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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Oscar Ibarra's Medical Clinic

Clinica de Especialidades Ibarra (CEI)

Chapala, Mexico

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

Access to medical care is getting better in Chapala, Mexico. With more and more retirees moving into the area from Canada and the United States, the demand for quality health care facilities is a booming business.

Dr. Ibarra's Medical Clinic has been in this location for 20 years, but few Expats know about it.

We share information about this Specialty Clinic below.

If you are interested in making an appointment, please call this number: +52. 376. 765. 4001

Map of Chapala, Location of Clinica Ibarra

Location of Clinica de Especialidades Ibarra (CEI)

Here on this map of downtown Chapala, Clinica Ibarra is clearly marked.

The main street in Chapala is Avenida Francisco Ignacio Madero. A familiar landmark in town is the bus station, and from there, Dr. Ibarra's clinic is a short walk.

Dr. Oscar Ibarra, Chapala, Mexico

Dr. Oscar Ibarra

Dr. Ibarra is a General Practitioner with his specialty in Pediatrics. In his clinic, there are two more GPs.

The clinic is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.





Clinic of Dr. Ibarra, Chapala, Mexico

Dr. Oscar Ibarra's clinic and pharmacy

There are 10 doctor's available here at CEI. A cardiologist is available daily, and the neurologist is by appointment only. There is also an anesthesiologist, a nutritionist, Orthodontist, a trauma orthopedist, urologist, and a general surgeon.

Clinica de Especialidades Ibarra, Chapala, Mexico

Down the hallway, looking into the general waiting room

Downstairs is the waiting room for patients, Dr. Ibarra's office and one door to the pharmacy.

Upstairs are four hospital rooms for baby delivery, surgery or premature baby care.

Young premature baby in care at the clinic

Here at Ibarra's CEI is a premature baby receiving care, with mother close by.

Hospital bed with room for visitors or family, CEI Clinic, Chapala, Mexico

Hospital room in CEI Clinic

Here is another room in the CEI Clinic with a couch for family or visitors.

We were not allowed, of course, into the surgery room, but were able to see these other patient rooms at Ibarra's Clinic.

CEI Clinic pharmacy

CEI Clinic pharmacy





Most of the doctors working at Clinica de Especialidades Ibarra speak English. If there is an issue with translation, Oscar Ibarra will do the translation for you.

While there is no blood lab at CEI, there are labs all over Chapala which will do full spectrum blood tests, and urine and stool analysis. Equally, there are x-ray offices located in Chapala and for reasonable fees, will x-ray what the doctors ask. However, CEI is able to do electro-cardiograms.

Professional and friendly staff at Ibarra Clinic, Chapala, Mexico

Professional and friendly staff at CEI - Rosy, Osiris, Viviana, Lorena

While there is no intensive care, this clinic is able to handle appendicitis, hernias, C-sections, hernia operations, draw blood, gall bladder surgery and treat anyone for poisoning.

Doctors also make house calls when necessary.

If you are interested in making an appointment, please call this number: +52. 376. 765. 4001

Dr. Oscar Ibarra - Pediatrician and General Medicine

Lic. Martha Rivera - Nutrition

Dr. Sergio Sanchez - Angiologist, Vascular Surgery

Dr. Juan Ochoa - Cardiology

Dr. Joaquin Bernal - Anesthesiologist

Dr. Perla Magana - Gynecologist and Obstetrician

Dr. Jose Miranda - Otolaryngology

Dr. Carlos Cerda A. - Odontology

Dra. Lourdes Vazquez - Orthodontics

Dr. Armando Ibarra - Addictions

Dra. Marie Elena Gonzalez - Neurosurgery

Clinica de Especialidades Ibarra

Miguel Martinez 530

Chapala, Mexico

+52. 376. 765. 4001

Facebook Page:

C.D. Caros A Cerda Albo - Aesthetic Dentistry, 33. 2324. 6388 email:

C.D. Lourdes Paulina Vazquez - Pediatric Dentistry, 33. 1186. 3435 email:

Dr. Oscar Leonel Ibarra Soltero - Pediatric Doctor, +52. 376. 765. 4001, Cel: 33. 3115. 9106 email:

Recommended Lab and Pharmacy

Avenida Francisco Javier Mina 511, San Juan de Dios, 44360 Guadalajara, Website: 33.3615. 3168

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