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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Italy Homepage

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

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To enjoy our Sicily Homepage, click here

Italy is a fascinating country filled with history, natural beauty, war and conquest, amazing architecture, beaches, mountains, international cities and tiny towns.

Join us on our trip to this spectacular country.

For videos of our stay in Italy, look below.


the digital map of our journey on our individual TV monitors

Our Flight from Guadalajara, Mexico to Rome, Italy

We had been trying to get to Italy since spring of 2020, when Covid broke out and the traveling world came to a standstill. Well, fast forward to the present, and now we were so excited to finally be on our way to take this long-awaited trip. We found a round-trip direct flight for the both of us from Guadalajara to Madrid.


Al Terzo Rooftop Bar packed with customers, Anzio, Italy Al Terzo Rooftop Bar Anzio, Italy

Across the street from our hotel in the quaint town of Anzio, Italy was a Rooftop Bar which offered a prized view of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Roman Emperor Nero had a villa here centuries ago, and this rooftop bar was placed right at the beach that carries his name.

The Charming Streets of Anzio, Italy

Anzio, Italy was a town that won our hearts. A simple seaside place that was packed with centuries of history, it offered us good weather, delicious food, friendly people and the beauty of nature. It's a sparkling gem about an hour's drive south of Rome and north of the jet-setter destination of The Almalfi Coast.

Seafood restaurant, Anzio, Italy Snack Bar Tavola Calda da Fabio & Letizia Anzio, Italy 

Ever since we lived in Santa Cruz, California, sometimes Billy gets a hankering for deep fried Calamari. Today was one of those days. We're on the coast and it's our 3rd day in Italy, in a town called Anzio known for its seafood. We thought we'd have a 100% chance of finding this crunchy dish... but we got a good story out of it instead.

Our balcony, Hotel Riviera, Anzio, Italy Hotel Riviera Anzio, Italy

Billy made reservations at Hotel Riviera in Anzio Italy, about an hour's drive from the Rome airport. We were able to set aside the stress of travel and snuggle into a smaller, very friendly city, with rooftop bars, salumerias, beaches, and Roman ruins. Perfect!

Beach goers on Anzio Beach, Italy looking towards harbor The Beaches of Anzio, Italy

About an hour's drive form the Rome airport is a town today known as Anzio. Initially established as the Latin colony of Antium in the 7th century BC, you can see the presence of several ancient Roman ruins and artifacts in and around the modern landscape. Today, Anzio is a charming coastal town popular for its beaches and restaurants as well as for its ancient and WWII history. Enjoy our pictorial.

The City Hall of Anzio, Italy, aka Villa Corsini Sarsina The City Hall, Villa Corsini Sarsina Anzio, Italy       

We were immediately stopped by the guard, saying that the City Hall was in session and no visitors were allowed. We got to chatting, and Billy asked the guard if he could take a photo of his wife next to that beautiful statue over there. Billy's charm worked because the guard let us in! Well, only for one photo, he said... but then it led to more!

Ingredients to make the meals at Aras Kebab Pizzeria, Anzio, Italy Aras Kebab Pizzeria Anzio, Italy

Anzio, located right on the Tyrrhenian Sea, offers not only seafood restaurants but international choices as well. On our first day in this seaside town, we were waiting for our hotel rooms to become available, and decided to go and have a quick lunch. Just a stone's throw from our hotel, we discovered Aras Kebab Pizzeria. 

Statue of Roman Emperor Nero, Anzio, Italy The Villa of Roman Emperor Nero Anzio, Italy

An unusual aspect of Anzio, Italy is its connection to the ancient Roman empire. The ancient Roman port city of Antium (called Anzio today) became a favorite resort for wealthy Romans, including many emperors and aristocrats. It was renowned for its beautiful coastline, pleasant climate, and luxurious villas. When we found out that Nero had a villa here, we certainly wanted to see it.

wide variety of cured meats in a Salumeria, Anzio, Italy The Salumerias in Anzio, Italy

Salumerias in Italy are specialty food shops that focus on selling a variety of cured meats, cheeses, and other delicacies. Typically they are family-run businesses or small local establishments that have been passed down through generations. These establishments are an integral part of Italian culinary style and offer a wide selection of high-quality hand-made products.

various pizzas in Pucci Pizza, Anzio, Italy Pucci Pizzeria (Pronounced POOH-chee) Anzio, Italy

Pizza has become one of Italy's most famous culinary exports, and the art of pizza making in Italy is a craft that has been honed over centuries. In ancient times, the Greeks and Egyptians had a tradition of baking flatbreads topped with olive oil and local ingredients, and these early variations were precursors to the modern pizza. But pizzas here in Italy are not like any you have ever seen. Seriously. They have everything you can imagine on them and are so light, crispy and delicious.

Pies, tarts, cannolis, cakes, Pastry Shops in Anzio, Italy Pastry Shops in Anzio, Italy

Italian pastries, or "pasticceria" in Italian, encompass a wide variety of sweet treats, ranging from delicate pastries to rich cakes and desserts. At home, Billy and I have a morning pastry from time to time, but we were in Anzio, Italy, and the selection we saw there was too good to pass up. Don't believe me? Take a look!

Panoramic view of the port and town of Anzio, Italy The Port of Anzio, Italy

The Romans were a smart and strategic people and they soon made Antium/Anzio a thriving commercial port, handling trade between Rome and other regions within the Roman Empire, and with other Mediterranean civilizations. Merchants from various parts of the empire would bring goods to the port for export, such as wine, olive oil, textiles, and pottery.

During World War II, the port of Anzio played a crucial role in the Allied forces' military strategy. Today, Anzio is a playground for modern Romans and international tourists.

A variety of flavorst of gelato at Treccione Gelateria, Anzio, Italy Treccioni Gelateria, Anzio, Italy

While frozen desserts have been around in China and Persia since ancient times, gelato, as we know it today took solid hold in the 16th century. We can thank Italy's Catherine de' Medici (who married the King of France during Medieval times) for that. She so loved this treat so much that she brought it to the French court and the French were gobsmacked.

Airplane propeller from WWII, British and American Flags, Anzio, Italy

Anzio Beachhead Museum, Anzio, Italy

Every day we learned more about how crucial Anzio had been in the Second World War and that they had their own version of D-Day. I hate to express my ignorance, but I didn't know that. Due to some ambiguity of objectives with this mission and lack of resources, the Allies almost didn't win this battle.


Living room in apartment Gaeta, Italy

Our Apartment in Gaeta, Italy 

Our time in Anzio was over and we were on our way to a different coastal down 53 miles further south named Gaeta. We show you our apartment here.

Insight of church looking toward main altar, Gaeta, Italy St. John at Sea Church, Gaeta, Italy

Also known as San Giovanni a Mare is a 10th-century church located in Gaeta, in the region of Lazio, Italy. The building both inside and out is a mixture of Byzantine, Roman and Medieval architecture. The church was destroyed in the earthquake of 1213, and also suffered serious damage during the Second World War.

small craft in Gaeta Harbor, Italy The Harbor in Gaeta, Italy

We had just come in from Anzio, Italy and of course we made a stop at the famous port located there. Now, 53 miles south of Anzio, we are in another beach town named Gaeta. Towns in Italy that have seaports have histories like a double-edged sword.

Savory pies, herbed cheeses and more in Gaeta, Italy Grocery Shopping in Gaeta, Italy

One of our Geeky and lusty pleasures is to go grocery shopping. I know. You are impressed. But seriously, we are in Italy, and grocery shopping is a very different experience.

