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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Treccioni Gelateria,

Anzio, Italy

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

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We're in Anzio, Italy, and one of the culinary delights of Italians is gelato.

Just down the street from our hotel is Treccioni Gelateria.

How convenient!

While frozen desserts have been around in China and Persia since ancient times, gelato, as we know it today took solid hold in the 16th century. We can thank Italy's Catherine de' Medici (who married the King of France during Medieval times) for that.

She loved this treat so much that she brought it to the French court and the French were gobsmacked.

But what's the big fuss about gelato? And how is it different than ice cream?

Outdoor seating at Treccione Gelateria, Anzio, Italy

Outdoor seating at Treccioni Gelateria

Here is the outdoor seating at Treccioni on a sunny day. On weekends and holidays, this place would be packed!

While the ingredients in gelato are similar to those of ice cream, gelato typically contains less fat than ice cream. For instance, gelato has around 3-8% fat, while ice cream can have anywhere from 10-20% fat.

Gelato is preferred by so many because of its intense flavor, smoother texture, and lighter feel on the palate.





picture menu at Treccione Gelateria, Anzio, Italy

Oh the flavors!

The menu above shows various flavors of gelato that are available.

There is Stracciatella which has fine chocolate shavings or chips mixed into it, there's fig and nuts, Ricotta cheese with honey and nuts, and black cherry.

The first modern-day gelato was prepared with snow, ice and fruit juices. And the first official gelato recipe was published in 1694 in a book titled "L'Opera del gelato" (The Art of Making Ice Cream).

Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli who wrote this book also opened one of the first gelaterias in Paris.

OOH-LA-LA!A variety of flavorst of gelato at Treccione Gelateria, Anzio, Italy

More gelato flavors

In Italy, gelato flavors vary depending on the region and the local preferences.

Gelato is churned at a slower speed than ice cream, and this slow churning process creates a denser and smoother texture.

 It is also generally served at a slightly warmer temperature than ice cream, allowing its flavors to be more pronounced. It has a soft, silky texture and is best consumed shortly after it's made, otherwise it will begin to form ice crystals.

young woman gelato scooper

Young gelato scooper

This young woman is a delight.

This is the perfect job for her.


Because she brings joy to every scoop and seems interested in the people who come into the store.

Speaking just enough English, her open attitude is reason enough to come to this gelateria.

But the flavors of the gelato themselves are the magnet!

More flavors of gelato at Treccione Gelateria, Anzio, Italy

And even MORE flavors

You have the specialty of the house which was Zabaione. This gelato is made with Marsala wine, egg yolks, and sugar.

You have hazelnut (Nocciola del Piemonte) and Pistacchio, a big favorite in Southern Italy.

You will also see the Nutella Ferrero which is like the inside of the candy Ferrero Rocher - a milk chocolate, hazelnut combination.

Even MORE flavors of gelato at Treccione Gelateria, Anzio, Italy

Lots of choices!

Here you will see Dolce Cremino which is a gelato that is velvety on the tongue. Made from white chocolate, hazelnut butter, cream and hazelnut sauce. There is also Bacio di Treccioni (the deep colored chocolate one in front) which is a  combination of chocolate and hazelnut. There is a cream of chestnut choice as well.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Flavors of Gelato written down at Treccione Gelateria, Anzio, Italy

Cups, cones, dishes and plastic glasses.





How many ways can one eat gelato?

Apparently a lot!

There are different sizes of cups, some cones, dishes for banana splits, and glasses for a refreshing gelato drink!

Do you see why it was so hard to choose a flavor and why we went to a gelateria about any time we could?

Between these frozen delights and the morning pastries... we were hooked!

Old fashioned Poster from Treccioni Gelateria, Anzio, Italy

A special poster celebrating decades of making gelato

Italians are proud of their gelato.

This poster reads:

This is our specialty. Don't worry, papa, we'll take care of it.

And thanks to you who have this passion!

See Alessio (the young boy's name), tradition is important and you are part of it.

They have been making gelato here since 1936.

Man holding two cups of gelato at Treccioni Gelateria, Anzio, Italy

Billy with our 2 cones of gelato

Here's Billy with our 2 cones of gelato.

This day we chose the house specialty, Zabaione.


Treccioni Gelateria is proud that they offer Artisan and Natural Gelato without the addition of flours, thickeners, colorings or preservatives.

Just pure flavor.

Would we recommend this place to you?



Treccioni Gelateria

Via Riviera Mallozzi 19

00042, Anzio Italia

Tele: +39 06 984 6538


Open daily, closed Wednesday


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