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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

The Port of Veracruz

Veracruz, Mexico

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

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We continue to travel around Mexico, as intra-country flights are so reasonable.

In fact, we spent 2,810 Pesos (about $140USD) for two round trip tickets from Guadalajara to Veracruz, located on the Gulf of Mexico.

We had never been to this city, so it was a new adventure for us.

Map of Veracruz, Mexico, showing the port

Map showing the Port of Veracruz

This map shows the Port of Veracruz very clearly.

You will also notice in the center right - San Juan de Ulua - which is the fort that Hernan Cortez built here in the 1500s.

In the very center of this map, you will notice a large mass of grey lines coming from the port inland. These are the railways bringing items from the ships transporting them into the main part of Mexico.

At the lower right hand side you will see our hotel, Doubletree by Hilton, also marked.

The port of Veracruz, Mexico from our hotel, DoubleTree by Hilton

The view of the port from our hotel

This was the view from our hotel, showing you the physical port.

It was mesmerizing to watch the ships come and go every day.

Ship leaving Veracruz harbor, Mexico

A ship leaving through the man-made jetty

This ship is leaving the port, and it's riding higher on the water than when it came in.

It most likely dropped off its cargo here, and is on its way to another port to pick something up.

Shiip passing through man made breakers, Veracruz Port, Mexico

A different ship leaving the port

This ship looks a bit heavier in the water, so he might have picked up more cargo and is going to another port to deliver.

All day long, ships came and went.

Really fascinating.

Grimaldi Lines Ship, Veracruz Port, Mexico

Grimaldi Lines Shipping Company





The ships changed daily. This Grimaldi Lines ship is part of an international maritime company that transports cars, rolling cargo, containers and passengers.

Every day we utilized VesselFinder to get information on the ships' comings and goings, where they were registered, what they were carrying, and where their next destination was. 

It made the whole experience of being here very educational.

Large ship Grimaldi LInes in Veracruz harbor, Mexico

Grimaldi Lines ship docked in the port

We'd go to the docks on our daily walk just to check out the action.

We saw cars being driven up into this ship and some were driven down onto the dock.

A ship like this can hold 7,000 new cars!

Imagine that for a few moments...

The Malecon with Veracruz Harbor on the left, Mexico

Malecon by the dock

This malecon extends from long past our hotel and aquarium on one side and all the way to the docks on the other.

It makes it easy to walk next to the water and enjoy the sites.

People run, walk, roller blade, walk their dogs, and bring their babies in strollers all along this walkway.

To the right, outside the photo, are restaurants lining the street.

Tug boats in Veracruz Harbor, Mexico


Here's a close look at one of the several tug boats that were consistently busy here at the Port.

They were quite impressive in the work they did, turning ships around while inside the port, and helping them get past the man-made jetties.

One day the winds were at gale force, and no ships went in or out that day!

Mount Athos Monrovia ship in Veracruz Harbor, Mexico

Mount Athos ship

This container ship is 1,147 feet long and 150 feet wide.

We saw her in Veracruz when this photo was taken, and this morning when I looked her up, she had just arrived in Vancouver, Canada 3 minutes ago!

You can see the tug boat alongside the ship.

Large letters of Veracruz at harbor, Mexico

The colorful letters of Veracruz





It's a very popular custom in Mexico to have the name of the town spelled out in colorful letters. Tourists love to have their photos taken in front of these letters to "prove" they have been there!

These are very festive, aren't they?

Atlantic Altamira ship in Veracruz Port, Mexico

Atlantic Altamira

This ship's current value is about $25 million dollars.

These babies aren't cheap!

Ocean Breeze ship in Veracruz Harbor, Mexico

Ocean Breeze

This bulk carrier is registered under the Marshall Islands flag and is 453 feet long.

Look at that hefty anchor!

Morning ship coming into Veracruz harbor, Mexico

Ship coming in

This ship is coming into the harbor in the early morning.

Ship leaving Veracruz port in the afternoon, Mexico

Ship leaving port

A tugboat is close by for assistance.

It was very impressive to see the massive organization it took for these ships to call ahead, get clearance, have a tug ready, be sure the weather conditions were right, and have the dock workers ready to load or unload. Honestly, it made one proud of humanity to watch this professionalism every day.

As I mentioned above, there was one day where the winds (called Northerlies) were at gale force and all activity in and out of the port stopped. No one was on the streets, and if there were, it was quite the challenge to walk a straight line.

Billy and I never experienced winds at this power before and truly, it was a memorable experience.

If you have never been to the Port of Veracruz, it's worth putting on your list.


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