Road by the harbor in Gaeta, Italy The Clean Modern-Day Streets of Gaeta, Italy

Gaeta has a colorful history. The first inhabitants date back to the 8th century B.C. The Romans eventually conquered this harbor town and it became an important holiday resort for their rich and elite. But after the fall of the Empire, this town was sacked over and over again by barbarians. Gaeta has become modern, but the memories and relics of previous times are everywhere.

Angevin-Aragonese Castle in Gaeta, Italy The Remarkable Historic Old Town of Gaeta, Italy

Italian coastal towns have experienced the gamut. Because having a viable port cuts both ways, these towns were able to take advantage of sea merchant trading making their communities rich and profitable. But that same harbor made them vulnerable to invasion - which happened over and over again throughout history. Today's historic Old Town in Gaeta shows the evidence of these invasions by the ruins and architecture left behind.

Panna Cotta with fresh fruit in Gaeta, Italy The Fabulous Pastries and Breads of Gaeta, Italy

We have mentioned before how the pastries in Italy are beyond remarkable. Bakeries and bread shops are everywhere and the variety is spellbinding. Our first encounter with Italy's 8th wonder of the world was during our stay in Anzio, a small coastal town about an hour's drive from Rome. But now we are in another coastal town named Gaeta, and the game has just escalated.


Train ticket stations, Naples, Italy Riding the Train in Naples, Italy

I'm just gonna say it. I wish the US had a clean, efficient, affordable, extensive train system like Italy does. Taking trains all around southern Italy and Sicily, our experience was very positive. Remarkably easy to purchase tickets, the trains were on time, for the most part modern and comfortable and - a very important factor - were affordable.

Our hotel room at Quelli del Sesuvio, Naples, Italy Quelli del Vesuvio Our Hotel in Naples, Italy

You have to understand. We were coming from two small, sometimes quaint, incredibly clean, historic beach towns in Southern Italy. In Anzio, we had the "perfect" hotel room with a fabulous breakfast included and a view from our balcony of the ocean. And in Gaeta, we had a roomy 2-bedroom apartment with a full kitchen and a large sitting room. So when we arrived in Naples, we were undoubtedly spoiled.

Lemon croiossants and cappuccino at Barbanera Cafe, Naples, Italy Complimentary Breakfast from Our Hotel in Naples, Italy

We received a complimentary breakfast with the price of our room, and after all the years of our travels, we have found that this can be quite a benefit. While we tried several of their pastry options, our favorite turned out to be this lemon-creamy-custard-filled croissant. Apparently, lemons in this area of Italy are a big deal.

Inside and outside garden at The Archeological Museum in Naples, Italy The National Archeological Museum in Naples, Italy

It was a few days into our stay in the metropolitan city of Naples, Italy, when we decided to visit the National Archaeological Museum here. I know it's an absolute heresy to say we did not go to either Pompeii nor Herculaneum. But seriously, the trains going there were so crowded it felt like we were in a cattle car; Hot, sweaty, and nose-to-nose with other passengers for over an hour. So we went here instead.

Inside the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, Naples, Italy Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta (Our Lady of the Assumption) Naples, Italy

Built in the 13th century and located in the heart of Naples, The Naples Cathedral is known as one of the most beautiful and impressive buildings in the city. An earthquake severely damaged the cathedral in 1349, plus it was also bombed in 1943 in WWII. With such a history, let's take a look!

A spinach and sausage pizza at Pizza & Sfizi, Naples, Italy Pizza & Sfizi Naples, Italy

So we're in Naples now, and after our delicious encounters with pizza in Anzio, we were curious as to what we'd find here. Naples is considered to be the birthplace of pizza and one of the unusual styles of pizza that Naples offers is deep-fried pizza. We tried over and over to order this unusual delight, but the timing was wrong, or the shops weren't open or we needed to come back after 7pm for when this fried pizza would be served.

Man selling olives at Miraglia, Naples, Italy Discovering an Olive Store in Naples, Italy

Walking around Naples on this cold, rainy day, we hadn't expected to find a store selling olives. Barrel after bright red barrel, olives were curing and ready to be purchased. These little fruits are a big deal and are used in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes for a punch of flavor. Come take a look.

striped awning on sidewalk cafe, Naples, Italy An Inside View of the City of Naples, Italy

We were staying in the big metropolitan city of Naples, Italy, and there was lots to see on the streets here. Little vegetable stands, cafes, restaurants, piazzas, historical buildings and salumerias dotted the streets. If you have never been to Naples, be sure to enjoy our pictorial below to give you an idea of this city.


Looking back at the cliffs, the sea and beach gear, Sorrento, Italy

Stunning Sorrento, Italy

We are staying in Naples in a decent apartment. But the weather has been dreary, and Big City Life isn't really for us. So, we decided to go to a beach paradise, just an hour train ride from our location. Purchasing our tickets at the Napoli Centrale train station the day before, we utilized the Circumvesuvia line to get to our destination. For a one-way ticket per person, we spent $4.20 Euros.

A diorama of ancient life in the Holy Land at the church in Sorrento, Italy The Cathedral in Sorrento, Italy

In the heart of Sorrento's historic center stands their Cathedral. Due to religious and political tensions, the Cathedral lost its status, then regained it again. Of course, there are frescos - used commonly at the time - and lots of gold gilding.

Taverna dell'800 Sorrento, Italy

We were in lovely Sorrento, on the western coast of southern Italy. We hadn't had anything much for meals lately other than our remarkable lunches from the Salumerias and of course, the many pizzas available. So we were looking for a real meal, you know... something hot on a plate. And maybe some vegetables or a salad. Wandering around through the sidewalk cafes and picturesque shops of Sorrento, we came upon Taverna dell'800. 

Happy gelato server, Sorrento, Italy    Gelato Al Naturale Sorrento, Italy

We are wandering around beautiful Sorrento, Italy. We just came here by an easy train ride from Naples where we have been staying for about a week. The weather in Naples has been drizzly and cold, albeit, with a few sunny days in between. It was City Life there, and we prefer more nature and the sea. So off to Sorrento we went! And guess what?! Surprises of all surprises, we found ... GELATO!


Countryside of Puglia, Italy Taking a Train and a Bus from Naples to Faeto, Italy

It was drizzling a bit when we walked up to the Naples train station on this morning to ride the train to Faeto, Italy. We had a train/bus combination but we got waylaid in a tiny town with no way out! It was a problem, but angels in uniform help us out.

Sapori de Povenza Restaurant Faeto, Italy

We arrived in Faeto after a drizzly day of riding a combo of train and bus, getting to Savignano Irpino, and having an angel-of-a-policeman call for Giovanni to pick us up. We placed our belongings into the roomy villa we rented and asked the owners where we could find a hot meal. He gave us the name of 3 restaurants. Only one was open, so we went there. But the surprise of my life was about to happen!

View from our bedroom window in Casa Vacanza Faeto, Italy The Villa We Rented in Faeto, Italy

There is not a lot written about the Medieval village of Faeto, and not a lot of photos to get an idea of the town. Listed rentals weren't numerous either, and so we were unsure of what our villa might look like. Would it be modern? Primitive? Dark and moldy? We just didn't know. But we were paying $102Euros a night, so we were hoping for something clean at least.

Vico Valentino, Faeto, Italy The Streets of Faeto, Italy 

The village dates back to before the Medieval period, hence the stone homes, the steep steps and the narrow streets. In the "old days" these were probably simple dirt roads. They were wide enough for foot traffic, and maybe a horse drawn cart of vegetables or firewood.

