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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Los Chavales de la Barrida

(The Kids of the Neighborhood)

Oaxaca, Mexico

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli


The Colonial City of Oaxaca, Mexico is a serious international cuisine contender.

With our restaurant and food background (Billy is a trained French Chef, after all), one of the things we enjoy doing is frequenting restaurants and tasting street food.

Los Chavales in the upscale neighborhood of Reforma was a restaurant that was recommended to us by someone who lived in that neighborhood.

So... Off we went!

Los Chavales in Oaxaca, Mexico

Los Chavales

From our hotel, we walked to Reforma to locate this very popular restaurant.

"Los Chavales" means "The kids of the neighborhood" and this restaurant is a neighborhood favorite.

One of the dining rooms, Los Chavales, Oaxaca, Mexico

One of the dining rooms in Los Chavales





Greeted at the door, we were seated at the table to the right in this photo. Los Chavales has several dining rooms.

Menu at Los Chavales, Oaxaca, Mexico


The menu here covers a lot of bases. If you would like breakfast, only appetizers, something from the grill, or just dessert and coffee, Los Cavales offers it all.

Another menu at Los Chavales, Oaxaca, Mexico

Another menu

This menu offers selections of salads, soups and pastas, as well as choices they call "para ir picando". Translated, it basically means you can wander on the plate and try many different things -- like an antipasto plate, for instance.

Freshly made breads, Los Chavales, Oaxaca, Mexico

Freshly made breads, rolls and breadsticks

Of course freshly sliced loaves of bread, rolls and breadsticks with butter were served.

Various fresh salsas, Los Chavales, Oaxaca, Mexico

Fresh salsas

We ordered the antipasto plate, called Picada de Campo, or basically, Bites from the Country. A tray of 4 different freshly made salsas appeared for even more flavor to what we already knew was going to be a great selection for the antipasto.

Here you see a spicy red salsa, Chimichurri, a creamed avocado, and some roasted red bell peppers.

Chimichurri is an uncooked fresh sauce made of finely chopped parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, oregano and red wine vinegar. All these salsas were for our breads as well as our Country Bites platter.

The waiter pours our wine, Los Chavales, Oaxaca, Mexico

The waiter pours our wine

Service was attentive and professional.

A bottle of Malbec, Los Chavales, Oaxaca, Mexico

A bottle of Malbec

We are Retire Lifestyle Mentors. Our goal is to help you achieve your retirement dreams.

Our Malbec came from the Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California. This area is now an increasingly popular tourist destination for the wines produced there, and for a new cuisine known as Baja Med.

"Baja Med" is a fusion of Mexican food, Mediterranean food and Asian food.

Billy has often mentioned this area and we'd like to go and stay a few days!

Mixed antipasto plate, Los Chavales, Oaxaca, Mexico

Mixed Antipasto plate

This is our little taste of the country.

We have green and black olives, various nuts, ham, serrano ham, salami, and manchego, mozzarela and goat cheese.

Along with the 4 fresh salsas and bread, it was simply delicious!

Grilled asparagus, Los Chavales, Oaxaca, Mexico

Grilled asparagus





We could taste the fire on these grilled asparagus.

Oaxaca offers many roasted foods. The area is known for this typical manner of cooking.

Apple strudel and ice cream, Los Chavales, Oaxaca, Mexico

Apple Strudel and ice cream

Not that we needed it, but we ordered apple strudel and ice cream for dessert.

Little star fruit accompanied the plate.

Our bill, Los Chavales, Oaxaca, Mexico

Our bill

Before tip, our bill came to about $66USD.

This was most certainly a memorable meal.

Would we go back?


Los Chavales

Telephone: 951. 513. 0688 or 503. 8673

The Kids of the Neighborhood.

Netzahualcóyotl No.300, Reforma,

68050 Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, Mexico

Hours : Open Daily 8am - 11pm, Sundays they close at 9pm

Menu:     To Order:  



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