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  In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.




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Retire Early Lifestyle is a content based website that appeals to a different kind of person - the person who prizes their independence, values their time, and who doesn't want to mindlessly follow the crowd.

Very nice to get a response from well-known people. I'm in my mid 50's and retired just a few years ago. I think when I started reading your website, you and Paul Terhorst were pretty much the only public early retirees that I was aware of. Now many others but not with your longer track record. Thanks for the recommendations. Actually, it was your recent Taverna Ponticello post and YouTube video that got my attention.

Anyhow best wishes with your travels. Thanks Much - Mat

Our Latest Adventure

Having a fabulous time in Mexico City, Mexico Crack the Early Retirement Code: 5 Steps Inspired by Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

Imagine yourself calling the shots, living life on your terms. Early retirement can be your reality! Billy and Akaisha Kaderli, who achieved this dream themselves, are here to guide you.


Jackie Lange expert has your answers regarding Panama

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Map showing Cefalu on the island of Sicily

La Casa di Anita, - Cefalu, Sicily
Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

We are located right in the center of town, and the apartment has 2 bedrooms, a full kitchen, and a bottle of wine is waiting for us on the dining room table.

Our Palermo Mis-step! No Hotel for the Night!!

We had a confusion of dates for our hotel stay in Palermo, Sicily, causing us to be without a room, late on a Friday night when Palermo is fully booked!

Travel the World as a Couple - Retire Early, Travel More:

Living Your Dreams on $4,000 a Month

A Passport Dividend
Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

Market Trailing and Forward EPS

Real Investment Report

While the market set marginal new all-time highs this past week, the upside likely remains somewhat limited in the near term, given the more overbought conditions.

Woman running along waterfront with sailboats in the harbor, Palermo, Sicily The Waterfront and Malecon in Palermo, Sicily
Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

It is no different for the deep water port in Palermo, Sicily which has experienced the trade and commerce of the Phoenicians in the 8th century BC, and then the Greeks after that.

Sunset in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico Cartels and Safety in Mexico - Q&A with a Reader
Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

A interesting question came to mind. You both seem to like Mexico and maybe Central America, with a sprinkling of Europe. How safe is Mexico? And Central America?




Going to Lidl Grocery Store in Palermo, Sicily

Massive selections of excellent foods available in this large German global discount supermarket chain in Palermo, Sicily.

Selections of coffees and gelatos in Palermo, Sicily Gelateria in Palermo, Sicily
Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

We are in Sicily, and Sicilians love their gelato as well.

At 19th Floor Teppanyaki Steak House, Osaka, Japan

We are having a special dinner prepared for us by “our” Chef Asako Ishigaki on the 19th floor restaurant, Teppanyaki Steak House in Osaka, Japan.


Pizza with ham, artichoke hearts and mushrooms at Pizzeria Sicula, Palermo, Sicily

Pizzeria Sicula in Palermo, Sicily
Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

Well... Italy's style of biga dough (double yeasted) and the variety of toppings blew our minds.

Getting Local in Palermo, Sicily

We have our laundry hanging outside just like the locals due all over Italy.

S&P 500 1991 to May 2024 Are You Prepared for the Ups and Downs in Retirement?
Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

No one knows what the future will bring, and no matter how much one prepares, there is always the unexpected lurking around the corner.

The Walking Street in Palermo, Sicily on a Sunny Morning

The whole street is lined with outdoor cafes and restaurants, with scooters, motorbikes, bicycles and foot traffic making people-watching very fascinating.

The Lisu Ladies in tribal finery enjoying their lunch Conquering the Mae Hong Son Loop: A Solo Adventure

The allure of Thailand's Mae Hong Son Loop called to Billy, who embarked on this solo adventure. Buckle up for a journey of winding roads, unexpected encounters, and breathtaking landscapes!



This is your decision: Struggle now, enjoy later. Enjoy now, Struggle later. It's your choice!


Who Really Started the FIRE Movement?


We took social security at the age of 62, should you?

 The Adventurer's Guide to Early Retirement 5th Edition

Real peoples testimonials of our book. The Adventurer's Guide to Early Retirement

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Kids Day at the Shopping Center, Osaka, Japan

We are at a local shopping area in Osaka, Japan, and these second graders are being taken out of school for an excursion in town.