Man looking through City Records, City Hall, Faeto, Italy The City Hall of Records Faeto, Italy

We came to this centuries-old mountain town in Italy to find out what we could about my Family's Heritage. Growing up in the center of Ohio, we kids knew very little about our Italian ancestors. The story goes that my Italian Grandparents came over from the "Old Country" on a boat, went through Ellis Island for processing and landed in central Ohio because that was where the work was. Anything before that was "lost forever." And I personally never thought we'd find out anything more, so I simply accepted it. But I was wrong.

Inside the church in Faeto, Italy The Church in Faeto, Italy  

Before Faeto became a village it was a tiny hamlet. Then the population increased with the arrival of the soldiers and their eventual families and when that happens there has to be a central gathering place. In these times of history, that central location to gather was a church. This creating-of-a-church turned the tiny hamlet of Faeto into the village of Faeto.


Map of Southern Italy with Foggia and Lecce both marked Traveling through Italy from Faeto to Lecce by Bus and Train

Our short time in Faeto had come to a close. Our next stop was a 2,000 year old town located at the heel of the boot of Italy called Lecce. But first, we had to purchase transport tickets. Once again, I found myself distantly related to the family that ran Tabacchi here. So we went to Carmine Mastri’s shop to buy bus tickets ($3.80Euro each) to Foggia in order to get on the train to Lecce.

 Living Room, Antiche Volte BnB, Lecce, Italy Antiche Volte Bed and Breakfast Lecce, Italy

After our amazing stay in Faeto, our next stop was a 2,000 year old city called Lecce. We arrived in Lecce between 3-4pm and walked the 15 minutes from the train station to our B&B. But let me tell you, that was not the whole of it!

The Roman Amphitheater of Lecce, Italy The Roman Amphitheater of Lecce, Italy

Can you imagine - in the city where you live - that while digging the foundation of a bank, a long-buried ancient Roman ruin is discovered? That's exactly what happened in 1938 when the Bank of Italy was building their branch in Lecce, Italy. The construction workers discovered a Roman Amphitheater!! ---- Right in the middle of the city.

Tiramisu and various desserts in a jar at bakery in Lecce, Italy It's Not Just a Bakery, It's Living History Lecce, Italy

Italy has had a love affair with breads and pastries for centuries. It goes back to Roman times when the Roman goddess Ceres protected crops, especially grains. Even the word "cereal" is derived from her name. Bread itself is a symbol of abundance, and Italians take this very seriously. Seen as a image of sustenance and life, bread is considered an essential component of a balanced meal.

A wider view from the Piazza of the tower and the Bishop's Palace, Lecce, Italy The Bishop's Palace Lecce, Italy

The 17th century was a time when the city of Lecce was flourishing culturally and artistically. This is when The Bishop's Palace was built and it is considered a superb example of Baroque architecture. In front of the Cathedral, the Palace and the Seminary - is a magnificent Piazza - almost breathtaking in its size.

Barista at Caffe Palmieri, Lecce, Italy  

Caffe Palmieri Lecce, Italy

Going out to a cafe in the morning and meeting up with friends to chat is a very common social activity to do in Europe. We're in Lecce, Italy, and cafes are everywhere. But we found one that we particularly liked, it wasn't far from our B&B, AND, it had a great view of Porto Napoli.


3 older people at Caffe Paisiello, Lecce, Italy Caffe Paisiello Lecce, Italy

Not far from our B&B (the B without the B) was this cafe restaurant. When we arrived in Lecce, it was our first stop to get some food after our long train ride. We had somewhat settled into our hotel and there was still some sunlight to enjoy, so out we went.

Outdoor cafe in Lecce, Italy Cafes in Lecce, Italy

I'm going to tell you a story about an illicit and dangerous activity. One that most of you reading this probably partake in without a second thought. What in the world am I speaking about? Consuming coffee.

Night view of outdoor cafe in Lecce, Italy The Beautiful Walled City of Lecce, Italy at Night

Lecce is a romantic city inspired by its Baroque charm. During the day, the sunlight hits the yellowish-cream colored stone and inspires photographers, writers and artists everywhere. But Lecce at night brings out a whole other style of glamour and grace.

outdoor seating at L'Obelisco Restaurant, Lecce, Italy L'Obelisco Restaurant Lecce, Italy

We have been staying at a Bed and Breakfast in the Ancient Walled City of Lecce, Italy. But there is a whole other world - a modern one - outside of these walls. This day, we took a walk out of Porta Napoli, down by the famous Obelisk and to the L'Obelisco Restaurant for lunch.

Le Quattro Specierie Gourmet Restaurant and Roof Garden - Lecce, Italy

 As you know, Billy is a trained French Chef, so part of our traveling adventures focuses on cuisine in the local countries that we visit. Billy found this restaurant listed in Lecce, and we were eager to try it out. Le Quattro Spezierie offers Italian cuisine and garden views. We even met the Chef!

Beautiful buildings line this corso in Lecce, Italy The Intriguing Streets of Lecce, Italy

Lecce, Italy is a very photographic location due to its Baroque architecture and connection to the Roman Empire. We wandered the Vias and Vicos throughout the town and were mesmerized by the colors of the famous cream-colored Lecce stone. Depending on the time of day and the weather, the stone lit up, dimmed or even changed it's hue! We saw magnificent archways, hidden apartments and stunning churches. The ancient walled city of Lecce is a must-see. Come take a walk with us to enjoy what beauty this historic city has to offer.

2 glasses of wine on a table across from Porta Napoli in Lecce, Italy Happy Hour at Caffe Palmieri Lecce, Italy

Caffe Palmieri isn't just a pretty face. It's also an excellent place to go for Happy Hour in the afternoons and people-watch. The sun finally came out after days of damp misery and this is what we did! 


The front room, looking into the kitchen, apartment in Brindisi, Italy Our Apartment in Brindisi, Italy

We chose this apartment for several reasons, and one of them was the nearness of the train station, making it easy to get in and to get out to our next destination. This was a 2-bedroom, 1-bath apartment with breakfast included and was walking distance to downtown, grocery stores, restaurants and cafes.

Outdoor cafe on a Courso in Brindisi, Italy Taking a Look around the Coastal Town of Brindisi, Italy

In visiting Brindisi, it's like walking through several layers of history all at once. You have the Roman influence, the Medieval impact, the effects and monuments of the various World Wars, and modern times as well. If you get to this area, make a point to visit this historic, classy city.

Small craft docked at Brindisi Harbor, Italy The Harbor and Waterfront of Brindisi, Italy  

We had visited the famous port of Anzio, Italy - and the one in Gaeta as well. Now we are in Brindisi with beautiful weather and it's off to the sea we go! Towns in Italy that have seaports have histories like a double-edged sword. These locations become important due to their sea access and ease of trade for economic development and prosperity, but they also become targets due to invading armies. Brindisi Harbor has a history as well.

White wine, peanuts, crispy rounds, myriad of olives, Prosciutto sandwiches for happy hour in Brindisi, Italy Celebrating Happy Hour in Brindisi, Italy (Pronounced: BRIN-dee-see)

Happy Hour is the time of day where one kicks back with friends and loved ones. A glass of wine or other favorite drink, a few delicious snacks, and great discussions, it's an event we look forward to. Join us in an Italian Happy Hour in Brindisi, Italy.

Bright red and yellow tomatoes at L'Angolo Dei Sapori, Brindisi, Italy L'Angolo dei Sapori More than a Fruit Stand - Brindisi, Italy

It's so fun to food shop in Italy. Walking around town there are these little vegetable and fruit stands that serve the neighborhood. Not far from our apartment, we discovered L'Angolo dei Sapori - The Flavor Corner. This is where we were able to purchase daily Italian table wine for $2Euros a liter!

