The 6 best tips to reduce morning anxiety

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Morning anxiety is something all of us have to face each day. It is that feeling where you don’t want the night to end especially if you’re struggling all night from insomnia. It is that feeling when you hear the sound of your alarm clock, and you just want that snooze to die and just want to ignore it for you to sleep all day. Unfortunately, if you are a working class person reading this, not waking up is not an option. So, I’ve collected some of the best tips for you to reduce morning anxiety.

  1. Sleep well

This may not apply to all situations especially if you are suffering from sleep disorders, but most likely, you aren’t. So, instead of spending extra time doing some of the things you usually do during your day off, hit the bed as early as you could. This will ensure you’ll gain the right amount of sleep you need for you to reduce morning anxiety.

  1. Wake more naturally

In connection with sleeping well, once you get used to giving your body the adequate sleep it needs, waking up each morning becomes more natural. It becomes part of your system. Start conditioning yourself and accept the fact that you have to do it each day and the flow of things will start to become smooth. Simply put, just go with the flow!

Do not let Fear make your decisions for you. Risk has a price and so does security.

  1. Start your day with some relaxation exercises

One helpful tip to avoid morning anxiety is to have something to look forward to. A helpful way to do this is to practice some relaxation exercises of your choice. Pick those relaxation exercises that you want, pair it with some really relaxing music at the background and make it a motivation for you and to not be afraid of the alarm clock anymore.

  1. Control your breathing

In line with starting your day with some relaxation exercises, breath control is one of the best things you can do from the comfort of your bed. Most importantly, this has also been a proven way of reducing morning anxiety and is highly recommended by experts around the world. Being able to relax your respiratory system is a very effective way of fighting morning anxiety.

  1. Eat something after waking

Start waking up happy. Setting up proper motivation before waking up is one of the most important ways to reduce morning anxiety. This is the reason why this tip is included in the top six, making your favorite breakfast a motivation for you. You may also experiment with supplements and start learning some helpful nootropics information. This will surely reduce your morning anxiety and will even make you wake up before your alarm time.

  1. Post positive thoughts & affirmations

Positive thoughts and affirmations are really helpful regarding self-conditioning. Mornings would become better the moment we see some inspirational and positive thoughts and affirmations the moment we open our eyes. Practice posting some of these thoughts around your bedroom, put it in a very strategic location, somewhere where your eyes normally land each morning to make sure it’s the first thing you’re going to see. This helps reduce morning anxiety more than anything else.

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