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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Hercules Cerveceria

Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

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Today, Mexico is among the world's top beer producers but it wasn't always so.

It took a war of independence from Spain (and their heavy regulation and high taxes placed on local production of beers and wines) along with a late 19th century influx of German immigrants to push Mexico into world class beer making.

Germans brought their knowledge and expertise to the field which caused the local market to diversify and improve its products.

There is more to the story including Big Beer and Big Business buying out breweries using their Big Advertising Budgets to saturate the markets.

However, changing consumer habits are fueling a current boom in craft beers.

Located just 7 kilometers from the historic center of the city of Santiago de Queretaro, is the old and picturesque Hercules neighborhood. Here is the home of a textile factory, and also... a brewery!

Hercules Cerveceria sign, Queretaro City, Mexico

Sign for Hercules Cerveceria

We weren't sure where Hercules Cerveceria was located, and while our friend said he'd walk to the factory, we decided that in the heat of the day, we'd take a cab.

From our hotel, our taxi charged 70 Pesos (about $3.50USD). He followed the route of the 3-century old aqueduct, and we arrived at Hercules 20 minutes later.

Even upon entering the factory, we had no clue.

It was immense and by no means did it look like it housed either a brewery or a restaurant anywhere.

We wandered for another 10 minutes.

Large area for dining at Hercules Ceveceria, Queretaro City, Mexico

Large area for dining

Finally, somewhere and somehow after asking questions of anyone we could find, we were "sort of" directed to an area where we found seating for lunch.

Seriously, we kept saying to ourselves "How can you hide a brewery? Where IS this place?"

We found out later that this industrial complex is almost 4 thousand square meters with large warehouses that have been adapted as studios and offices. To this day, the factory still produces threads, blankets, fabrics... and beer.

Various taps for draft beers Hercules Cerveceria, Queretaro, Mexico

Various taps for draft beers

Specializing in 100% local Queretaro beer, they make Czech Pilsner, White India Pale Ale, India Pale Ale and English Pale Ale.

List and description of beers available at Hercules Cerveceria, Queretaro, Mexico

List of beers available





Here you see the names of the beers on the left with the style listed in the next column.

The alcohol content is the next column, then the 4 different sizes in which this liquid is served.

As batches are brewed and the menu changes, we saw young men on ladders changing the listing of what is available. They adjusted the names, prices and alcohol content.

The inner workings of Hercules Cerveceria, Queretaro City, Mexico

The inner workings of the brewery

Billy was able to wander around to see the old equipment of a previous Brew Master located here in another room.

For whatever reason, young staff chased him out.

Must be a BIG secret here...

Fermentation tanks at Hercules Cerveceria, Queretaro, Mexico

Fermentation tanks

Billy was able to photograph these new fermentation tanks.

But.... only for a second or two.

I guess there were no tours allowed.

This seemed odd to us, as we have toured many tequila factories in our visits to the Golden Triangle of Tequila, and makers were proud to show us their products.

Maybe the young ones working there didn't know the benefit that publicity of this Cerveceria would have.

Chalkboard listing of beers available Hercules Cerveceria, Queretaro City, Mexico

Chalkboard listing of beers and pricing

Here is a chalkboard menu of beers with their style, alcohol content and price.

It was a bit easier to read since it was more eye level.

This factory also makes a seasonal beer made with German malts and hops that has been cold matured for three months. There's an Oktoberfest and a vinyl record market aimed at collectors and music lovers.

Beer's a-flowin' and food is chomped down on these occasions.

Chalkboard menu of food items at Hercules Cerveceria, Queretaro City, Mexico

Chalkboard menu of food items

Speaking of food, this was the menu of what was available along with their pricing.

Bratwurst hot dog at Hercules Cerveceria, Queretaro City, Mexico

Bratwurst hot dog with sauerkraut

Billy ordered an IPA beer and a Pretzel dog with German bratwurst. 

Billy said that the bratwurst was good but the pretzel could have been more “pretzel-ly”.

It was too soft, too doughy, and could have used more "chew."

But he loved his beer!

Frankfurter hot dog at Hercules Cerveceria, Queretaro City, Mexico

Frankfurter hot dog with sauerkraut

A friend of ours ordered the Frankfurter and agreed with Billy that the bun itself needed to taste more like a soft pretzel, maybe with more sour dough flavor.

More chew please!

Hamburger and fries at Hercules Cerveceria, Queretaro City, Mexico

Hamburger, French Fries and a beer

This is the old Classic - Hamburger, French Fries and a Beer.

Our other friend loved it all!

Ruben Sandwich at Hercules Cerveceria, Queretaro City, Mexico

Ruben Sandwich





I ordered a Spinning Jenny, but the English Pale Ale was just a little bitter for me. Our Hamburger-and-French-Fry-Friend suggested I get the Czech Pilsner and that was more to my liking. 

Being a German Brewery, I ordered a Ruben sandwich, which I expected to be superb. However, I would give my Ruben a "B".

All the ingredients were there, but it needed more of this and that - more sauce on the sandwich, more melted cheese, and juicier sauerkraut.

However, I have to give it to them. My sandwich was served with a dark smoky/sweet chili sauce that was really, really good!

Something new and different!

Chocolate Brownie with vanilla ice cream at Hercules Cerveceria, Queretaro City, Mexico

Chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream

Billy then ordered dessert for the table to share.

The warm fudge-y brownie with vanilla ice cream was excellent.

While we waited nearly 10 minutes to receive our dessert, it was gone in a flash with 4 spoons digging in and clanking against each other.

The bill for 4 people at Hercules Cerveceria, Queretaro City, Mexico

The bill for 4 people

We are Retire Lifestyle Mentors. Our goal is to help you achieve your retirement dreams.

Our friends' beer selections are listed at the top of this bill and the total came to 1,180Pesos or $59USD before tip.

Our portion was 725Pesos, or about $36USD before tip.

All in all, visiting this brewery is worth your time. Definitely enjoy their selection of beers!

To find their location, click on the map below.

Would we return?



Cerveceria Hercules

Avenida Hércules Poniente 1. Hercules

Santiago de Queretaro CP. 76200, Mexico

Tele: (442) 223.1407 OR (442) 403 6140


Open daily


For location map: 


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