hat, Chacala, Mexico

Embroidered, 3-dimensional rose on the brim


I shoulda been collecting prices for these hats... Next time I go to Chacala, I'll take a look at the offerings and get an idea of the pricing.

This polyester string hat has 3-dimentional navy roses embroidered on the brim to match the navy hat band.

Kinda stylin' isn't it?

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Lady sitting on beach with cell phone and beach hat, Chacala, Mexico

The sea is mesmerizing... or is it her cell phone?

I'm going to take a chance, but I'm guessing that this hatted babe is on her cell phone. Maybe she's taking a movie of the view from her vantage point or maybe she is taking a selfiie.

Flip flops on the left finish the photo out.

Sombrero-style beach hat for men

Sombrero-style beach hat for men

Some years ago, Billy and I went to Sahuayo, Mexico to learn about hat making. It was there that Roberto, the owner of the hat factory told us that these sombrero type hats that the men wore in the "olden days" of Mexico were very sturdy and stiff.

Men would go into town and purchase meat, tortillas, and maybe some tomatoes and they would pile them up on the brim of their hats to carry them home. They were a bit like a table on their heads.

While this man is wearing a light straw version of the sombrero, you can imagine how these stiffer hats were useful at the time.

Handsome man in a straw fedora, Chapala, Mexico

Handsome man in a straw fedora

The fedora is a stylish hat worn by men and women both. First brought to popularity in the late 1800s, the fedora is named after a headstrong Russian princess.

This is  the kind of hat that just about anyone looks good wearing, and consequently, its wide appeal.

A floppy floral bonnet, Chacala, Mexico

A floppy floral bonnet

Have you ever wondered how someone chooses a hat?

What is it about one style over another that allures?

While this bonnet has fluffy flowers to bring elegance, the hat itself looks like it's been soggy and stuffed into a travel bag multiple times.

Woman in front of crashing wave, Chacala, Mexico

Another classic shot

This wide brimmed hat serves its owner by shading not only her face and ears, but also parts of her shoulders and back from the strong rays of the sun.

Women on cell phones wearing beach hats, Chacala, Mexico

Two-toned polyester hat and a cotton cloth one





It seems that no one these days are far from their cell phones, even at the beach.

The woman on the right wears a navy cotton cloth hat, and the woman on the left has a two-toned polyester woven wide-brim.

Lady looks out to the sea, Chacala, Mexico

A band-less two-toned short brimmed beach hat

That was a mouthful!

On the weekends, when Chacala beach gets to be busy, all the family members dash to the ocean for some fun and play.

This woman could be watching her young children out in the sea with their floaties, or she could be day dreaming... letting her mind wander.

The beach is a good place for that.

Young ladies wearing their fedoras, Chacala beach, Mexico

Young ladies wearing their fedoras

See what I mean about fedoras? Put one of these babies on, and you are immediately stylin'!

Daytime, evening wear, even at the beach. You can always make a memorable impression when you grab your fedora.

Man and woman in strking contrast, Chacala Beach, Mexico

There is no end to the choices of hats!

Do the hats we wear say anything about us as a personality?

I imagine that we could assume quite a bit from these two choices... but are we accurate?

Who knows!

The woman, soft and feminine with her delicate white lace, organza-bowed hat, and the man, assertive, defined with a penchant to be noticed.

What are they talking about?

Oh, nosey me!

Wide-brimmed, tan and brown striped sun hat





Another polyester beauty here, with a delicate chain as the hat band.

This lady wears a dotted net beach cover up as she gazes out to sea.

Billy in a ball cap on Chacala beach, Mexico

The most stylish of them all!

Here's my boy!

Black, lightweight ball cap with white embroidery displaying our logo!

What's YOUR favorite hat to wear?

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