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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 3rd decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Chapala Restaurants

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The Adventurer's Guide to Chapala Living
A Common Sense Approach to Your New Life in Chapala, Mexico

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Chabela's Fonda --- Located on the right hand corner of the Plaza. Specialties include a very good Chile Rellano. 40-50 Peso plates makes Chabela's popular amongst locals. Open everyday B-L-D

Tacos Stands --- What would Mexico be without Taco's? Tasty and quick they can be had for 7-9Pesos depending on location. Lonches are also available for 18-24 Pesos. Available daily, but at night there are many.

Cucumber's --- Popular with the Gringos and the breakfast omelets are a great value. Ham/mushroom/cheese omelet with Hash browns Bacon, Toast (home made bread) coffee/tea. B-L-D Closed Thursday. Just off the Plaza, easily found.

Joe's --- Across the way from Cucumber's Joe's pork spareribs are the best in Chapala. 65 Pesos served with potato salad and beans. Very loyal Gringo and Mexican following. Closed Monday B-L-D

Lucy's Pizzeria --- Located just outside the bus station. Try her Special Pizza, by the slice. 2 - 10 PM daily, Closed Tuesday

il Giardino - Located on the main road in Chapala a quarter block from the Plaza, this Italian Tratoria offers incredible fish dishes, a large selection of pizzas, angus cuts of beef, salads, daily specials and 2 margaritas for 35 Pesos. Madro #430, Tele: 108. 0350 Cel 331. 314. 2657

Churros --- Ernesto's been here on the Carrettera 10 years. A real local treat. You'll love them. Open 9 - 2,  6 - 10 PM  Everyday. Tamales are available in the evening, filled with chicken and pork.  Dessert tamales too!

Liquado Stands --- Juice bars that offer fresh squeezed orange, papaya, carrot or any other fruit in season, and they have a huge variety. Really a great value and healthy.

Jonhy's Place and Don Juan --- Same owners, same food. The bestt Shrimp Empanazado in Chapala. Jonhy's has billiard tables, while Don Juan has a fabulous view of Lake Chapala.

La Lena --- Arranchera with a grilled blistered Jalapeno Chile, onions, beans, salsa, and of course tortillas. Wine by the glass. 13 years here on the main street coming into Chapala. A meat eaters treat. Open daily 12:00 - 11:00 PM.

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Guicho's --- Located on the East end of the Malecon. Try the delicious smoked marlin tacos and the shrimp & octopus cocktail is perfect.  10:30 AM - 8:00 PM, Closed Tuesday.

Romeo y Julieta -- The absolute best Italian gelato in town. Ramon Corona 8A across from the Malecon. Look for the striped awning.  

Cenadaria Elva --- Pozole! This is where the locals eat dinner. Closed Tuesday Burritos, VERY CLEAN. 7 PM- 11:30 PM

Cazadores Restaurant/Bar --- Located in the historical Casa Braniff (from Braniff Airlines) by the lake in Chapala, this restaurant has outdoor seating and specializes in chamorro (grilled pork shank). Paseo Ramon Corona #18, reservations: 765-2162, open 1pm - 8 pm daily, closed Mondays.



American Legion --- #114 Morelos, Chapala. Telefono: 765-2259. Open 9 AM - 3:30 PM , serves breakfast and lunch. Great place to meet other Expats, lots of services provided like passport renewals, visas, residency, mail services, volunteer opportunities etc. Get involved both with other Expats and with the local culture! Offer your services and expertise.


Located outside of Chapala but close by

La Nueva Posada Hotel/Restaurant/Bar --- an old colonial style restaurant located at Donato Guerra #9, Ajijic, Jalisco. Telefono: (376) 766-1444, 766-1344, Fax 766-2049. Open daily, Noon 'until closing'. One of the town's favorites for family gatherings and romantic interludes.

Tony's --- Located on the Carretera between Chapala and Ajijic, #149 in San Antonio, near Super Lake Shopping Center, Tony's offers fresh and frozen meats and seafood, quality breads, butters, and spreads. There is a restaurant as well, with an all you can eat salad bar. Open daily noon to 9:30 pm, closed Wednesdays. 766-4069.


Casa Gourmet - a new imported grocery with all your favorite mustards, syrups, chocolates, soups, spices, teas gluten free and more. Located across from Wal*Mart on the Careterra. Tele: 376. 766. 5070

La Una Restaurante - Located in Ajijic, La Una has some wonderful tapas and beautiful main dishes. Garden seating. Marcos Castellano #9, Ajijic, Tele: 376. 766. 2072, Cel: 045. 331. 145. 5551

Ricki's Restaurant -- Japanese and Thai food. If you are looking for something different, Ricki's serves up some great Asian dishes. Their Tempura is awesome, the Grilled Salmon Teriyaki is a decent portion and you must try the barbequed eel. Scrumptious! Marcos Castellanos 27A, Ajijic, Jalisco, Tele: 376. 766. 1627


Mi Tango Restaurant * Bar -- Located in swanky Ajijic, Mi Tango has cultivated a loyal following of both Gringos and the local Mexican crowd. Offers a full range of appetizers, salads, entrees and desserts with excellent coffee as well. Service is decent, prices are reasonable, food is dependably good. The semi-open air atmosphere is very pleasant in a garden setting with contemporary artwork on the walls. Often there is a waiting line for tables. Morelos #5, Ajijic, Tele: 01.376.766.2458.

Tabarka - Cocina Mediterranea Espanola -- just moved from their location on the Carretera just outside of Ajijic on the way to Jocotepec and is now located near the old Billy Moon's.  Owner is David Abadia. Tel: 01. (376) 766. 1588 Daily specials of fresh fish, serves wine, port and cappuccinos.

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