How to choose the right manual wheelchair for your elder granny

By Lyuthar Jacobs

Wheelchairs are designed for people who are not able to walk or walk for very short distances. The wheelchairs are specifically designed for the elderly people so that they stay independent in their own house.

When you are looking for the wheelchair for your loved ones, then you will get the best selection at many stores in US. However, don’t forget that you can get some money off the deal from CouponsMonk while buying them online. There are two configurations of the wheelchairs that are available in the market.

Key points which are to be taken into account while you choose a wheelchair include:

  • The user’s requirements, abilities, and the constraints,
  • The caretaker’s demands, proficiencies, and the shortcomings,
  • Transporting factors, and
  • Financial factors.

When you are in a dilemma of whether to go for a wheelchair or not, there are a few things that come to light. Some of the key considerations are stated as below.

Have a look at them and decide for yourself!

Want a Self Propel or Transit Wheelchair?

  1. Self Propel:

If the patient wants to handle the wheelchair herself, then they are in need of a self-propel wheelchair. They are specifically good if your dear ones will be dealing with any rough terrain or topology, viz. grass or in the curbs.

  1. Transit:

If the user has to be supported by someone every time, then the transit wheelchair is preferred. The transit wheelchair models having the smaller rear wheels are more suitable. There are manual brakes so that the carer can reduce the speed or lock the equipment for safety whenever required. Moreover, transit models are lighter than a self-propelled one and require lesser room than others.

Which type of wheelchair do you need?

  1. Lightweight:

The average weight of the lightweight wheelchairs typically ranges from 12 to 16 kg. If you remove the leg rests and rear wheels which are totally optional, then the weight comes much lower. The lightweight chairs are best suited for people who are watching their budget along with wanting comfortability.

  1. Ultra Lightweight:

The total weight of the ultra ones ranges in between 8 to 13 kg. This wheelchair is much easier to propel and transport. Available in additional sizes as well.

Heavy duty:

The Heavy Duty Models are specifically designed for the larger or the Bariatric patients. These chairs have the capacity to hold weight from 160 to 325 category. The total weight of the chair comes in between 15 to 27 kgs category.

  1. Tilt and Recline:

This feature gives you the liberty so that you can change the orientation of the patient without any additional pressure on his hip and back. The “Tilt and Recline” feature also allows the user to recline and lie-back in the wheelchair safely and comfortably.

The physical conditions of the patient

The physical conditions of the patient include height and weight of the person, some medical issues like arthritis, or any other injury and so on. Also, this includes the factors like whether she is looking for additional cushioning or backrest for lateral support, and a lot more.

Will you be transporting often?

How often you transport from here and there is also important. You can choose a model that is foldable with flip back arm rests that will assist in the process along with side transfer.

Time to be spent using the chair

For short durations to be spent on the wheelchair, you will need a Transport Chair. But if it is required for the all-day purpose, then the best thing is to go for a Simple Basic Wheelchair. But if you are heavy and tall, then you may require a chair which has extended seat lengths and widths along with Heavy Duty construction.

Now you know about the key factors that are responsible for choosing a wheelchair correctly for your granny, and you will need to have a complete knowledge about her health conditions as well.

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