Evening view outside Hotel Bellevue, Palermo, Sicily

Hotel Bellevue, Palermo, Sicily
Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

But by the end of this night, Hotel Bellevue was a godsend; A literal miracle infused into the lives of these 70+ year olds (that'd be us) who were desperate for sleep. Let me explain.

The entrance to Palermo Basilica, Palermo, Sicily

The Basilica in Palermo, Sicily Dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

Palermo, Sicily has a few basilicas, but the most famous is likely the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta.

Interior of mobile home unit, Apache Wells RV Resort, Mesa, AZ La Casa de Dulce Vida - Apache Wells Resort -  Located in Mesa, Arizona - Very Active Adult Community

Rental gives you complimentary access to Wifi, tennis courts, library, heated swimming pool, hot tub, computer room, sewing room, entertainment room, workout room, lapidary, shuffleboard courts, pickleball courts and billiard hall.




Our First Day in Palermo, Sicily

It’s drizzling, dark and crowded. Billy wonders why we came here in the first place…

Retire Early w/ Akaisha & Billy Kaderli - The Just Word Podcast Ep. 71

Akaisha and Billy are frequent contributors to the Financial Independence Hub and have written a book ... The Adventurer's Guide to Early Retirement . I've wanted to talk to them for a while now ...

Billy and Akaisha in front of ancient wall in Antigua, Guatemala How to Double Your Social Security Check
Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

Stories abound about how people are not able to live - or only struggle to get by - on their Social Security income in the United States.

Wandering in Central Market, Palermo, Sicily

Fruits, vegetables, pasta shops, bakeries, kitchen shops and LOTS of tourists!


Who Really Started the FIRE Movement? It's More Organic Than You Think.
Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

Recently we have read articles stating that this blog or that blog started the FIRE movement including the book, Your Money of Your Life which was published in 1992. However all Vicki and Joe do is talk about financial independence, not FIRE.

Buying Pastries on a Side Street in Palermo, Sicily

Figs are a big deal in Southern Italy and in Sicily. Fig jam, fig fillings, fig pastries… Gotta have some of those!

Senior couple cheering with wine glasses Taverna Ponticello, Palermo, Sicily
Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

Until... one day we thought we might take this little alleyway at the left of our apartment and find out where it led. Well, it brought us to one of the best restaurants we experienced in Palermo!

Billy and Akaisha, TEN THOUSAND days of Financial Freedom!!

Celebration Time, Come on! TWELVE THOUSAND days of Financial Freedom!!
Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

Now into our 34th year, we passed the 12,000-day milestone. And all the while our net worth has grown - above inflation and after spending. We have been financially independent longer than some of our readers have been alive! Think about that!

Beautiful woman wearing a ball cap in Palermo, Sicily

Morning Cafe in Palermo, Sicily
Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

Not far from our apartment and across the street from the famous Piazza Pretoria was this small cafe where we had coffee and pastry almost daily.

An Ancient Alleyway Shortcut from Our Apartment in Palermo, Sicily

Just a stone’s throw away from our apartment in Palermo, Sicily, is this ancient alleyway which we discovered by accident.

Going to a Baseball Game at Kyocera Dome, Osaka, Japan!

Packed stadium, pumpin’ music, USPBL dancers on the field, girls selling beer and lemonade in the stands, fly balls everywhere and a high scoring game. What’s not to love?





One of the most beautiful places on the planet

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The Pacific Coast of Mexico Guide details our travels along the coast.

The Highlands Guide is all about Zacatetas, Guanajuato and Jerez





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Want to go to Guatemala. This is the book to travel with

Goldco Review

Thoughts about retirement in other locations? Guatemala, Mexico, Thailand and the US are compared.



Profile of Billy and Akaisha 38 year old retirees now into their 31st year

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About the Authors

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli are recognized retirement experts and internationally published authors on topics of finance, medical tourism and world travel. With the wealth of information they share on their award winning website, they have been helping people achieve their own retirement dreams since 1991. They wrote the popular books, The Adventurer’s Guide to Early Retirement and Your Retirement Dream IS Possible available on their website bookstore or on

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Retire Early Lifestyle appeals to a different kind of person – the person who prizes their independence, values their time, and who doesn’t want to mindlessly follow the crowd.

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