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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Caffe Palmieri

Lecce, Italy

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

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Going out to a cafe in the morning and meeting up with friends to chat is a very common social activity to do in Europe.

We're in Lecce, Italy, and cafes are everywhere.

But we found one that we particularly liked, it wasn't far from our B&B, AND, it had a great view of Porto Napoli.

Come join us below!

Side view of Caffe Palmieri, Lecce, Italy

Caffe Palmieri

Locals, students and tourists love this cafe.

It was busy in the morning as people whizzed by and got their espressos or espresivos at the counter then zipped away via their motorbikes.

Items were affordable, service was quick and it had a wide open view.

Porto Napoli, Lecce, Italy

Porto Napoli

Lecce used to be a walled city, as many of the Medieval cities were during that period of history.

The Portos were the gates where entrance into and exit out of Lecce would be supervised.

This helped those in charge monitor the local populations, tradesmen, and possible enemy forces.

You can see how thick these walls were, to protect the civilization that lived inside.

Our favorite cafe was just inside this wall and we gazed at it while we sipped our cafes and munched our cornettas.

It was hard not to ponder the history of it all.

A wider view of Caffe Palmieri, Lecce, Italy

Looking at the cafe from the opposite angle





To the right, outside the photo, is the Porto Napoli.

Here you see the wide open area of the cafe's outdoor seating.

There were a few days of drizzling rain while we were there, so today, it looks a little sparse with customers.

Front door of Caffe Palmieri, Lecce, Italy

Front door of Caffe Palmieri

There is no table service, so one must order inside.

Then your items are placed on the counter or on a tray and you bring them outside to your table.

Barista at Caffe Palmieri, Lecce, Italy

Barista making cappuccinos

Our first attempts at ordering were a bit awkward.

Soon, however, this barista understood our accents, and knew what we wanted. He then repeated our order to us before he made them.

We got to joking with him and he enjoyed our company each morning.

This is where Billy learned about espresivos - they are like a mini cappuccino served in an espresso cup.

They are not made everywhere in Italy, but apparently, they are common here in Lecce.

Cappuccino at Caffe Palmieri, Lecce, Italy

Cappuccino and 2 cornettas

Croissants are called cornettas here in Italy.





The one on the left has a pastry cream filling and the one on the right has an apricot jam filling.

Freshly baked, they are often warm when they are served.


older couple at Caffe Palmieri, Lecce, Italy

Akaisha and Billy

Here we are at our favorite morning cafe.

This little shop was also very popular at Happy Hour as well, and tables would be packed with those drinking Aperole or glasses of wine.

Here Billy is showing you his cream-filled cornetta.

I had the apricot jam one!

Our bill for 2 people Caffe Palmieri, Lecce, Italy

Our Bill

Here is our bill for 2 cappuccinos and 2 cornettas.

Totaling $6Euros, it comes to about $6.35USD.

Not a bad price, especially when cappuccinos in the states can cost $2.50 and more. Then add a pastry to that... and one can easily double this bill for 2 people.

If you are ever in Lecce, Italy, check out Caffe Palmieri for yourselves!


Caffe Palmieri

Via Principi Di Savoia

(Just behind the gate of Napoli)

73100, Lecce Italia



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