Grilled octopus on mashed potatoes with olive oil IL Trullo Restaurant and Pizzeria - Brindisi, Italy

As you know, a continuous thread throughout our travels is that we pursue creative cuisine. We are spending time in Brindisi, another seaport town in southern Italy - which means fresh seafood for the tasting! Not far from our apartment, we saw this fine dining establishment which also seemed to be very locally popular. Our meal was so good the first time, that we ate there again later. Take a look.

Large wheel of Parmesan cheese at Casa del Parmigiano, Brindisi, Italy Casa del Parmigiano - A Unique Salumeria Brindisi, Italy

Walking around the center of Brindisi town we came upon this salumeria. Just making the approach to this shop, one could smell the deliciousness of the cheeses this place sold and it lured us in. Since it was close to our apartment, we were able to purchase items here several times. What makes this salumeria unique, is that its specialty is the making of Parmesan cheeses.

Restaurant Antica Focacceria Boscaini Brindisi, Italy

Once again, we were walking along Corso Roma, where countless restaurants, cafes and shops are located. Not far from our Brindisi Apartment, it was easy enough to make trips here almost daily for food shopping, a Happy Hour, some gelato or a meal. Today, we stopped by this family-run Focacceria which has been there for decades.

Senior man at the helm of Dragut, Brindisi, Italy Sailing through the Historical Harbor of Brindisi, Italy

Billy loves the sea, and here we are in the Historic Seaport town of Brindisi, Italy. So what does he do? He charters a private boat to go out sailing. For $300Euros, we are able to have a sailboat for 3-4 hours through the harbor and beyond. WooHOO!

The Roman Empire's Appian Way Ends in Brindisi, Italy

I learned about the famous Roman Road called The Appian Way when I was a child in school. Never in my life did I expect to run across it in my travels - virtually by dumb luck.

Seriously, not to sound blasé about it - but we have been in Italy for a while now, and had seen amphitheaters, ancient buildings, miles and miles of olive orchards, Medieval castles and villages... and some of the time, we didn't know what it was exactly, that we were looking at. Oh that's nice. Columns. Hmmm. But then this motorcycle couple from Denmark said, "No. No. Not just any columns. The Appian Way ends here in Brindisi. Those columns signify the end of the road."

Grilled seafood plate at Betty Cafe, Brindisi, Italy Betty Cafe, Ristorante Pizzeria Brindisi, Italy

We sailed for several hours in Brindisi Harbor, and now we were ready for some lunch. Even though it was a weekday, it seemed the restaurants were all fairly busy. I wanted seafood and Billy wanted pasta, so we just had to find the right place. We chose Betty Cafe.

Pasta, olive oil dip, cold cut plate and cheeses in our apartment in Brindisi, Italy Cooking in Our Apartment in Brindisi, Italy

One of the conveniences we enjoy about renting an apartment on our travels is that we can cook at home. Sometimes we don't want to leave the house because of the weather, we're tired, or simply want something easy to cook. It also gives us the opportunity when we go grocery shopping, to try out the intriguing and different choices not available in our home country.

the front of the Cathedral of Brindisi, Brindisi, Italy The Brindisi Cathedral, Brindisi, Italy (Also known as Cattedrale di San Giovanni Battista)

Europe is full of Christian Cathedrals and churches. It's easy to get "Church fatigue" and it's understandable. However, the history involved in the making of these buildings goes beyond the seeming repetition of the similarities from one to the other. Even though the Brindisi Cathedral is located roughly 500 meters away from the two Roman Columns marking the symbolic end of the famous Roman Appian Way, it was built long after the fall of the Roman Empire.

The fan tail of the Brindisi Harbor Ferry, Brindisi, Italy

Taking the Water Taxi across the Harbor in Brindisi, Italy

Today we were taking the ferry across the inner port to have a look at the monument dedicated to the sailors who have lost their lives in various wars in this city. For pocket change, we bought tickets and the ferry took us to the other side.

side view of the Monumento al Marinaio d'Italia, Brindisi, Italy Italian Sailor Monument (also known as Monumento al Marinaio d'Italia) Brindisi, Italy

Over the centuries, the deep seaport of Brindisi, Italy has been invaded and conquered, participated in many wars and reaped the benefits of international trade. During the time of Mussolini, this Italian Sailor's monument was commissioned to pay respect to the sailors who lost their lives in World War I.

The moat at the Swabian Castle of Brindisi Brindisi, Italy Swabian Castle of Brindisi Brindisi, Italy

I'm going to guess that in your home town, there are no Medieval ruins, Roman villas or castles from various invaders. There certainly weren't any in Ohio where I was born! But we're in Brindisi, Italy, and these above mentioned treasures are everywhere! Today we take a tour of the Swabian Castle of Brindisi, built in the year 1227 by Frederick II.

The Palazzo Granafel Nervegna Brindisi, Italy

In Italy, remnants of history are everywhere. Take this palace for instance.


Bedroom in home in Matera, Italy Our House-in-a-Cave Rental in Matera, Italy

We learned that the number one thing to do in Matera or Sassi (the ancient village below) was to rent out a room in a cave. So if you would like to fulfill that dream, then perhaps this is the place for you!

The Sassi fully lighted in the evening, Matera, Italy The Sassi, Matera, Italy

The story of the Sassi in Matera, Italy might just blow your mind. Carved into the limestone cliffs of Matera in southern Italy is a village of cave dwellings and churches built right into the stone. It is one of the oldest, continuously inhabited settlements of humans in the world, dating back to the Paleolithic era. The Sassi was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993 and has been described as "one of the most unique landscapes in Europe."

meats and cheeses laid out for lunch, Matera, Italy Eating at Home in Matera, Italy

Food ingredients in Italy are fresh, unique, specialized, affordable and all-'round delicious. Shopping for meals in this country is not only enjoyable, but exciting as well. Here we give you a sample of our findings and how we made several meals out of them.

The main street in old town Matera, Italy The Streets of Matera, Italy

The main reason to go to Matera, Italy is to see The Sassi. However, the streets of Historical Matera are intriguing as well, as you will see below. This area of Matera was primarily developed between the late 17th and 18th centuries, so there is a medley of architectural styles evident in the buildings. While The Sassi is a condensed living area, Historical Matera focuses more on Grand buildings, public spaces and an open, airy atmosphere.

Mario Carbone photo of 2 women having a conversation, The Sassi, Matera, Italy The Domenico Ridola National Archaeological Museum Matera, Italy

The Museo Nazionale di Matera is part of a unified museum system that combines three separate locations in Matera, Italy. The one we visited was the Domenico Ridola National Archaeological Museum, which was founded in 1911. Ridola practiced medicine, rose up to the level of Senator in his civic life, and donated his significant archaeological collections to the Italian state. This museum offers a full range look at prehistoric times to the current era of what is now known as Matera.

Romantic couple overlooking The Sassi at Terrazza Calaviere, Matera, Italy Terrazza Calaviere Rooftop Bar Matera, Italy

This rooftop bar is a must-see. Food and drinks are simple, but it's the view that will knock your socks off. If you are going to see The Sassi or visit Matera, visit this place. It will give you a memory you will never forget.

Inside shot of the cave restaurant Soul Kitchen, Matera, Italy Soul Kitchen (Cave) Restaurant Matera, Italy

As you know, Billy and I are Foodies. Billy being a trained French Chef and our having owned a restaurant in California for a decade, we mix our version of "Cuisine Travel" into being on the road. Walking distance from our apartment and the cliff view of The Sassi is Soul Kitchen, touted as one of Matera's most elegant restaurants. Owned by two brothers, Mimmo and Pietro, between them they have 40 years of experience in the restaurant sector. Let's take a look.


