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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

La Pueblita Retirement Community

Chapala, Mexico

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

Preparing for retirement and making sure one has enough money to cover health insurance is a challenge for many.

Whether or not to purchase Long Term Care Insurance is also an expensive conundrum.

What if you could live in a retirement community that offers you a residence and the option of medical services and aging in place services too?

At Retire Early Lifestyle, we have given our readers some options in regards to the price of overseas healthcare and have even listed several affordable assisted living locations in Mexico and other countries.

Recently, I visited a new community at Lakeside called La Pueblita. Itís a new concept, an all-inclusive-living-and-access-to-health-care combination that I think will appeal to many.

Itís a project that I have watched since 2012.

 Now, itís actually being built and there is attractive physical evidence to show you!

Letís take a look.

Community Building at La Pueblita Retirement community, Chapala, Mexico

The community building under construction

Having heard that La Pueblita actually broke ground and had some casita models ready to show, my girlfriend and I arrived at the Open House about 10:30 am that Saturday morning.

We were a bit early, which gave us some time to walk around the area. Karen (The Senior Solution Director) had Carolina drive us around the grounds to check them out. It was Carolina's physician father who had the concept of La Pueblita many years ago, and it was his dream to build an all-inclusive retirement community that had access to medical care included in the membership.

The road where more casitas are being built, La Pueblita, Chapala, Mexico

The road where more casitas are being built





Driving us around in an 8-seater golf cart, Carolina showed us where other casitas are being built.

There is still a lot to do, but it was good to finally see some action on this project!

Casitas on the right, memory care building on the left, La Pueblita, Chapala, Mexico

Casitas on the right, memory care building on the left

The concept of La Pueblita is that you will have an active retirement community with the option to age in place, including a memory care unit if needed.

Men putting up an advertising banner in front of the Club House

A full-circle tour of the grounds brought us back to the Club House area. You can read the sign that says this Club House will offer a lounge, bar, gym, a restaurant with private dining, a main courtyard, and a swimming pool.

There will also be a library, an auditorium, a drugstore, rehabilitation clinic, a grocery store, walking paths and a place for physical therapy.

The Center for Healthy Living will have a variety of services including: Personalized fitness and wellness services, cardio/strength training, group fitness classes, cognitive enhancement programs, and salůn and spa treatments

Bedroom in the  casita, La Pueblita, Chapala, Mexico

First bedroom in the 2 bedroom casita

We are Retire Lifestyle Mentors. Our goal is to help you achieve your retirement dreams.

At about 11 o'clock the attendees were grouped together and brought to the display model which was a two bedroom, 2 bath casita.

One could bring their own furniture to the casita, or have a decorator help them with the purchase of furniture like this to fill the home.

wheel chair access bathroom, La Pueblita, Chapala, Mexico

Wheelchair access bathroom

Both bathrooms were wheelchair access.

Glass doors had large openings, and everything in the casita was one floor. No little steps up and down to trip on or get in the way of a walker or wheelchair.

Front room area

The front room area was one large room with the dining room and living room open to each other.

It gave a spacious, light-filled feeling.

At La Pueblita, one pays rent (which covers utilities and more) and then one also purchases a membership to receive other benefits.

Each membership plan offers accumulating services from the standard package to the Platinum Plan with other amenities available ďa la carteĒ at regular prices.

Open kitchen

The casita was an open air plan and focused on efficiency.

The kitchen comes with the refrigerator, an oven, microwave, dishwasher and flattop stove. A place for a washer and dryer is beside the refrigerator behind the paneled door.

You can't see them clearly in this photo, but the pantry and other shelving are located behind the panels to the right of the oven and microwave.

Another angle of the kitchen, La Pueblita, Chapala, Mexico

Another angle of the kitchen

More cabinets and drawers, dishwasher and two-basin sink.

The door you see here leads out into the garage.

The second bedroom

To the right of the bed is the closet and at the foot of the bed against the opposing wall is room for a dresser or armoire.

Another angle of the kitchen/dining room and entrance, La Pueblita, Chapala, Mexico

Another angle of the kitchen/dining room and entrance

The front door of this casita is to the right of the photo, several feet in front of this wall mirror.

Second bedroom, bath and garage is to the left, dining room and living room is on the right. Kitchen, of course, is in the middle.

Back patio, La Pueblita, Chapala, Mexico

Back patio

Each casita has a patio and yard. This one is quite lovely.

Backyard looking toward the reception area for the event, La Pueblita, Chapala, Mexico

Backyard looking toward the reception area for the event

This patio has a small back yard for enjoying, or perhaps for growing some herbs. Today, it looks out on the reception area for the open house event.

The garage with storage





This is the garage area. In this particular case, it was open air on one side, and tiled on the flooring. Door leads into the kitchen and hallway of the casita.

Plenty of storage area behind the louvered doors.

From the kitchen through to the back yard

One last photo to give you the full idea of the casita.

There are other residences available. You can choose from a studio, an apartment, a penthouse or a casita. Membership plans are for independent living, assisted living and memory care. They include meal credits at the restaurant on site, house keeping services, salon services, and a full range of medical and health services.

Healthcare benefits vary according to the plan you purchase which include everything from preventative care and health maintenance, medical services, physicals, and emergency care. There are choices of chiropractic services, Holistic services annual comprehensive physicals, even SkyMed Air Vac Services are available.

For more information on La Pueblita, contact Karen Perry: or 01. 376. 688. 1705

Or write

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