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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Hacienda la Laborcilla

Restaurant Extraordinaire

Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

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After we strolled through a neighborhood park, where a man was walking his duck, we struck up a conversation with a Father and his young daughter.

We enjoy asking the locals why they like living in their location - and, oh by the way, what are your favorite restaurants?

The Father didn't hesitate, and recommended two of his favorites: La Bocha, an Argentine Grill, and Hacienda La Laborcilla.

Rated as #1 out of 844 reviewed restaurants in Queretaro City and having received the Traveler's Choice Award, we couldn't wait to see what the hoopla was all about.

The entrance to Hacienda La Laborcilla, Queretaro City, Mexico

The Entrance to Hacienda La Laborcilla

We took a taxi from our hotel to the Hacienda for 70 Pesos, about $3.50USD.

Mysteriously, the driver takes us into a small parking lot with various stores, and points in two different directions.

In other words - It's close, but I don't know which way it is.

Billy gets out Google Maps on his phone and leads the 3 of us to the entrance, which was a short distance to our left.

Wagon of flowers in Hacienda La Laborcilla, Queretaro City, Mexico

Wagon of flowers

As we enter this grand place, we run into a guard who says the restaurant won't be available for seating until 1pm.

Strange... because the hours listed on La Laborcilla's website said they were open at 8 am.

So... since there were cars in the parking lot, we simply keep walking towards the restaurant to perhaps take a seat somewhere and wait for the restaurant to open.

Beautifully, manicured flowers are everywhere as we wander towards the lobby.

Swimming pool at Hacienda La Labrocilla, Queretaro City, Mexico

Swimming pool surrounded by flowers and dining tables

We enter the lobby, and see that the restaurant is... Busy!

The hostess asks if we have reservations, and we say "No. We'd like to eat lunch here, however." Then she asks us another question... What means of transportation did we take to arrive at the Hacienda?


Then she takes our temperature, asks our name and writes all of this information down in her book!

We have no idea what's going on, but the place is beautiful and obviously very popular, so we go with it.

Beautiful woman sits at a table in Hacienda La Laborcilla, Queretaro, Mexico

Akaisha seated at our garden table





We are taken past the swimming pool and off to the right where we are seated at one of the many garden tables.

At least one was open!

Seriously, there are flowers everywhere.

After observing for a while we figured that there must have been a wedding reception or special occasion in order for the place to be so busy. People were dressed in their finery, including the children.

This might have been why the guard told us that we might have to wait for a table.

Garden tables at Hacienda La Laborcilla, Queretaro City, Mexico

Garden tables

This Hacienda was built in the 18th century and has been restored in its entirety, now to become a restaurant.

Since we were seated, I took a little walk around this gorgeous place, only to discover that there are authentic replicas of the Louvre museum of Roman, Hindu and Egyptian statues.

Bars and other seating were in various locations each giving a different view of the gardens and the swimming pool.

Menu at Hacienda La Laborcilla, Queretaro City, Mexico


After my returning to our table, service was fairly quick and professional.

Wines by the glass or by the bottle seemed too pricy, so we all settled for beers.

Even with this introduction, we were looking forward to what this restaurant - with its focus on French/Mexican/International food - had to offer.

The menu above shows salmon, octopus, shrimp, chicken, stews and various presentations of beef.

Cream of Poblano Chili Hacienda La Laborcilla, Queretaro City, Mexico

Cream of Poblano chili soup

What caught my attention about this soup, was that it came with Roquefort mousse.

I had never had that before, and it piqued my interest.

That's what I like - something new and different - with contrasting flavors that work well together.

The waiter came and poured the soup over this crouton with the Roquefort mousse on top.


Cream of Poblano Chili soup, Hacienda La Laborcilla, Queretaro City, Mexico

Cream of Poblano chili soup

This was a winner.

The Poblano chili was mildly spicy and held its own.

With a tiny scoop of the mousse, this dish became extravagant and was elevated to superb. 

Each spoonful was a delight.

Salmon Carpaccio at Hacienda La Laborcilla, Queretaro City, Mexico

Salmon Carpaccio

I also ordered this Salmon Carpaccio, which is thinly sliced raw salmon with a drizzled dressing, cracked black pepper, diced red onions, fresh lettuces and some herbs.

Together, both of these dishes were rich, and plenty filling for me.

Beef filet with tarragon sauce, Hacienda La Laborcilla, Queretaro City, Mexico

Filet de Res in Salsa Estragon

Billy ordered a beef filet with tarragon sauce. He is used to Béarnaise sauce on beef, but this was the first time he had a tarragon sauce and he really enjoyed it!

Again, something new, and delectable.

The crispy parsley on top added a different texture.

Salmon in orange sauce





This salmon dish was colorful.

The Chinese green peas and grilled pineapple made a contrast to the bright orange and chipotle sauce.

The salmon was cooked perfectly.

Here in Mexico, we have found waiters asking how we want our seafood prepared, and for salmon they recommend "medium".

This approach is new to us, but I suppose some people want their fish cooked well!

Fresh Churros with 3 sauces, Hacienda La Laborcilla, Queretaro City, Mexico

Freshly made churros with 3 sauces

Not that we needed it, but since we were in such a wonder-filled restaurant, we decided to order a variety of desserts to share.

The Hacienda has their own bakery, so everything is made in the moment.

Churros, from Spanish and Portuguese origins, are a fried dough rolled in sugar. These churros were served warm and were accompanied by 3 different dipping sauces: Creme Anglaise, a cajeta (caramelized milk), and liquid dark chocolate.

Pistachio macroon at Hacienda La Laborcilla, Queretaro City, Mexico

Pistachio macaroon

We are Retire Lifestyle Mentors. Our goal is to help you achieve your retirement dreams.

This was a pistachio macaroon on a bed of cajeta with a dark chocolate drizzle and raw brown sugar.

Borrachitos with glazed fruit Hacienda La Laborcilla, Queretaro City, Mexico

Borrachitos with glazed fruit and vanilla ice cream

The winner in the dessert department were these Borrachitos - "little drunks" - with glazed fruit, vanilla ice cream, crème fraiche and a fruit crisp topping the ice cream.

The Borrachitos were fresh melt-in-your-mouth rum muffins.

The whole thing was decadent.

Bill for 3 people Hacienda La Laborcilla, Queretaro, Mexico

The bill for 3 people before tip

Before tip for the 3 of us, the bill came to $83USD.

Our bill for the two of us was 1,250Pesos or $63USD including our tip.

This Hacienda was more than memorable.

Special events like weddings, Quince de Anos, Anniversaries, birthdays and graduations are celebrated at this one-of-a-kind restaurant. Bring a special person here and enjoy!

Would we return?


Hacienda La Laborcilla

Prolongacion Corregidora Norte 911-Bis

Colonia Parques Residenciales, Queretaro City 76168 Mexico

Tele: +52 442 245 1695

Open daily at 8 am

Home delivery



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