Bedroom in apartment Salerno, Italy Our Apartment in Salerno, Italy

We made our way from the train station to the location of our apartment, got the keys from the lockbox at the gate and went up the stairs to the front door. We were ready for a lie-down and get off our feet! When we arrived after our adventure, we opened our bedroom door and our room hadn’t yet been cleaned. (!)

Very busy restaurant, inside of Al Dente, Salerno, Italy Al Dente Spaghetteria Salerno, Italy

Just a round the corner from our apartment in Salerno, is this very popular restaurant named Al Dente. The description "al dente" generally refers to cooked pasta that is tender but firm and chewy when you bite into it. This day we literally walked through a rainstorm to get to the restaurant, only to find out that it was already packed and people were standing outside in line to get in.

Burger and Fries at Cargo Burger Bar in Salerno, Italy Cargo Burger Bar in Salerno, Italy

We are in Salerno, Italy, a coastal city in the Southern region of the country just down from Anzio and Rome. In Italy, we have eaten at Salumerias, upscale restaurants, cafes and local eateries. Now it was time for a classic burger with fries.










Driving from Rome, Italy to Anzio, a Beach Town of Italy

 We just arrived in Italy, and our hotel sent a driver for us at the airport. Easy-Peasy! Now we are driving along the highway on our way to Anzio, a town known for the Liberation of Rome in the 2nd World War. It was Italy’s D-Day. Take a look! To see it on Rumble, click here. 

Our First Morning in Anzio, Italy

From our hotel balcony, Billy shows you the sea, a small park where the Roman Emperor Nero is celebrated, and the beach named after him. It’s about 6:30 am and the day is just beginning! This is the beach where the Allies landed (Italian D-Day) in WWII and liberated Rome from the Nazis. To see this video on Rumble, click here.

Nearing Sunset on Anzio Beach, Italy

The wind has kicked up and is churning the waves as we near sunset on this historic beach. The Allies landed here January 22, 1944 – It was Italy’s D-Day and the Allies saved Rome from the Nazis. Enjoy this beautiful beach scene with the sun sparkling on the water. To see this video on Rumble, click here.

Busy Tuesday in Anzio, Italy – We didn’t know it was a holiday!

We’re walking to the deli from our hotel in Anzio, Italy and the streets are PACKED! Unbeknownst to us, it’s a National Holiday and the town’s a buzzin’ The weather is super and people are friendly! Enjoy! To view this video on Rumble, click here. 

FRIENDLY People in Anzio, Italy

Billy takes a walk through the seaside town of Anzio, Italy to give you a first-hand view of this beautiful place. The Piazza, the harbor, seafront restaurants, friendly people and more. Enjoy this wonderful video! To view this video on Rumble, click here.

Trial Run at the Train Station, Anzio, Italy

We arrive at the train station in Anzio a couple of days before we needed tickets to get the scoop on how this system works. We purchased our tickets through a menu-driven machine at the station, which takes various forms of payment, including cash and credit cards. Trains are efficient and on time here in Italy. To view this video on Rumble, click here.

Rooftop Bar Al Terzo, Anzio, Italy

Across from our hotel in Anzio, Italy, is a rooftop bar overlooking Nero Beach. We stopped by one late afternoon to enjoy the view and some cocktails. Enjoy the view and the peacefulness of this place! To view this video on Rumble, click here.

Rooftop View of Nero Beach from Our Hotel  

On our last day in Anzio, Billy discovers a terrific place for a rooftop happy hour… on our hotel’s roof! We didn’t know about it, and the staff didn’t tell us! From this viewpoint, you can see Al Terzo bar below, Nero’s Beach and a little park that celebrates this same Roman Emperor. For our video of Al Terzo, see link below. To view this video on Rumble, click here.

Lunch Italian Style on Our Hotel Balcony, Anzio, Italy

From our hotel balcony in Anzio, Italy, Billy shows you our view of Al Terzo, a roof top bar and Nero Beach named after the Roman Emperor Nero, who had a villa just down the way. We have a very nice lunch spread out of Italy’s cured meats, cheeses, fruit and yummies. What a life we live!! To view this video on Rumble, click here.  

Anzio, Italy – Roman Emperor Nero Had a Villa Here

Billy shows you first hand the ruins of Emperor Nero’s villa at Anzio Beach, not far from our hotel. Anzio Beach is also the location of the Battle of Anzio which began January 22, 1944 and ended June 5, 1944, the day before D-Day in Normandy, France. Beautiful beach. Lots of history here. To view this video on Rumble, click here.  

Our Last Morning in Anzio, Italy

See the calm Tyrrhenian Sea from our hotel room and listen to Billy describe our wonder-filled trip to this historical beachside town. GREAT food, friendly people, historical sites and a beauty-filled beach. Take a look! To view this video on Rumble, click here.

Riding the Rails from Anzio to Gaeta, Italy

Billy shows you the Italian countryside from our train ride, Anzio to Gaeta, Italy. You’ll see the olive trees, greenhouses, lots of local produce, and green rolling hills. Beautiful. Trains in Italy are modern, clean and on time. Take a look and enjoy the ride! To view this video on Rumble, click here.


View from the Sea Walk, Our 2nd Day in Gaeta, Italy

It’s our second day in Gaeta, Italy. We have walked along the Malecon and passed Roman ruins along the way! From the sea walk, you have a view of a beautiful Medieval church up on the hill, Gaeta’s Old Town, mountains and sailboats. Truly a beautiful area of Italy. To view this video on Rumble, click here.

Taking a Break at a Café in Gaeta, Italy

After walking on the Malecon in Gaeta, Italy, we take a break at a local café. Here you see the mountains run right down to the sea, a Medieval castle on the hill at the left, and some motorcyclists having their morning espresso before continuing their ride. Just another day in the life of Billy and Akaisha! To view this video on Rumble, click here.

Walking around our Neighborhood in the Seaside Town of Gaeta, Italy

We have rented an apartment in this pleasant seaside town of Gaeta, Italy. It is common for high density living in these towns and cities of Italy. Gaeta is a clean, modern town set amid Roman and Medieval ruins. We’re just coming back from getting a coffee and checking out a restaurant for lunch. To view this video on Rumble, click here.  


Arriving in Napoli, Italy

We just arrived in Naples, Italy, and after coming from Gaeta, a seaside town, our small apartment here was a bit of a shock. Naples was playing in the soccer championship – which is a HUGE deal in the city – and finding other rooms was near impossible. Turns out that our room was clean, in a good location, had a view of Mt. Vesuvius and Elvira, our host, was fabulous. To view this video on Rumble, click here 

It’s a Clear Morning in Naples, Italy, the view from our balcony

When we arrived in Naples, Italy, it was cold and rainy. The sun has just come out and it’s so much better! We show you the city scene from our hotel balcony, including a view of Mount Vesuvius! Remember Pompeii? Yup, that’s the volcano. To view this video on Rumble, click here. 

On the Streets in Naples, Italy

Walking along the streets in the Big-Time City of Naples, Italy. Naples is in the soccer championship playing this week, and the whole city is emotionally involved in this series of games. Blue flags are everywhere, and the traffic is intense! To view this video on Rumble, click here. 


Beautiful Sorrento, Italy

We are in a famous tourist destination called Sorrento, on southern Italy’s west coast. Looking down onto the sea from our rocky perch, you can see cruise ships and the beautiful sun umbrellas and lounge chairs below. We took an easy switchback trail to get to the beach, but the view from up here is stunning! To view this video on Rumble, click here.

