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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

The Streets of Santiago de Queretaro


Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

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Queretaro (pronounced Kay-RHET-uh-roh) is one of Mexico's smallest states. But boy, it's packed with wonder, culture, history, diverse ecosystems and good food.

Previously inhabited by both the Purépecha Empire and Aztec Empire, the Spanish Conquest left their mark on the area as well. Especially in the architecture.

Take a walk with us through the streets of this attractive city.

Santa Rosa de Viterbo Church, Queretaro, Mexico

Santa Rosa de Viterbo Church

One of the best examples of 18th century Baroque architecture, construction of this church was completed in 1752.

These days it is very fashionable to have the letters of the name of the city done in HUGE colorful display. Then tourists come by to have their photos taken in front of them. These colorful letters are commonly done all throughout Mexico.  

The fountain - when it's on - is a beautiful display with the peaceful sound of water.

3 century old Aqueduct in Queretaro, Mexico

3 century old Aqueduct





This Aqueduct provided water to the city starting in 1738. It is built out of pink cantera stone and rubble-work. 

Nowadays, the aqueduct no longer carries water but is a distinct heritage and tourist attraction of Querétaro.

It forms a part of the historic center of Querétaro, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Aqueduct is 1,280 meters long and has 74 arches.

Jardin Zenea to the left, Queretaro, Mexico

Jardin Zenea on the left

This is one view of the Jardin Zenea and it is surrounded by shops, cafes, and restaurants.

It is located in the Historic Center of the city of Querétaro.

Frying gorditas on the street in Queretaro, Mexico

Frying up gorditas on the street

Gorditas aren't really my thing.

These little pouches have a filling inside which can be spicy meat or vegetables.

However, to be honest I had the best gorditas ever, in Queretaro.

Beautiful niche on a side street

Beautiful niche on a side street

As with any Spanish Colonial city, churches are everywhere.

These beautiful buildings display an amazing array of arches, niches, tiled cupolas on top, and ornate gold covered altars within.

Here you see an attractive niche with a statue of a saint inside it.

Fountains in a plaza, Queretaro, Mexico

Fountains in a garden plaza

Also common in Mexico are the numerous plazas and plazitas that anyone can stumble upon.

Generally places with shady spots to sit out of the beating sun, fountains are everything from attractive to dazzling.

Government building, Queretaro,  Mexco

Government building

This is a rather stately building, although I don't recall which government department it houses.

More beautiful pink cantera stone with wrought iron balconies, this building overlooks another spacious plaza.

Colonial buildings on a side street

Colonial buildings

We are Retire Lifestyle Mentors. Our goal is to help you achieve your retirement dreams.

Since Queretaro is a UNESCO site, buildings have been restored to the original condition, and streets are clean.

Here you can see the Colonial style - side-by-side with modern features of gas, water and electric lines.

For a city, this street was rather narrow.

Cathedral of Queretaro

Cathedral of Queretaro

The construction of this Cathedral was finished in 1804, but wasn't declared a Cathedral until 1922.

The celebration of such wasn't until 1931.

Small restaurant on a side street, Queretaro, Mexico

Small restaurant on a side street

All over the city in between one store or another are these little restaurants.

This one sells tortas, which is a sandwich with chicken or beef on a bolio. Bolios are the Mexican version of the French baguette, and the sandwich is served warm.

And, as you can see from the sign, they also sell hamburgers.

Mural of some indigeous across from Alameda Park, Queretaro, Mexico

Beautiful mural of the local people

This mural is across from Alameda Park.

Just around the right-hand corner is an indigenous museum with art on display. It was closed at this time due to Covid restrictions.

Rio Ayutla flows in this canal, Queretaro, Mexico

Beautiful stone canals holding the river in place

The Rio Ayutla runs through the city of Queretaro.

Since we were visiting restaurants all over town like Fiume 37, Rucula, and this famous little Birria joint, we crossed this river several times during our stay.

Jardin Zenea in Queretaro, Mexico

Jardin Zenea

Here is another shot of Jardin Zenea.

Apparently, many events take place here in normal times, but due to Covid restrictions, this plaza was mostly quiet during our visit.

Hank's, one of the restaurants we visited often, was located in the cream colored building on the right. Hanks had really delicious food, at reasonable prices, and a Happy Hour Drink Menu which offered certain drinks for half price. Be sure to ask for it.

To illustrate the oddities of the Covid restrictions, Hanks was not allowed to offer Two-for-One-Drinks during Happy Hour, but they were allowed to have a Happy Hour Drink Menu -- with these same drinks at half-price.

Buying a tote bag from a child vendor, Queretaro, Mexico

Akaisha purchases a colorful tote bag

Mama's got a brand new bag!

My current tote bag was wearing out after several years of use. These local totes were colorful and had indigenous images on the front. so they were very attractive.

Here I am, chatting with this young man about its construction, noting that the long red handle goes completely around the bottom of the bag so that it can hold weight securely.

I purchased one for 100Pesos, about $5USD.

Outdoor seating at cafes in Queretaro





One of the nice things about Latin American and European countries is their penchant for outdoor cafes.

This sitting out-of-doors makes for a very social situation. It's easy to people watch and to say "Buen Provecho!" which means, "Enjoy your meal!"

Church in Queretaro, Mexico

Another beautiful church

I have read that in the Historical section of Queretaro City there are "way too many churches to list" and you can find one on just about every corner.

I'd say that's fairly accurate and these buildings are beautiful.

Modern Queretaro across from Alameda Park, Mexico

Modern Queretaro across the River

We prefer to stay in the Old Historical Center of many of these Colonial Cities. But as you can see here, just across the street are modern buildings, apartment complexes, art museums, medical centers and more.

Beautiful plazas in Queretaro, Mexico

Beautiful Plaza in Queretaro

In this plaza is a Tree of Friendship - un Arbol de Amistad - and a lovely fountain.

Cafes surround this plaza as is the case around most plazas.

The Eagle is a patriotic symbol of Mexico

The Eagle is a patriotic symbol of Mexico

Eagles are dynamic birds who often portray inspirational qualities to the men and women of the countries who have adopted them as a patriotic symbol.

They are strong, powerful, skilled hunters and protective of their young.

Queretaro is a lovely city with much to offer. Make a point to visit!

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