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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Restaurant Fiume 37

Queretaro, Mexico

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

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A fine Colonial city, Queretaro is, with an international restaurant presence.

Oooooh. We like that.

We had just joined friends for an early dinner the other night at European and French style Bistro Chez Julien and it was lovely.

Today, they were taking us to Fiume 37, a restaurant with an Italian and Mediterranean flare.

With great reviews and an extensive menu, we looked forward to it!

Italian Restaurant Fiume 37, Queretaro, Mexico

Italian Restaurant Fiume 37

Located along the river that runs through town, we took a taxi from our hotel to the restaurant for 50 pesos (about $2.50USD).

Seating inside Fiume 37, Queretaro, Mexico

Seating in Fiume 37

Open at 1:30pm, our friends were already waiting for our arrival and had secured a table for the 5 of us.

Notice the beautiful stone walls

Medallions of beef in red wine sauce, Fiume 37, Queretaro, Mexico

Medallions of beef with red wine and mushroom sauce





Gazing at the menu, it was hard to decide what to eat!

Billy and I enjoy sharing meals, that way we both get to taste two different things.

So Billy requested the Medallions of Beef with red wine and mushroom sauce. On the menu it states the beef is of Sonoran Quality. Sonora is a state in Mexico known for its excellent Beef.

Billy shared a 400Peso bottle of red wine (about $20USD) with one of the friends at the table.

Fiume Salad, Fiume 37, Queretaro, Mexico

The Fiume Salad

Meanwhile, I chose the Fiume Salad which had goat cheeese, cranberries, sliced almonds, crispy julienned beet tortillas, lettuce and a reduction of balsamic vinegar.

Reducing the balsamic vinegar takes the bite out of it, while leaving the sweetness and flavor.

 We told the kitchen that we wanted to share our choices, and they beautifully split our orders onto 2 separate plates.

Rigatoni, Fiume 37, Queretaro, Mexico

Rigatoni with beef and vegetable ragu

One of our friends had the Rigatoni with beef and vegetable ragu. He said it was outstanding.

Dipping the fresh bread into the ragu, his plate was soon clean!

White fish with clams, Fiume 37, Queretaro, Mexico

White fish with clams in lemon sauce

A  lady friend of ours had the Fish of the Day Special - a white fish Meuniere with clams and potatoes.

 Her husband had the Fiume Hamburguesa - a double rib eye hamburger with truffled French fries and salad.

All of this was remarkable, and our meals disappeared quickly!  

Apple tart in puff pastry, Fiume 37, Queretaro, Mexico

Hot apple tart in puff pastry.





But we weren't done!

Billy ordered a hot apple tart in the best puff pastry ever, with vanilla ice cream for the table to share.

Bill for 7 people at Fiume 37, Queretaro, Mexico

The bill for 5 people

The bill for the five of us, including wine and drinks came to $90USD before tip.

Our personal bill including tip came to 920Pesos, about $46USD.

The service was great, and the food was marvelous!

Would we return?


Restaurant Fiume 37

Serving Mediterranean and European Food with a Wine Bar

Avenida Universidad a Poniente 37

Entre Ocampo y Ezequiel Montes

Colonio Centro Histórico

Santiago de Querétaro, MX 76150

Phone: +52 442 212 7059

Open daily at 1:30pm to 11pm 

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