Fabulous Gelato in Sorrento, Italy

Here we are at a gelato shop in Sorrento, Italy. If you have never had Italian Gelato, it’s a must-try. Coming in LOTS of different flavors, gelato is different than ice cream. The process of making it is different, the temperature it is served is warmer than ice cream and it has less fat, allowing people to enjoy the flavors more strongly. To view this video on Rumble, click here.  

The Beautiful Streets of Coastal Town, Sorrento, Italy

We are in Sorrento, Italy, on the Southwestern coast of Italy. This is a favored Tourist destination and many cruise ships stop here. With pastel-colored buildings and many outdoor restaurant seating choices, you will enjoy this quick video. To view this video on Rumble, click here.

Riding the Italian Rails

Riding back from the famous tourist coastal destination of Sorrento, Italy, we are on our way to Naples where our apartment is located. The railway is an affordable means of public transport that is clean and quick. It’s a beautiful day here in Italy. To view this video on Rumble, click here.

Taking a Break from Napoli in Sorrento, Italy

We are taking a break from the maddening crowds of the city of Naples, Italy. Sorrento is a beautiful coastal tourist destination just about an hour's train ride from the city. Stunning coastline with crystal clear water, you can take a ferry here to the island of Capri. To view this video on Rumble, click here.

A Look at the Docks, Sorrento, Italy

Gorgeous! Seriously, what a beautiful town with steep cliffs rising straight from the sea. There are Hydro-ferries that take you to and from Naples, Italy for just $14Euros. See sailboats, kayaks, yachts and cruise ships. If you are ever in the area, be sure to visit! To view this video on Rumble, click here.


Taking a Bus through the Mountains of Southern Italy

We are riding in a bus along winding mountain roads in Southern Italy on the way to a tiny village named Faeto. This village was settled centuries ago by Provencal soldiers who didn't want to leave the area because it was so beautiful. Akaisha's Father's parents came from this tiny village of 500 people. To view this video on Rumble, click here.      

Not Lost – Just No Way Out!! Savignano Irpino e Greci, Italy The bus to nowhere.

We got dropped off, literally in the middle of nowhere in Italy when our bus driver said: "This is the last stop. Good luck." Walking up a hill to the center of this semi-deserted town we were met by policemen who wanted to know what we were doing there. (!!) We told them we were going to Faeto, and he said "Why? There is no reason to go there." To view this video on Rumble, click here.  


A Private Driver Picks us up in Mystery Town of Savignon-Irena-Greci, Italy

We are picked up in this DINKY town of Savignon-Irena-Greci by a private driver from our destination town of Faeto, Italy. We arrived here by combination of train and bus... and were left off in a location with no transport onward! Fortunately, the owner of the apartment we rented sent a personal driver, Giovanni, to take us from this mystery town to Faeto. To view this video on Rumble, click here.

Our First Look at Faeto, A Centuries-old Italian Village 

This is our first view of the tiny mountain town of Faeto, from where Akaisha's Father's family originates. Known for its Prociutto, the people of this town speak Faetar, a regional language derived from the Provencal soldiers who settled this area. Take a look! To view this video on Rumble, click here.

Inside a Salumeria in Mountain Town of Faeto, Italy  

We are in a mountain town in the Puglia Region of Italy named Faeto. We meet the owner of a Salumeria named Prospero, who is a real character. We order some of the Prosciutto ham that Faeto is famous for. Prospero gives us a taste. WOW! To view this video on Rumble, click here.

Back from the Salumeria, Making Sandwiches for Travel Day to Lecce, Italy

We are back from Prospero's Salumeria and we are making sandwiches for tomorrow's trip to Lecce, Italy. We have GREAT olives from Naples, Italy, Prosciutto ham from Faeto, blue cheese from another Salumeria somewhere... fresh bread, pesto and mustard. YUMMY! To view this video on Rumble, click here.

From a Look Out in Faeto, Italy

We are in an ancient town in the Daunia hills in the region of Puglia, not far from Foggia. Akaisha's family name came from here, this small and beautiful mountain of currently 500 people. In the 13th century, Provencal soldiers settled here leaving the local language changed forever. Enjoy the view from this look out in Faeto, Italy. To view this video on Rumble, click here.


Taking a Train through the Countryside of Italy from Faeto to Lecce 

Here we are on a modern train going through the lush and fertile countryside between Faeto to Lecce, Italy. Vineyards, rotating crops, gorgeous weather. We are learning how to ride the rails in Italy and initially we were hesitant to utilize our credit cards through a machine to purchase tickets, but now we use our cards “everywhere.” To view this video on Rumble, click here.

At the Bishop’s Palace in Lecce, Italy

 We are at the Bishop’s Palace in Lecce, Italy. A very large Piazza is in front of this beautiful Baroque style collection of buildings. There is the Cathedral dedicated to the Assumption to the Virgin Mary, the Bishop’s Palace and the Seminary to instruct new priests. Beautiful architecture and certainly worth a visit!  To view this video on Rumble, click here.

Buying Cheese at an Ancient Dairy in Lecce, Italy

Billy and I are in an ancient dairy in Lecce, Italy, purchasing some cheese to take back to our hotel room. Prices outside of the tourist zone are more affordable and residents of the city buy their foods at these locations. The cheeses in Italy are so good, one rarely makes a mistake when choosing. To view this video on Rumble, click here

L’Obelisco Restaurant, Lecce, Italy

Billy is ordering our meal at L’Obelisco Restaurant in Lecce. Our waitress is a student in the Lecce University School of Language. She is lovely, and helps us with our order. L’Obelisco was built in 1822. To view this video on rumble, click here

Taking a walk outside the tourist zone, Lecce, Italy

We walk past the famous Porto Napoli, one of the gates that allowed people in and out of the walled city of Lecce, Italy. Traffic was monitored for safety of the residents. We are headed to a restaurant called L’Obelisco named after the Obelisk in the town. On the way there, we encounter some friendly students and a CBD vending machine. To view this video on rumble, click here.

Walking the Streets of Lecce, Italy

We're taking a walk through the Medieval town of Lecce, Italy on our way to a Roman Amphitheater. This Amphitheater was discovered when ground was broken to build a bank in the center of town! Half or more of the Amphitheater is still not uncovered because the buildings above it would need to be destroyed. Notice the beautiful Lecce stone and one of the Roman Columns from the Appian Way. To view this video on rumble, click here. 

Wandering the Alleyways of Lecce, Italy

Walk with us as we wander the many Vias and Vicos of Lecce, Italy. The famous Lecce stone – which this ancient walled city was made from – is beautiful and gives the city a cream and Latte color. See outdoor cafes, tucked away apartments and another small Roman amphitheater which must have been used for plays and concerts. Lecce is a beautiful city and one to put on your bucket list to see! To view this video on rumble, click here.

A Nice Day for Wine at Caffe Palmieri in Lecce Italy

The sun FINALLY came out in Lecce, and we are enjoying a glass of wine at Happy Hour. Sitting at Caffe Palmieri right at the Porta Napoli we are people-watching and drinking in the sunshine. Porta Napoli was a main entranceway into the ancient walled city of Lecce and was strategically positioned for military defense. To view this video on rumble, click here.

Food Shopping at a Bread Store, Pastry Shop and Rosticceria in Lecce, Italy

Billy shows you a place where we have eaten several times while in Lecce. It’s outside the ancient walled city and into the modern area. This store sells a variety of breads, pastries, sandwiches, hot casserole dishes and pizzas. Food shopping in Italy is such a joy. To view this video on rumble, click here.

