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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Streets of Torreon

Cuahuila, Mexico

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

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We have traveled a lot through Mexico, but we had never been to Torreon in the state of Cuahuila.

Billy purchased round-trip tickets on Volaris Airline for $180USD each, so the one hour flight was affordable.

Taxi from Chapala to Guadalajara Airport was 450Pesos (about $23USD) and the taxi from the airport in Torreon to our hotel was 232Pesos (about $12USD).

Outside the window of Volaris airplane, Torreon, Cuahuila, Mexico

Looking out the window at the dry desert land below

Torreon has a high desert climate and here you see how very dry that area is.

Map of Mexico's states

Here is a map of Mexico's 31 states. In the center right at the top, you will see the state of Cuahuila (pronounced kwah-HWEE-lah) which borders the US state of Texas to the north, Durango and Zacatecas to the south, and Nueva Leon to the east.

Plaza Municipal, Torreon, Cuahuila, Mexico

The large colorful letters of Torreon at the Municipal Plaza

Since we were only staying a few days, we wanted to get out and about, discovering what we could of this city.

Not far from our hotel, is the Municipal Plaza. This Plaza was handsome, wide open, and clean. It is a fashionable trend to spell out the name of the Mexican city in large colorful letters. This happens all over the country.

Behind the letters is the beautiful building of the Municipal Theater, which we initially mistook for a church.

Municipal Theater, Torreon, Cuahuila, Mexico

A closer look at the Municipal Theater





Looking at the front of this building, you could see why we might have thought it was a church.

This area of town was spotless.

Hotel Galicia, Torreon, Cuahuila, Mexico

Hotel Galicia

Opposite the Plaza del Armas is Hotel Galicia.

The style of architecture is Spanish, Muslim, Arabic and Art Deco.

The downtown historical section looked a bit neglected with miscellaneous buildings here and there repaired to the original colors.

The President of the Morelos Centro Historico Council said: Almost no one lives in the center of the city anymore. It's becoming more and more alone and abandoned. If you walk the streets of the center, most of the day they are deserted, without people and the atmosphere is effectively desolate. Graffiti artists take advantage of this to deface shops, houses and buildings that are unoccupied. People then paint it white to try to cover up that graffiti, but things are very bad.

Mr. Villarreal attributed this condition to government fraud and graft.

He was very pained over this, and it was something we sensed very clearly on our visit.

Canal de la Perla, Torreon, Cuahuila, Mexico

Entrance to the Canal de la Perla

Built in 1893, these underground irrigation canals used to bring water from the Rio Nazas to the lands of farming and the upscale neighborhood called Hacienda La Perla.

Years later these canals were used as a storm and sewage drain and eventually forgotten about.

However, one morning in March, 2003, a truck lost control and fell into a ditch in the pavement covering, breaking a vault. Had it not been for that peculiar incident, this underground canal would not have been re-discovered.

It was opened as a tourist site in 2014.

Palm lined street in Torreon, Cuahuila, Mexico

Palm-lined street

Torreon had hints that this city used to be wealthy with beautiful streets and buildings. But today it is such a mix of remembrances of a prosperous past and old, broken streets and architecture.

Sculpture at Municpal Plaza, Torreon, Cuahuila, Mexico

Sculpture at the Municipal Plaza

The wide open Municipal Plaza had several sculptures displayed. This one, of a child holding the finger of a trusted loved one, was touching.

The modern building in the background is an art museum.

Beautiful corner building in Torreon, Cuahuila, Mexico

A beautiful corner building

Fortunately, this building has been preserved from more prosperous times and into the present.

It is now Scotia Bank.

Historical Plaza, Torreon, Cuahuila, Mexico

Historic Center of Torreon

This is the Historic Center of Torreon. You will notice the modern clock tower and gazebo in the center of the photo. Amazingly, this clock tower had the correct time! We have found that to be a rare occurrence.

Museo Arocena, Torreon, Cuahuila, Mexico

The Arocena Family Home

Nearing the 1920s, Torreon was experiencing a Golden Age due to the business of growing cotton. the Arocena Family moved here from Spain during the Spanish emigration in the late 19th, early 20th century.

Inside there are displays of the upper class Spanish style of living at that time - living rooms, parlors, bedrooms and very modern bathrooms with running water!

Miscellaneous street, Torreon, Cuahuila, Mexico

Old hotel for rent





It was very common during our visit in Torreon to walk through stately areas of town, and then to come upon other sections that were not maintained, looking derelict.

Here is an older hotel for rent that also needs a facelift. This would be a massive project.

building for rent, Torreon, Cuahuila, Mexico

Another For Rent sign

This building is in much better shape with a tile front and bottle glass windows.

Tired, old building in Torreon, Cuahuila, Mexico

Another neglected commercial structure

Just around another corner is this place, with graffiti and overgrown weeds at sidewalk level.

Many places in Torreon needed restoration and some loving attention.

Beautiful walled mansions, Torreon, Cuahuila, Mexico

Well-kept homes behind a privacy wall

Clean sidewalks, trimmed palm trees and a mansion behind a privacy wall. These places would surprise us as we might turn a corner or walk a street or two from the previous photo above.

Kentucky Fried Chicken delivery, Torreon, Cuahuila, Mexico

Kentucky Fried Chicken delivery team

We are Retire Lifestyle Mentors. Our goal is to help you achieve your retirement dreams.

Modern motor bikes deliver KFC orders around town.

El Palenque Restaurant, Torreon, Cuahuila, Mexico

A celebratory meal at Palenque Restaurant

Billy loves going to fine steak houses. Steak Palenque Restaurant gets 4.5 stars out of 5, and the meal was really delicious.

Service was fun and attentive.

It was my birthday, and the waiter made points with me, calling it my "29th birthday."

Wadda guy.

In our summary of Torreon, we could tell that at one point (during the Golden Era) this city was financially booming, and had great culture and wealth.

Then with one thing and another, times turned. In more recent days, it was fraud and graft from the government which left the city seemingly without an identity or without pride. It was obvious.

Hopefully the citizens of Torreon will be able to turn this bleak situation around and shine once again.


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