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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

It's Not Just a Bakery, It's Living History

Lecce, Italy

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

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Italy has had a love affair with breads and pastries for centuries.

It goes back to Roman times when the Roman goddess Ceres protected crops, especially grains. Even the word "cereal" is derived from her name.

Bread itself is a symbol of abundance, and Italians take this very seriously. Seen as a image of sustenance and life, bread is considered an essential component of a balanced meal.

All over Italy you will see bread shops, pastry shops, pizzerias, stuffed breads, bread soups, bread salads and sweetened bread desserts like bread pudding and tiramisu.

Take a look below!

Corner bakery in Lecce, Italy

Typical corner bread and pastry shop

On the side of this bakery is the word "Piadineria"

The piadina is a classic unleavened flat bread that has been made in the Italian region of Europe since the Middle Ages. It is similar to Pita bread, or - with a stretch - the Mexican tortilla.

It's a type of street food and the piadine can be stuffed with just about anything from vegetables, meats, cheeses or fish.

This Piadineria also has marvelous desserts.

variety of pastries at bakery in Lecce, Italy

Panna cotta or Semifreddo?





Not that I am an expert, but there are distinct differences between Panna cottas and Semifreddos.

Semifreddo is typically served in slices, like a cake, and can be garnished with fruits, nuts, or a drizzle of chocolate sauce as you see above.


 It is usually kept in the freezer until ready to serve, and this is not a freezer.

Panna cotta is not frozen and is typically served unmolded or in a glass.

Panna cotta is creamier and more similar to a custard, while semifreddo is lighter and more like a frozen mousse or parfait.

So which ones are these?

Ah... What's in a name? A rose by any other name would still smell just as sweet.

And these desserts are incredibly delicious.

pastries at a bakery in Lecce, Italy

Quite the selection!

Above you see various bread-like desserts, cakes, cookies and stuffed breads.

On the top right are cannelloni filled with a pastry cream and pistachios, a local favorite.

On the bottom shelf are those mysterious - by-any-other-name desserts with fruit topping, Rum Babas, and cookies with vanilla and chocolate icing.

Tiramisu and various desserts in a jar at bakery in Lecce, Italy

Various Tiramisus in jars

Italians have a strong aversion to wasting bread, and there is a cultural emphasis on using every part of the loaf.

The cherished dessert tiramisu above utilizes day-old bread.

A rendition of Sacher Torte at a bakery in Lecce, Italy

Sacher Torte





One of Austria's most iconic desserts achieving international acclaim, one can now find copies around the world - like this one above.

However, no distribution license exists for this cake.

Decades ago, Billy and I went to Hotel Sacher in Austria to taste the real thing.

Can you believe that?

It's true!

In 1979 Billy - a trained French Chef - and I traveled all throughout Europe eating at Michelin Guide Restaurants and tasting the best rated food in the world.

And the Original Sacher Torte is one of those foods.

At the time, we spent $10USD for 2 cappuccinos and 1 Sacher Torte. I remember shaking my head at the cost!

 But today, that same $10 would amount to $42.50USD!

The Original Sacher Torte at Hotel Sacher in Vienna

The Hotel Sacher has a protected trademark on the term "Original Sacher Torte"

The secrets of this cake are kept by the Hotel Sacher in Vienna, and their torte remains the most famous and highly regarded version.

It consists of a light chocolate cake with thin layers of apricot or cherry jam, coated in dark chocolate icing.

Created in 1832 by a 16-year-old apprentice chef in Vienna named Franz Sacher, Franz was asked to prepare a special dessert for Prince Wenzel von Metternich.

The Sacher Torte gained more widespread fame when Franz Sacher's son, Eduard Sacher, opened the Hotel Sacher in Vienna in 1876. The hotel became renowned for serving the original Sacher Torte recipe, and it continues to be a Viennese institution known for its iconic cake.

The Sacher Torte has gained such recognition that it has even led to legal battles over its name and the proper recipe.

Rum Baba and various desserts at bakery in Lecce, Italy

Rum Baba - located on top center shelf - is a beloved dessert

Here you see various stuffed breads, rolled cakes, gelatin desserts and the well-known Rum Baba.

The Baba is a classic European dessert that combines a yeast-based cake with a generous soaking of rum or other liqueurs.

 The origins of Rum Baba are a subject of debate, with various European countries - including France, Poland, and Italy - all claiming the dessert as their own creation.

In Italy, pastry shops are part of the rich culinary landscape, and they contribute to the country's diverse and delicious baked goods.

The next time you visit an Italian bakery, you can now realize that you are witnessing centuries worth of history!


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