Marenna Café in Lecce, Italy

The sun finally came out and Lecce looks spectacular. We go for a quick sandwich and glass of wine in the afternoon at Marenna Café. It’s an indoor/outdoor café playing some catchy old tunes, and at the end of the video, you can see a Vespa motorbike whizzing past. To view this video on rumble, click here.  

Food Shopping in a Typical Italian Grocery Store

Billy takes you to a typical Italian Grocery store in Lecce, Italy. The selection is FABULOUS and all pricing is marked, so it’s easy to decide what you want. Take a ticket from the ticket machine and wait your turn. It’s all very civilized. This is a very serious job, and Italians are proud of the foods they create. To view this video on rumble, click here.


Ordering an Espressino in Caffe Palmieri, Lecce, Italy

Billy orders an Espressino from the Barista in Caffe Palmieri in Lecce Italy. An Espressino is like a mini-cappuccino and not all cafes offer it. There are 2 stuffed croissants also, one stuffed with chocolate cream and the other with pastry cream. To view this video on rumble, click here.

Ordering Squares of Pizza to Go! Lecce, Italy

We are outside the walls of the ancient city of Lecce, Italy and we are buying squares of pizza to take home. There are all kinds to choose from, and we buy an eggplant (big in Italy) and a pepperoni square to go. The waitress cuts the squares with a pair of scissors and then weighs them in order to get a price. To view this video on rumble, click here.  


On the Train from Lecce to Brindisi, Italy

Just a 26-minute ride from Lecce to Brindisi, this train is super modern. With the ability to charge both your phone and computers with outlets between seats, there are also easy places to put your luggage while you ride. To view this video on rumble, click here.  

Brindisi, Italy, Our First Look

We arrived at our apartment in Brindisi, Italy, in the afternoon. This is the time of day when many restaurants and shops can be closed until later. We wanted some lunch and walked from our neighborhood streets to the first main street we found. But… some places were already shut. Oh No! To view this video on rumble, click here.

In Brindisi, Italy, Searching for Gelato

Here we are in sunny Brindisi, Italy, looking for Italian Gelato. Not far from our apartment on Corso Roma, we find a small selection. Pistachio.... or Black Cherry? Black Cherry won! To view this video on rumble, click here.

Walking along Corso Roma in Brindisi, Italy

A Beautiful sunny day and we are walking along Corso Roma in Brindisi, Italy. Clean, modern city with wide sidewalks, upscale stores and outdoor cafes. Garden areas are common and a little piazza. One can take a 25-minute train to historic Lecce, or catch a ferry to Greece from Brindisi’s historic harbor. To view this video on rumble, click here.

The Historic Waterfront and Harbor of Brindisi, Italy

It’s another sunny day here in Brindisi, Italy and we walked to the Historic Harbor to take a look. Yachts are docked in the harbor, you’ll see a Monument dedicated to Sailors who have died in wars, and a ferry that will take you across the water to the other side. Beautiful palm-lined promenade. To view this video on rumble, click here.  

  Further on Down the Waterfront – Brindisi, Italy

We meet fishermen cleaning their nets of seagrass.One of them speaks English which he learned from working on a cruise ship. Friendly people say hello, and you can see small craft docked in the harbor. Beautiful day in Brindisi, Italy.  To view this video on rumble, click here

Casa del Parmigiano Salumeria, Brindisi, Italy

Billy takes you to Casa del Parmigiano in Brindisi, Italy. One can smell the deliciousness of this place outside before we even enter! Amazing meats, cheeses, their famous Parmesan, tarallis, virgin olive oils, cookies, sauces, spices and more! To view this video on rumble, click here.

Another Walk along Corso Roma in Brindisi, Italy

Billy walks along Corso Roma on this beautiful day, and shows you the modern, palm-lined street with upscale stores and restaurants. Just a 25-minute train ride to Lecce for a day trip, Brindisi has more available lodging. There is also the famous Brindisi Harbor and the Roman Appian Way ends here in this town. To view this video on rumble, click here.

Billy and Akaisha in front of the Anchor Fountain, Brindisi, Italy

A quick hello from Billy and Akaisha in Brindisi, Italy. It’s a gorgeous day and we are headed out to Sicily tomorrow. Had a blast in Italy, be sure to see the link to Lecce and to our Italy Homepage below. Akaisha gives you the “Ciao” hand sign that is used everywhere in Brindisi. Ciao! To view this video on rumble, click here.

Going Food Shopping in Brindisi, Italy

Grocery stores in Italy offer great selections of flavors: Sauces, dips, olive oils, cheeses and meats. We are on the hunt for Dijon mustard to replicate the style we purchased in Anzio, but have had no luck. Hot dog mustard is our only choice. But we discovered this shelf of sauces and dips. Which to choose? Oh, the problems we have! To view this video on rumble, click here.

How to Get to the Airport from Brindisi, Italy

Sitting at the Anchor Fountain in the Piazza of Brindisi, Italy, Billy explains how to get to the airport. It’s simple and affordable! Such a deal. Also from the Waterfront in Brindisi, you can catch ferries to Greece, Croatia and other locations across the Adriatic Sea. To view this video on rumble, click here.

Corso Roma in Brindisi, Italy Becomes a Walking Street on Weekends

Walking down Corso Roma on the weekend we see lots of people walking their pets, or sitting in the outdoor cafes. We come up onto the Anchor Fountain in the center of this area. The coastal city of Brindisi is an international hub for travelers. The Appian Way of Roman Empire fame ends there, and there are cruise ships to take you to Croatia, Greece and other locations as well. To view this video on rumble, click here.

Our Search for the Salumeria Casa del Parmigiano, Brindisi, Italy

We are in Brindisi, Italy, walking along the Corso Roma on our way to Casa del Pamigiano, famous for their DOP Parmesan cheese. They have been making this excellent cheese for decades! We take a wrong turn, but no worries, we get back on track right away. Brindisi is only about 25 minutes from the old Medieval town of Lecce, a quick train ride away. See our link to Lecce below. To view this video on rumble, click here.

An Open-Air Market in Brindisi, Italy

Akaisha takes you on a short walk through an open-air fruit and vegetable market in Brindisi, Italy. Not far from the Salumeria Casa del Parmigiano, this market has the freshest fruits and vegetables and they also sell dry goods, olives and seafood too! Akaisha encounters some friendly locals at the market. Take a look! To view this video on rumble, click here.

Our Take on Brindisi, Italy

Billy and Akaisha are sitting at the Anchor Fountain in a piazza in Brindisi, Italy. The weather is gorgeous and we let you know what we think of this easy-going, friendly, affordable beachside city. Be sure to see the links below to our pictorials of Lecce, the open-air market in Brindisi, and the restaurant IL Trullo in Brindisi. To view this video on rumble, click here.

TGIF in Brindisi, Italy

Billy and Akaisha are sitting at an outdoor café having happy hour. This café serves great coffee and croissants in the morning, and a lovely happy hour in the afternoon with free snacks. Centrally located, this café is right by the Anchor Fountain, grocery stores and our apartment is about a 3 minute walk from here. To view this video on rumble, click here.

Taking another walk along the Historical Harbor of Brindisi, Italy

Billy walks along another section of the harbor in Brindisi, Italy. Due to its location on the south eastern coast of Italy, this harbor is very active and there are beautiful yachts docked here. You will see the Swabian Castle which was a fort that protected this harbor and is now an active military base. You will also see a naval ship that just arrived at the port during the night. To view this video on rumble, click here.

The End of the Appian Way, Brindisi, Italy

Here we stand at the end of the famous Roman Road, The Appian Way which connected Rome to all of Italy. The Appian Way finished at the port of Brindisi, Italy and was used by the Romans as a starting place to trade with Greece and other foreign countries. The Medieval soldiers utilized this port to begin their Crusades to the Byzantine Empire and surrounding areas. The harbor has always been used for trade and miliary protection of this part of Italy. To view this video on rumble, click here.

