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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Manzanillo, Mexico Homepage

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

A very popular international beach destination, Manzanillo has history, a deep sea port for world transport of goods, lovely beaches, restaurants and more.

See our pictorials and videos below.

The Deep Sea Port of Manzanillo, Mexico

The modern port of Manzanillo was established in 1971 and is located in the state of Colima on the west coast of Mexico. But it's history dates back to pre-Columbian times, when the area was inhabited by various indigenous groups.

From the parking lot, looking back at Hotel Marbella, Manzanillo, Mexico Hotel Marbella Manzanillo, Mexico

Winter time is the best for going to the beaches here in Mexico. Billy was getting itchy feet again so he planned a trip for us going up the Pacific Coast beginning in Manzanillo, and ending up in Puerto Vallarta. This was our wonderful hotel in Manzanillo.


Boats out in the harbor, Playa La Boquita, Manzanillo, Mexico Playa La Boquita Manzanillo, Mexico

About 9 kilometers from our hotel in Manzanillo is this beautiful, family-style beach called Playa La Boquita. Since we wanted a calm bay to swim in, we grabbed a taxi outside our hotel grounds and asked him to take us there.


Beach Melaque, Mexico Melaque Beach San Patricio, Mexico

Expats have favored this little beach town for decades and one sees many "Gringos" walking around town. It's on the route from Manzanillo to Puerto Vallarta so the buses run through here often and it's an easy stopover. The weather in Melaque is a particular draw especially for those living in Canada and in the Northern United States.

The Market in Manzanillo, Mexico

Billy takes you through the Fresh Market in Manzanillo. You'll find fruits and vegetables stacked perfectly, local cheeses, pet food, fresh meats, fish, seafood and chicken. Everything you could need! Check it out.

Port of Manzanillo, Mexico

Billy shows you the Port of Manzanillo, Mexico's most active deep water port. In the middle of winter, the day's temperature will reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit. See the clear water at the shore, a large ship and several tug boats.


LAID BACKED LUANG PRABANG Riding around Manzanillo, Mexico in a Tuk Tuk

Called a Moto Taxi in Manzanillo, Billy and I are taking a short ride to the deep sea port. Much cheaper than a taxi, this ride costs us 15Pesos or less than a Dollar. See a bit of the town as we arrive at the Malecon of Manzanillo.

VIDEO - A Look at Manzanillo Bay from our Beach Front Hotel

Billy shows you the view of Manzanillo Bay from our beachfront hotel, Marbella. Wide open bay, Las Hadas Golf Resort and Marina, other hotels, the cranes at the seaport and more.


Hanging around the Docks in Manzanillo, Mexico

Taking a walk around the docks in Manzanillo, Mexico. The sea is a DEEP BLUE, there are lots of small craft fishing boats, some net fishing and an exciting event where men pull up a Jack Fish. Beautiful weather here in the winter, where sports fishing is famous. Manzanillo is the 2nd largest demand port in Mexico.

Playa La Boquita, Manzanillo, Mexico

About 10 kilometers from our hotel in Manzanillo is this sweet beach, La Boquita. Itís a great family beach with easy waves, clear water, and about 20 restaurants from which to choose. With a wide open expansive bay, your view is unobstructed for miles. Take a look!  




In the Water at Playa La Boquita, Manzanillo, Mexico

Billy is in the sea at Playa La Boquita in Manzanillo, Mexico and shows you the view looking back at the coast. La Boquita is a small family-friendly beach with clear water, easy for swimming with lots of restaurants to choose from for your meals. About 9 kilometers from our hotel in Manzanillo, it's a warm winter location for those wanting to get out of the cold.


BEAUTIFUL Melaque, Mexico Beach and Bay

Billy pans the BEAUTIFUL Bay at Melaque, Mexico, a famous Gringo hangout. It's a peaceful morning with birds cawing and feeding on the fish in the water. Someone is net fishing, some people are out for their morning swim.


Zona Romantica in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Here we are in Zona Romantica in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where the locals hang out. Take a look at the dock and "The Sail" which is beautiful. Be sure to check out the links to Manzanillo and Melaque too.


A Walk through Melaque Beach Town in Mexico

Billy takes you through a popular Expat beach location called Melaque, Mexico. A funky little beach town with lots of restaurants and shops, the weather is perfect during the winter. Not far from Puerto Vallarta and Barra de Navidad, Gringos have known about Melaque for decades. Take a look. 

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