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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.


Restaurant - Cantina

Hotel Impala, Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

Currency Exchange

When we purchased our reservations online at for our stay at Hotel Impala in Queretaro, we opted for the breakfast that was included in the price.

This was a wise decision!

Not only did we not have to hurry out of our rooms because we were hungry, but we also discovered that the restaurant - Suite 18 - which was located downstairrs, also had a bar with botanas.

All of this turned out to be a "steal-of-a-deal" - See below.

Outdoor seating at Restaurant and Cantina Suite 18

Outdoor seating at Restaurante and Cantina Suite 18

It turns out that Suite 18 has 3 seating areas.

This is outdoor seating downstairs in front of the hotel. There is a restaurant upstairs, and a bar just inside the entranceway of the hotel.

Upstairs view of Suite 18 from Hotel Impala entryway

View of upstairs Suite 18 from Hotel entranceway

This is the entranceway of the Hotel. To the right (out of view) is the bar portion of Suite 18.

Upstairs in the walkway is the restaurant.

Elevator is to the left and the check-in desk is directly to the right across the tile walkway.

Fresh bread, butter and jam for breakfast at Suite 18, Hotel Impala, Queretaro, Mexico

Fresh bread, butter and jam for breakfast





Suite 18 Restaurant was open for breakfast from 7 am to 10 am.

Daily we arrived and ordered breakfast from a variety of choices. Freshly baked bread, with butter and jam was served along with our meal.

Fresh sliced fruit and lime, Suite 18, Hotel Impala, Queretaro, Mexico

Fresh sliced fruit with lime

The most sweet and delicious fresh fruit with lime was also included, or one could have ordered juice.

This plate has watermelon, papaya and cantaloupe.

Cheese omelette with beans, Suite 18, Hotel Impala, Queretaro, Mexico

Cheese omelet with refried beans

I often ordered a cheese omelet, but you could add bacon or ham to the omelet or order Huevos Rancheros instead.

Bacon and eggs were also offered.

Refried beans and a couple of chips accompanied this breakfast.

Believe me this was plenty of food!

Copitas of Tequila with lime, Suite 18, Hotel Impala, Queretaro, Mexico

Copitas of Tequila with lime

One could sit upstairs and order drinks, snacks or a meal for dinner.

The view is of the Alameda Park, just across the street from our hotel.

Chamorro at Suite 18, Hotel Impala, Queretaro, Mexico

Chamorro with rice

One evening we decided to stay in and sit at the downstairs bar.

Billy had a draft beer and I had a copita of tequila.

Promptly the waiter came by and asked if we wanted some botanas. Apparently, we looked a little confused, so he explained that they were "on the house."





We were presented with this chamorro - a pork shank cooked to falling-off-the-bone - in a deliciously mild red sauce.

Think "pot roast" except it is pork.

This is one of the specialties of Mexico that we truly love.

True to his word, we only paid for our drinks, and we left him a generous tip.

Pricing of rooms at Hotel Impala, Queretaro, Mexico

Pricing of rooms at Hotel Impala

These are the walk-in prices for staying at Hotel Impala.

As we mentioned, we purchased our reservations online through and paid 833 Pesos per night (about $42USD) which included breakfast.

Add that to the botanas we received at the convenient Suite 18's downstairs bar, and the price was remarkable.

Would we return?



Hotel Impala

 Colon No. 1 Mezzanine

Colonio Centro C.P. 76000 Queretaro

Queretaro, Mexico

Tele 422. 212. 2570 or 442. 212. 0344

From the US and Canada: 01 800 715 5524  or 1. 877. 266. 9599 

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