VIDEO - An Afternoon of People-Watching on a Streetcorner Café in Brindisi, Italy

 Spending some time at a corner cafe in the afternoon in Brindisi, Italy, Billy is people-watching. Life goes on as all sorts of people go about their business of the day. Tall, short, young, old, couples, singles, kids on tiny scooters, people walking their dogs, talking on their phones, locals, visitors… Relax a little and take a peek into daily life in Italy. To view this video on rumble, click here.

  Our Sailing Trip in Brindisi, Italy

Billy hired a sail boat for 4 hours to go out sailing from the historic Brindisi Harbor in Italy. You’ll see the Columns of the Roman Road the Appian Way, palaces and stately buildings from the inner harbor and the Swabian Castle. You’ll also hear about Stiltsville in the Biscayne Bay where Crawfish Eddie Walker built the first house on stilts there. We are served some Caposaldo Champagne, the benchmark of Italian wines. To view this video on rumble, click here.


Three Trains, Two Buses, on Our Way to Matera, Italy

Billy shows you the three different trains and two buses we took to get from Salerno, Italy to Matera, Italy. It’s a looong travel day, but we knew that going in. One train had to have its brakes fixed which made us late, and in Altamura, we thought we had more time, but the bus came right up. Akaisha had the contents of her bag spread out on the sidewalk, but she had to stuff it all back in and jump on the bus! But we made it! To view this video on rumble, click here.  

In Search of a Café and Croissant in Matera, Italy

Billy walks down a modern section of Matera, Italy, looking for a cappuccino and croissant. Not have a lot of luck at first, he eventually finds a place. Matera is completely made of stone. Stone streets, stone roads, stone buildings, stone, stone, stone. To view this video on rumble, click here.

Why Come to Matera, Italy?

After his morning cappuccino, Billy walks down the main street of the ancient town of Matera, Italy where cafes and restaurants abound. He shows you why tourists come here in droves to see… THE SASSI! A full town made of stone buildings and caves that dates back to the Paleolithic era. Truly a cavemen’s town! No running water for centuries and they had to haul it up from the river gorge below. Stunning. To view this video on rumble, click here.

Having More Fun than Anyone! Pizza by the Sassi, Matera, Italy

After shopping, Billy has a bottle of wine and meets some young students filming a video for their employers, a pizza restaurant. Billy tries to persuade them to give him a piece of pizza to eat with his wine. It’s a no-go! To view this video on rumble, click here.

Watching the Sun Set over Sassi, Matera, Italy

Billy shows you the Sassi as the sun sets over Matera, Italy. Sassi is the oldest continuous human settlement in the world, dating back to the Paleolithic era. In recent history, the poorest residents of Matera lived there with no running water. At one point it was “the shame” of Italy, but then the government re-housed the residents and in the 1980s it was renovated. To view this video on rumble, click here.

Akaisha in the Kitchen in Renovated Cave Apartment, Matera, Italy

Akaisha shows you a space-saving kitchen in the renovated cave home they rented in Matera, Italy. Brightly colored in racecar red, this kitchen has some other surprising features. To view this video on rumble, click here.

People-Watching from a Favorite Café in Matera, Italy

Not far from our renovated cave apartment is this café where we sometimes enjoy happy hour or a café and croissant. People watching is also a fun activity as people are so interesting! Take a look. To view this video on rumble, click here.

The Other Side of the Sassi – Sasso Barisano – Matera, Italy

Billy shows you the other side of the Sassi – the wider, more open view of the cave village where humans have been living since 7,000BC. He points out to you where our own renovated cave apartment is located, and the Gravina River where residents obtained their water. To view this video on rumble, click here.

Inside the Sassi Looking back at Matera, Italy

We are on the other side of the Sassi looking back at Modern Matera, Italy. You can see the stone cave dwellings where people have lived here continuously for 9,000 years… since 7,000BC! Hear church bells peal out over the Gravina River Gorge and have a wonder-filled view of this ancient village. To view this video on rumble, click here.

Meandering through The Sassi, Matera, Italy

We walk through several areas of the cave village of Sassi, in Matera, Italy. You see beautiful renovated cave dwellings that are now restaurants, shops and BnB’s. There is a foot race in the middle of our meanderings with people running to some destination within the town. And you are able to appreciate the many levels this village has been built on. The beauty of The Sassi is captured in the morning light. To view this video on rumble, click here.

Sitting at a Café/Restaurant in Matera, on a Sunday

Matera is a tourist destination due to The Sassi – which is a must see. However, the weekends are PACKED and if you want a quieter experience, visit during the week. We sit at “our” café/restaurant and people-watch as hordes of tourists pass by. To view this video on rumble, click here.

Matera Night View with Live Music

This is a very romantic view of The Sassi at night. In the background you will hear live music from a local musician which simply enriches the experience. People have lived in The Sassi village since the Old Stone Age and there wasn’t running water or electricity for centuries. In the 1950s, residents of The Sassi were removed from their ancestral home by the Italian government and the town was renovated. Now, there is running water, electric lights, restaurants and hotels. Enjoy this whimsical view of an ancient town from high on a bluff. To view this video on rumble, click here.

Receiving a special treat from the Chef in Matera, Italy

We are in Matera, Italy, living in a cave apartment next to a Tavern. Billy speaks with the Chef almost daily, and one afternoon the Chef drops off a treat for us to eat for lunch! Using local ingredients including turnip greens and pepperoni crusci, the almost-like-a-quiche dish is delicious! To view this video on rumble, click here.


Our Last Happy Hour in Matera, Italy

We are in a bistro in Matera, Italy just across from the Church of the Purgatory. The façade of this church has some gruesome carvings – skulls, crossbones, and skeletons… Even though we came to this bistro every day for café and pastries, and happy hours in the evening, we don’t recall the name of the place. How awful of us! Enjoy people watching and we Cheers to you! To view this video on rumble, click here.


The Train Station in Campoleone, Italy – on our way to Salerno, Italy

We just left Anzio, Italy and we are on our way to Salerno, another beach city on Italy’s southern coast. Here we are in Campoleone waiting for our train from Napoli to arrive. We took 3 trains to finally get to Salerno. To view this video on rumble, click here.

Our First Meal in Salerno – a Salumeria/Restaurant

We are in Salerno, Italy having our first meal at a popular Salumeria. We have a fabulous salad, Eggplant parmesan and an $8Euro liter of red wine. A very friendly South Korean couple sits next to us. To view this video on rumble, click here.


Taking a Stroll down the Walking Street in Salerno, Italy

It’s a weekend and we are strolling down the Walking Street in Salerno, Italy. It’s a clean, upscale city with lots of outdoor restaurants and cafes. Locals come out to enjoy the walk, take their pets, and cyclists and runners all use the same road. The sea is not far from this street in Beautiful Salerno, Italy. To view this video on rumble, click here.

Checking out the Waterfront in Salerno, Italy

Billy shows you the waterfront in Salerno, Italy. Tucked in by mountain ranges, this protected harbor has sailboats and small watercraft. There’s a walking street in front of the harbor that is also used by joggers and cyclists. Salerno, Italy is on the Southern Coast of this country. To view this video on rumble, click here.

Akaisha Describes the Harbor at Salerno, Italy

Akaisha shows you the waterfront in Salerno, Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Nestled in the mountains, with pastel-colored buildings and a manicured garden it makes for a tranquil scene. To view this video on rumble, click here.



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